Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"When We Become Stories"

"When We Become Stories"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

"In the end we all become stories."

I heard this in the Haunting of Hill house and I find myself nodding. I remember my parents who have now become a part of my memories and it still hurts. Sometimes I can't remember a story about them and then there are times that the memories just flood me and I have to sit down because I am physically overwhelmed.

I had wished that I was able to talk to them again but even as ghosts I do not see them. Are we done Mom and Dad I jokingly said? No more things to say? No more orders? I guess that it was done when they joined the maker but I sure hope that I would have been able to talk to them again.

My mom was full of stories and I did not expect her to become one of those stories. Nor did I expect my Dad to be one so early. They were decent and kind people. My Dad always knew his responsibilities but he never shirked from them. Growing up I have always seen him as our pillar. My mom was the light of our house. Making sure that we were guided and corrected and provided for as we grew up.

I take it a day at a time but there are certain days like these that does not make it easy at all. And I want to take comfort in one of my Mom or Dad's stories of the past but I know that there are things that you can never have anymore.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #44:The Lab Maniac Must Die."

"Midweek Magic 2018 #44:The Lab Maniac Must Die."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It was Thursday gaming with Yo , Cheska and Me. And with a lot of games already done for the night one particular game stood out for me. And it was when Cheska who was able to cast a Laboratory Maniac and then proceeded to cast an uncountered Demonic Consultation naming a card that was not in her deck which exiled all of her library out of existence.

She was poised to win on the next turn when she would draw a card from a non existent library and have her Laboratory Maniac dance a victory dance. Only Yo had something to say about it. Since Cheska already tapped all of her mana it was the perfect time to strike.

And what ruined her day was a well timed Murderous cut that killed the Lab Maniac and reversed her fortune all in one go.
Lesson learned always have a way to protect your win condition.

"Gravitic Punch - The final blow"

"Gravitic Punch - The final blow"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

One of the things that I looked at early on in the guilds of Ravnica packs I was opening was this card. It seemed very interesting to me because it pushes damage and can actually finish off a game with the right EDH deck.

And the deck that I thought of was my Xenagas deck that pushed damage and pushed it hard and fast. Now let us say that you have managed to attack with something extremely huge like a kicked Grunn , The Lonely King who attacks alone and is now a 40/40 trampling Ape warrior on the rampage! 

Of course you can only kill one opponent with this creature attacking. If you have 2 more opponents and 8 mana as well as another card at hand you could just dish out damage using Gravitic punch! 

Use Gravitic Punch Once to deal 40 damage to an opponent and Jumpstart for another 40 damage to another opponent. Works well on really pumped out Infect creatures too.

Now I will just leave this here and imagine all the other possibilities.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #43:Goblin.Slayer."

"Midweek Magic 2018 #43:Goblin.Slayer."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It has been awhile since I pulled Krenko from the shelf where I kept him. I have often felt that Goblins were too good for 1 v 1 match ups because of their speed but are usually pretty much goners when it comes to multiplayers games. 

And since the bulk of my games consists of the multiplayer variety I have thought that Mono Red will instantly have a target on it's back. It is not like I can offer a political deal just by not attacking an opponent and then when I have eliminated a common  , stronger enemy then turn my Goblin Horde on that ally. 

However the recent amount of reprinted and new goblins in standard most notably the Legion Warboss and Goblin Trashmaster( both of which I have opened in packs) have forced me to reconsider. Goblin Chainwhirler will also see play here and I was excited again.

My first victim...opponent was Cheska who had her first goblin fight with Jus and his version. I had to introduce the OG goblin player of the group and that was me.

Cheska decided to play with Edric , a Simic deck that feature weenies that could attack , draw cards and have mutiple extra turns. I knew the play well but I was determined to have a goblin barrage stand in those plans. And Goblin Sharpshooter.
He mowed down a Llanower elf  and another 1/1 creature.

What ensued was for Ches to leave mana open to counter what she thought would be Krenko. I had other spells though and I voluntarily cast my Shared Animosity to draw a counter which worked like a charm. 3 counters later I was finally able to cast Krenko with Haste making a 18 Goblins and even a Pile Driver who swung in for 24 unblocked damage because Edric had nothing but blue creatures on the field.

Awowowowowowowowow. I guess the goblins have come to slay once again.

"3 things I have this week - Kpop Edition"

"3 things I have this week - Kpop Edition"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

With more and more Kpop groups coming out all the time it is hard to maintain attention toward one group or the other. Kpop groups have to come up with something amazing or even older acts need to show something that will make them relevant again. Here are three that I saw this week.

1) BoA - Woman

Here is one of those icons that manage to remain relevant even in a well saturated kpop market and this come back how the hell does she do it?

By walking on air...upside down. Yes. No effects. She just hangs upside down supported by 2 male dancers and just go on stepping forward. Many netizens have had their mind blown.

I was one of them.

2) Pink Fantasy -Iriwa

Damn. Too many Bunnies. While it is not new to have rabbits appear in MVs. All the girls in the MV are wearing cute rabbit hat gear complete with shorts that have puffy bunny tails.

The disturbing member for me here is the one that has her face covered the whole time. She wears a full Rabbit mask! Makes you wonder if she does not have the face that is good enough to be shown along with her other members. Or is this some sort of punishment?

It is like promoting as a mascot of your Girl group. Literally no one knows who you are under that mask. Sad. Sad and disturbing to have a rabbit faced girl member.

3)  GWSN - Puzzle Moon

Speaking of someone else standing out. One cannot help but notice Miya of rookie girl group GWSN. While she dances great one cannot help but think that there was a guy in a girl group. Apparently she spent her years in Japan as a member of a Boyband cover group. Which explains her natural appearance and how her company might have capitalized on it. The world does need another Amber.

Well there you go. Let's see what November will be like in the kpop scene. 

"Doc In , Doc Out: Nahihilo"

"Doc In , Doc Out: Nahihilo"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Patient: (Really Wide and Long Yawn)
Nurse: Ano po ang concern natin...
Patient: Nahihilo po ako...

Nahihilo o Inaantok...sa susunod hikab ka muna sa labas para believable pag nasa Clinic ka na.

"The Dragon in Waiting"

"The Dragon in Waiting"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Jinsun looked at the plants on the window sill and frowned almost imperceptibly. She had watered them , took out the weeds , looked for insects , made sure the soil was the best and yet here the plants were all wilted and dead. She scooped some of the brown soil in her hands and ended up with a couple of worms who were dead as well. They all began crumbling into dust with her touch. She sighed.

"You miss him don't you?" said Jiu who had entered the room without Jisun noticing , the wide mouthed maknae was now picking at the sandwiches that were left at the kitchen table by their manager.

"Miss who exactly?" Was the Sleepy eyed Jisuns question though her own talons know who she was missing the most. 

"Mr.Creation Dragon of course. Should we spell that out for you unnie?" Nagyoung butted in without being invited. Twirling her long hair and sniffing it as she sat at the nearby couch.

These two were almost always present in her life , they had no choice actually they were the best talons of the Decay Dragon. Most would not even suspect the sleepy eyed Jinsun as someone who possessed such power to cause death in real life or madness in one's dreams but she had them both. Jiu was the Murder Talon and Nagyoung the Nightmare Talon who visited those who displeased her. None lived to tell of their visits but the dragons who mattered knew.

"Of course I do not miss him. Why would I miss someone who hurt me so much?" Jisun was busy uprooting the plants and looking for the seeds she had kept in the cupboard. This was going to be her 100th try to plant.

"Admit it! You miss how he made all the beautiful flowers come to life in this place." Jiu was beginning to annoy her mistress. When V taught her to make talons she was excited that she would no longer be alone when he was not around. Much like Kayz had confided in her before. They were the only two dragons who could make talons like V and they reveled in that particular ability. It required tremendous amounts of energy to make them and to imbue in them elements of your person so not all Dragons could make them.

There was a time that nothing lived within miles of her. Anything that came within her radius would instantly die and so she was kept away from anyone else. It was a lonely existence but it was needed as Decay Dragons were necessary in maintaining balance and without the death that she brings there would be no energy circulating in the world. No one would ever ascend. All life will cease. 

Jiu was younger than Nagyong both in mind and heart and sometimes her simplicity irked Jisun but how can you be mad for a part of yourself that is always honest? Truth be told Jisun has been thinking of V lately. The Yuu Princess still has his heart but there was a time that all of that was hers.
There in his dreams or in the darkness of the cave when he would visit her. She remembered the soft kisses without saying a word and Jisun blushed a bit and the two of her talons were each of her sides to notice.

"The mistress is thinking inappropriate thoughts again." Nagyung said.

Jiu was nodding aggressively. "Yes she is. Look at those red cheeks."

"I am not. Now leave me alone with my plants."

"Hello V-nim , this is Nagyong. Yes , Jisun's Nagyung."

V would remember her. Jisun had patterned her appearance on YuuA's , albeit a prettier and younger version in Jisuns eyes.
Then again V was not attracted to what you looked like on the outside. There was always something else that she could not figure out. At one point it was her though and it puzzled her to no end.

It was weird how many of the dragons associated to V loved him in some way and put out their claims. Kayz only saw him as an embodiment of power and so someone who can equal her own fiery strength. Solhun of the Earth Dragons was touched by V. For the breed that are strong and emotionless as them , V made her feel and comes back when he calls. The elder Sinhee has been taking care of him since they were small. She only claims to be an older sister but she is actually the same age and weird enough stands overprotective of V.

Her claim? She is the embodiment of death and he is the last creation dragon. They complete the cycle. They complete each other. She is his actual balance.

But V has chosen the humans over them. The Yuu Princess , Their Sensor and the Maknae. She suspects that the orbs within them carry something more than what V thinks.  

"He wants to see you!" Nagyung declared

Jiu was still nodding fiercely. "Say yes mistress!"

Jisun could not help her smile but instead she said , "Tell him I am busy gardening."

"He said he knows you can't grow anything because you lack the skills to make things grow."

Jisun grabbed the phone from her talon.


"Really. I don't think you have the skills." Came V's voice from the other end of the phone. "I know what you are good at though. You seem to find the best ingredients. You want to help me find a couple of things?"

"Are you cooking for YuuA?"

"I was thinking that I can make something for you but only if you have the time to spare."

"I might."

"Good then. See you in front of the market? You know which one right?"

"The one with the ice cream stall?"

"Yes that one. See you in an hour?"


Jisun looked at her two talons who were grinning from ear to ear. The pleasure of their mistress was their own as well and they prepared clothes that V might like from their shared memory.

"He liked this better!" Jiu shouted. Showing off a dress that had a way too low neckline and a too short hemline.

"No! This one." Nagyung countered. "They are going out on a date not making babies!"

"Won't it lead to that though?" the maknae answered.

Both of the Death Talons looked at their mistress who pretended to be planting again.

Jisun was smiling. A date with V. It has been awhile.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #42:Enchanting Reality"

"Midweek Magic 2018 #42:Enchanting Reality"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It had been a dream of mine for more than a decade to finally play a Verduran Enchantress and Enchanted Evening. When I brought my Estrid the Masked deck I immediately thought of this update and I was hoping that I would be able to pull it off. 

And pull it off I did with a 1 v 1 game against Yo Castillo.
I had 16 permanents and he had 14. After I cast my Enchanted Evening adding Enchantment type to all of the permanents I had turned my 2/2 Verduran Enchantress into a 32/32 monstrosity which also had flying thanks to an Archetype of Imagination in play.

I was pummeling Yo for a few turns now but the 32/32 Flyer was the nail on the coffin. A bit of an overkill really. I lost track of his life points and realized that he was down to 4 with a lot more damage on the way. Sorry man but thanks for helping me realize a dream that I have been having since I bought my Enchanted Evenings for 75 bucks each at the SM North food court all those years ago.

Now I wonder if I can pull it off in a multiplayer EDH game.

"Not Changing"

"Not Changing"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

V sat at the cafe booth with the bouquet of black roses at the table in front of him. Her cousin Jia assured him that despite  her busy schedule she would come and meet him. He checked his clock again and noted that it had been an hour since she he had been here. The sweat on his Palm were beginning to form again and he wiped them dry on one of the towels he always carried on his back pack. Idols are very busy people and he was a big fool in believing Jia about her.  
A big amount of his savings was gone and he didn't even get to meet her. V sighed and started to check his things. 

And it was when someone sat across the booth from him. The person wore an overly large hooded jacket, his/her head covered by red cap with three silver rings adorning the left side, V found the mask of shark teeth covering the strangers mouth interesting. There was something familiar about the eyes that looked at him.

"Your date stood you up?" the stranger asked.

V didn't want to answer but he did. "She might not have even known that we were on one."

"Sounds like the other person doesn't even know you exist.Cold."

" It is true. Idols are very busy people after all and even if they say that they want to be around their fans they might probably be scared to be around them unguarded. I can't say that I blame them. Some of those who idolize then are completely out of touch with reality."

"And you are a fan who is in touch with reality?"

"I'd like to think so.  I know what idols really are and the relationships that fans actually have with them. Idols like any other product are being marketed by their respective companies. The more that you love them the more that you purchase things that they sell. Albums, concerts, merchandise. All under the illusion that you own a part of them because you spend your income and time on them."

"What makes you different?"

"Well I have no illusions of being in a relationship with this idol that I wanted to meet here today. I know that she is a person who might have different interests than me. May have a life totally different than mine. Try as I might get to know her I may never really know what she is like. If she meets me as a fan she might give me something scripted by her agency. And someone like me might never get the chance to meet and hear her unfiltered thoughts or speech."

"So why try and meet her at all knowing what you know and how you feel about her industry?"

"To put me out of my misery."

At this the stranger made a gesture that was all too familiar to V.  The stranger leaned forward, rested his/her head on one side of the table with his right arm straight. The stranger looked at V. "And how will this idol put you out of your misery?"

V smiled despite himself. He should have known. The cap. The muffled voice and mask. The overgrown hooded jacket. Things that he had sent her himself. Why was he so distracted. He composed himself. This probably might be the only time that he can tell her in person.

"You see since I was young I had intense crushes on people. Even to the point that I thought I loved them but there was always one thing that cured me of that notion. I met them. The feelings I thought I had disappeared."

"Did these people do anything in particular to make you lose those feelings?" The stranger took off the red cap to reveal long light brown hair that was tied in a pony tail. V could now see those small eyes that had no make up and his pulse raced. His palms began to sweat again and he had to wipe them on his pants. 

"Nothing really. Most of them were nicer than I imagined but I lost interest either way. It was just me I guess. Totally had nothing to do with them." 

"And you think by meeting this idol your feelings might disappear?"

" I don't really know but at least I would have gotten a chance to talk to her a bit, tell her how wonderful she is and how in a difficult time in my life she helped me with her beauty, her wonderful singing and dancing. I would say that as both a fan and as someone who wanted to be her friend. "YuuA be strong and keep up the wonderful work". That is what I would say to her. If she appeared tonight I would be happy and say those words to her and say goodbye knowing that I got to that once."

The strangers expression changed. Her eyes began to well from his words and she moved to take the mask covering her mouth but V stopped him.

"Please don't."


"I don't really want my feelings for YuuA to change."

The stranger nodded and continued to look at V with curious eyes. V slid the Black Roses over the strangers side of the table.

"This is for YuuA but you can have it. Thank you for making sure that I was not lonely without her. I got the answer to my own question."

V stood and left the Cafe. His heart full and his misery gone.

"Fromis9 - Lovebomb MV reaction: Explosive"

"Fromis9 - Lovebomb MV reaction: Explosive"
The Vole

Fromis 9 returns in full force with their new single Love Bomb. They welcome back Father Member Gyuri who is fresh from the Produce 48 competition and one can observe that Gyuri seems to be pushed a lot in this promotions.

The MV starts in a red room where all members have fuses on their heads. The whole MV really feels like a red velvet song with all the cartoonish designs and hints of violence. The upbeat song tells of attraction likened to an exploding bomb as explained by Jisun in one show. Hence the theme of explosives  , bombs , lit fuses and rockets.

Visually the whole group has leveled up probably except for Jisun who while remaining beautiful seems to be stuck in a fashion black hole. Gyuri is back in full cuteness , the maknae Jiheon shortened her hair and became more attractive. I don't know what the stylists were thinking when they gave Nagyung that split hair color. Maybe a future Halloween cos play as Harley Quin? Saerom still lets some of her sexiness seep out but not as much. 

Seohyun is pretty in blond and Chaeyong and her fiery red hair are so attractive. Fans are sure to enjoy the rap parts in this song. These two have the best swag in the group.

Vocalist Jiwon and Hayoung are also pretty hear but I enjoy their vocal styling here.

There are some references here to the game of Landmine and even some Kings man style fighting with umbrellas. I enjoyed one of their dance points here where they seem to be preparing a defibrillator. 

I guess being attracted to someone does feel like these explosions. I especially love the parts where girls actually want to light up their own fuses. I have no doubt that Fromis9 will make it big soon and it seems that those behind their management is making every bit of that possible by updating them and promoting them well with well styled visuals and a great song. Hopefully this song gains them more fans and love.

Hoping for a Fromis9 win very soon.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #41:The Treachery of Land"

"Midweek Magic 2018 #41:The Treachery of Land"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It was my first sortie battling a Bromance EDH deck. At first glance everything was beneficial. A draw or a land drop was always wonderful.

And with my new formed Braids deck I was ahead in creatures and even had the fortune of copying Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis so that I had my own extra draw and land drop.

Of course that is the whole plan of the deck. To lull you into thinking how lucky you are to have so much mana available. That is until a well time Treacherous Terrain with a Reverberate or Twincast actually kills you.

So much for the camaraderie.

"The Dragon's Old Friend"

"The Dragon's Old Friend"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Linnie and V's eye met and like old friends V ever slightly nodded to where the Vans were and Linnie made an excuse to go and get something that she had left there. Their manager started to say something but a look from Linnie herself stopped him in his tracks. Something that he will later not recall except as a feeling of cold water when Linnie would look at him in the future.

When Linnie had left , V followed.He pretended to open the back of the van and joined in what the short haired girl in her search.

"Just like old times. I was surprised to see you here though. Doesn't the Yuu clan want you on a short leash?"

Linnie looked at V with so much poison in her eyes. "And who's fault do you think that is V?"

"Like I said then , it was not yours or mine. It was merely the circumstances that we were in with..."

"Don't you mention his name. You don't deserve to even mention it." Linnie pretended to pat the back of the chairs as if something might fall down but it was actually a way for her to not hit the Dragon.

"Now normally I know what Dragons want with a Garden of Maidens like this but as of now that is not clear to me and I think you owe me an answer. Why are you here? Why show here and potentially make a mess of what we are doing as a group?"

"You thought I was here for you. I am here for one person and one person alone."

"Are you telling me that you have found her? One of us? Your beloved maiden lost in time?"

"Yes and being the same age as me you know full well who I am referring to."

Linnie was fast and she produced a dagger and poised it at the back of V's neck. "Do you remember this dagger? It was your gift. Aim for the back of the Dragons neck in human form where their scales cannot reach and their talons cannot wander into. The spot where the dagger laced with Death Dragon poison can do it's worse damage. Do you remember saying that to me?"

"Of course I do. Linnie. It sounds funny to me calling you by that name but one has to keep appearances.Please do not misread the reason why I am here."

"Dragons devour maidens. And if you touch a single hair on our princess I will be there to stop you."

"I highly doubt that you can stop me but you know way better that if I had wanted someone devoured then I would not go through the motions of pretending to be human and blending in."

"Then what are you doing here?"

"I mean to die."

"What? The self absorbed V of old saying that he will lay his life for a maiden? One that probably even has the bulk of the 1st Dragons essence? Do you expect me to believe that?"

"I am tired Linnie. My house wants me to succeed as the Silver Emperor. To hold the balance between this plane and the other ones surrounding it. When it was my wrong doing that allowed those monsters to be stronger. I am tired of the cycle of death."

"So why are you here if not to devour the princess?"

"I am here to protect her. In my state there are others in the world that are far stronger. I have managed to beat them with luck and strategy for now but I know that day by day I am running low on those."

"So you want to protect the princess to prevent others from Ascending as well? Doesn't that make this cycle even worse."

"You and I are old enough to know that. But I am tired of Maiden after Maiden dying for Dragons. The cycle has to end."

"I am sorry V but you know that in order for that cycle to end , one must reunite the orbs of the 1st and hold the line permanently."

"Or Obliterate the portals that keep on opening around the world"

"Both tasks are impossible. I helped you in both remember. Before..."

"I know. I am sorry Linnie. You can ignore me after this talk. I will not bother you. Just know that I am here for YuuA and her protection."

Linnie lowered the dagger she had held for so long against the base of V's skull.

"If you say that you will protect her as we are all doing then you will have no problems with me. Your issue and mine have nothing to do with her. But know that there will be no forgiveness from me no matter what happens."

V looked at the maiden who seemed young but was the oldest among her members and V remembered the promise he had made to her and her brother. Something that he knew he would not be able to keep. For now Linnie would be silent on who he really was but he knew that she would need her for the future.

V slid his palms together and handed Linnie a pair of earrings.

"Here. Tell them that this was a gift from your....brother...and that you had to just find it."

Linnie took the earrings , looked at V and strode off. 

"One of these days we would have to deal with that fact Linnie but not today."

Monday, October 29, 2018

"Parang Kayo."

"Parang Kayo."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Di ko makita ang dulo nito
pinasok na problemang di gusto
Pero ito at napasubo
iniwang mga bagay na di naman bago

Di inaasahan mawawala ng ganun lang
Sumasama ang loob sa bawat saglit
Naiwan , nabigatan , nahusgahan
at para sa akin at bakit?

Kung ikaw na ang kumilos
Gumawa ng solusyon
Ikaw na naging responsable
Ikaw pa din ang mali?

Anak niyo nga ako
Ginawa ang tama
Nahusgahan pa din
at natatawag na mali.

UHG Bldg.O , Quezon City 10/13/18 2:16am

"Doc In , Doc Out: Wag mo kasi habulin."

"Doc In , Doc Out: Wag mo kasi habulin."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Patient: "Doc hinahabol ko po yung hininga ko..."

Me: "Paano pong hinahabol?" Observing how she speaks and how her chest moves.

Patient: "Parang kapag humihinga po ako kailangan kong habulin."

Me: (Looks at pulseoximeter at 98-99%. Almost tempted to say.)
"Kaya kayo napapagod eh. Wag niyo po kasing habulin."

"Magic Funeral Plan"

"Magic Funeral Plan"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

One Magic player decided to do a survey to get a pulse on how people feel about buying out cards of a deceased Magic players cards on the cheap. Basically an after life plan for a players Magic cards. You can read the entire post for yourself here if you have not read the original post which has now been deleted.

The responses to this particular post in Tambayan was met with anger but most had made passionate points about leaving cards to loved one or maybe teaching those same loved ones the real value of these cards before some Magic Vulture swoops in and buys them for TCG25 instead of the usual TCG40 or 50. 

While I do understand that this was just probably a survey one cannot help but be a little fishy since this was reportedly the same person who had the idea of loaning cards for a small rental fee. I cannot blame him for having good ideas as a businessman. It just feels a little slimy to actually say things like.

"Condolence po Maam , just in case po pala Buying po ako ng mga cards at ano pang Magic related items na iniwan ni Sir."

Too soon. Too soon. I don't think that those left behind will have that other persons hobby in mind now that he or she is gone.

For whatever purpose that this guy had for posting this survey it made me think about the future , my future. 

My wife and Aven can surely play magic and thanks to my non-stop speculations of card prices they have some inkling as to how much my cards actually cost now.

And It dawned on me that like my Dad I had no will or plan of my own.What I really want is to leave all my cards with Aven and if she somehow chose to part ways with it I will leave her a guide on how to get a good price for them. I would also refer my wife and her to 2 of my most trusted friends. ST Estrella and Mark Anthony Abude who will help them get a fair price for what I have left.

They may not want to have anything to do with my cards but at least I will be leaving them a little something when I go. And I have my friends who will help them.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #40:Compleating Prossh"

"Midweek Magic 2018 #40:Compleating Prossh"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

As a Phyrexian nothing gives me greater pleasure than winning via the Infect mechanic. Lately I have been tasting several doses of my own medicine. 

So I did not expect an Infect win using my newly reformed Braids deck. Pao had cast Prossh and I was eager to Compleat it with a Corrupted Conscience.

When it came to my end of the battlefield Pao forgot to cast creatures. I already had Arcanis ,  Omenspeaker , Braids herself and Man O war out. On my turn I had plopped down a Vizier of Many Faces via Braids ability.

I attacked with Prossh who was now Infected and using his own ability pumped him for 5 more points of damage sacrificing my 5 existing creatures. A compleat victory! 

"Doc In , Doc Out: Trapo Sumagot"

"Doc In , Doc Out: Trapo Sumagot"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Me: "Sir ano po ang gamot ninyo?"

Patient: "Doc , matagal ko na pong iniinom yung gamot ko. Mga 7 years na."

Me:"Ah. Ano po ang pangalan ng gamot niyo?"

Patient: "Di ko po alam."

Me:"Ah. Sige po may reseta po ba kayo diyan?"

Hands over medications prescribed by Cardio dated a month ago. 

Me:"Ito po ba yung mga gamot na iniinom niyo for 7 years or bago lang ito."

Patient: "Bago lang po."

Me:"Ah. So last month mo lang ito sinimulang inumin?"

Patient: "Opo,"

Me:"Ilang oras tulog mo Sir?"

Patient: "Ok naman po."

Me:"Mga ilang nga oras po?"

Patient: "Mga 7 hours po."

Me: (On the inside) "Parang di naman."

"The Dark Library Moment"

"The Dark Library Moment"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Why do you always do this to me V?

Do what exactly?

YuuA was going to say why he usually disappears when he needs him but just like that the sense of panic he felt was lost when she heard his voice.

"What are we doing here today?" V asked wiping some cobwebs that got stuck in his suit. He normally didn't bother with such things but YuuA always insisted that he wear something nice now when they go out and can be seen by people. "This place seems to have been abandoned from awhile back. Are you looking for something here?"

"I just...I remembered something and I felt like I should go here."

"I feel like going to the bathroom all the time too but you don't see me doing that right? Anyway we should really get going. It is getting dark and I actually see a lot of the things that lurk here. Not a friendly bunch too."

"You mean ghosts?"

"I mean other dragons that want the orb in your chest."

"If I attract so many dragons I find interesting that you could resist me."

"The difference between those dragons and me is that...I have taste. I am not going to eat any snack when I can have a whole course meal some time in the future."

"So the more the better?"

"Maybe a whole girl group. Why settle for just one member right?"

"All men really are wolves , it even applies to male dragons. You really are greedy."

"You can think what you want." V felt the seals tighten over YuuA's orb. Making her angrier like this would mean that she can survive him and his kind. A maiden to have hold of this much power and learning to harness it can be on par with any dragon. Well , with a few exceptions. V hoped that in her life YuuA would not face the other houses.

"I really hate it when you are like this. One moment you act like you care for me and the next you make it sound like you only care for this thing in my chest."

"I care for the rest of the flesh that ensconce the orb too. I mean tender meat is getting scarcer."

YuuA had enough and she gave V a slap to the face.

"I don't really know what you are up to but I refuse to believe that the person who risked his life for me so many times  , that person who has shown me more love than anyone is ready to discard me or take my life."

V lowered his face down a few inches from YuuA's face until she could feel his warm breath over her. And with a menacing voice he said , "We shall see. Now stay if you want and search for whatever it that you remember.Scream if you need me."

And V went down the stairs of the library leaving YuuA in the darkness of the abandoned library. The slap didn't hurt him physically but the thought that he would have to go through all of this to make her safe. He just hoped that she would understand in the future.

"Patuloy ang ikot"

"Patuloy ang ikot"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Aanhin ko ang mga sigaw?
Ang mga di pagkakaintindihan?
Aanhin ko ang mga paghuhusga mo?
Ang husay mo kaibigan.

Di ko kailangan ng ahas
na sa akin ay kakagat sa huli
Di ko kailangan ng buwitre
na uubos ng mga buto ko sa huli

Di ko iinumin ang lason
na inaabot mo ng madalas
Nakita ko na ang istilo
Mamumuhay lang ako at tutuloy

Aanhin ko ang sigaw mong walang patutunguhan?
Ang mga dahilan mong baluktot at paikot ikot?
Mauubusan ka din ng boses
Ako naman ang di makikinig.

UHG Bldg.O , Quezon City 10/13/18 2:16am

"Manila Grey - Friends of Friends MV reaction: Old friends , New Foes."

"Manila Grey - Friends of Friends MV reaction: Old friends , New Foes."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Zombies in Canada! Yup it seems that the same virus from the Walking Dead is now in Canada with this latest MV from Pinoy Phenoms Manila Grey.

The MV starts with an audio clip about how the cruelty of man.And Singer Soliven rising as one of the undead fresh from motorcycle accident in an orchard in parts unknown.

At 58 seconds into the video Rapper Neeko appears as an escaped Mental patient.At first you don't see any structures that would indicate where he came from until the camera pulls away to reveal a house in the right of the screen. 

The Video features a chase scene between the duo and Neeko almost escaping  , even trying to ride a vehicle that has slammed into some pallets in the distance.

Of course the Jeep won't start at all and Zombie Soliven actually finishes his Neeko meal. The end.

The fog in this orchard was just beautiful to watch and I really enjoyed this new track from Manila Grey.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #39:Assassinating Prossh"

"Midweek Magic 2018 #39:Assassinating Prossh"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It was the last day of playtime and it was a 3 way battle between Pao's almost unbeatable Prossh , Janry's versatile Muldrotha and my own pet deck of the moment Sai , Master Thopterist.

The game was progressing as normal and Janry was able to cast Vraska. It seemed that Pao was getting greedy as he did not cast a single creature and he was casting his multiplier Enchantments in Parallel lives and then Primal Vigor. It would have been raining Kobolds once Prossh came out.

However Janry was piling on the loyalty counters on his Vraska and when it was my turn I had though about attacking Vraska since I already had unblockable Thopters at my disposal but something stopped me. I realized that even I had not been able use my own Vraskas ultimate ability as I have always utilized her to destroy things in the past. This was Janrys chance and by extension a chance to see the assassins of Vraska in action. And so I created more Thopters and passed the turn. 

Pao still had no creatures and passed the turn. Janry was able to use Vraska ultimate and cast a Lightning Greaves. Pao was literally assassinated. I had to clap at the win.

When it came to my turn I noticed that Janry did not have a Rogues Passage or Whispersilk Cloak which surely would have been my end. I made sure to suggest it to him. Because of this delay I was able to combo out by Skull Clamping and Paradox Engining to my win conditions. I draw , I play . I clamp , I draw and with seemingly endless mana was able to combo out in a several possible ways.

The most satisfying part of this game was still having the assassins connect and essentially taking out the Mighty Prossh.

"Doc In , Doc Out:Nawala?"

"Doc In , Doc Out:Nawala?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Patient: "Doc kanina po kasing lunch sumakit yung balakang at tiyan ko."

Me: "Ok po. Ngayon po kamusta na?"

Patient: "Ito po wala na po akong balakang pero meron pa ring tiyan."

Me: "Parang pareho naman pong meron. You mean yung sakit po eh wala na sa balakang tama?"

Patient: "Opo."

"Dragon by the Vending Machine"

"Dragon by the Vending Machine"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

V had been looking at her for awhile now and YuuA had finally decided on what to get from the vending machine. Her black jean shorts revealed well shaped legs and her turquoise long sleeved denim jacket covered the rest. Her dyed brown hair moved gracefully as she bent to retrieve her drink. No one was around the hotel at this time of night and all of Oh My Dolls were fast asleep. Except for their main dancer who was just beginning to notice V. 

She brightened up a little when she saw him and then controlled herself a lot better but managed a sweet smile anyway. "Can't sleep too?"

"I don't really need much sleep. Besides it is my job to always watch over you.So I guess those two things help each other."

YuuA smiled and punched another set of numbers on the vending machine. She threw the warm drink toward V who caught it swiftly."Thanks." The tall man said as he gestured toward a couch near the machine.

YuuA crinkled her eyes a little and sat down with him. 
"It always seemed to puzzle me that you are around me when I need you the most."

"I don't think you need me now. You were just out here getting a drink."

"I needed your company. I wanted to thank you for always being here.For what you did today. How many times have you saved me now? I think I lost count."

"I'm not counting either."

"77!" Came a female voice from some distance but unmistakable nonetheless.

"Quit Spying Blue! We don't need you." V shouted

"Yes Master!" Blue shut back almost comically. 

"Your story about Blue still fascinates me. You made your talons to contain most of your powers. Aren't you afraid that they might use those powers on you?"

"Well the 1st of the Creation Dragons had built in rules on his creations. It had taken me a 100 years to understand them all but there was a way to ensure that what you said will never happen."

YuuA noticed that V was just wearing  a plain white shirt and some shorts in this somewhat cold night. "You aren't cold?"

"Nope. I have cells that auto regulate my temperature. Just one of the Creation Dragon Perks."

"I wish I had cells like that. I feel cold."

"I could arrange for that."

"Pabo. I need someone to hold me."

"Oh sorry. And V wrapped his arms around her. While she talked of her worries as the night went on.

"Marami at Wala , Wala at Marami"

"Marami at Wala , Wala at Marami"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Bakit ba ganyan ka?
Tumitingin at nagtatanong 
Di ka ba lalapit?
wala ka bang itatanong?

Marami at wala
Alam ko ang simula
Mahal nung unang makita
hanggang huli kaya?

Di man sabihin
Aminin o kung ano pa
Sa araw araw na lang
magtatanong ka pa ba?

Pero minsan siguro
Maganda din masabi
Yan ba ang tanong mo?
Wala at Marami.

UHG Bldg.O , Quezon City 10/13/18 2:08am

"Sik-K - Xibal MV reaction: Swearing just a little bit more."

"Sik-K - Xibal MV reaction: Swearing just a little bit more."
The Vole

Sik-K is back with the direct continuation of the Rendezvous MV. If Rendezvous is just him asking for time and a getaway , In Xibal he actually asks the (presumably the same girl) to be his Fuckin Wife.

This MV is actually directed by the same guy who directed Rendezvous and Jinooya actually made sure to use the same visual style as well as some film from the previous video.

While Sibal is changed to Xibal here because it is a bad word(the usage as Fuck) Sik-K uses it to drive a point which is a weird one. In the lyrics he says that he is sorry that he swears too much and the girl actually left him. And so his way to trying to win her back is to ask her to be his fucking wife. He might have swore again but this time he was being sweet?

The girl in the previous video is now represented as a dancing , hooded wraith who is clad all in black who dances around Sik-K tormenting him with memories and pain. The MV starts with Sik-K alone walking down the streets and generally feeling pitiful as the wraith/memories dance around him.

You can see him pleading here on several occasions , one on a phone booth on the street and several times with the wraith who represents the person that he had lost.

This track has a really great beat and since I am a big fan of Sik-K makes me happy that he has come out with more music.  

"Midweek Magic 2018 #38: The Suicide Chain."

"Midweek Magic 2018 #38: The Suicide Chain."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It is odd that what you teach is applied back at you. In a previous EDH game facing insurmountable odds , feeling tired and burned out , wanting to end the game before another attacker hits me.I was down to 3 life points and so cracked a Polluted Delta , fetching a Watery Grave and opting to pay 2 life to make this land enter untapped. Effective killing myself before any other attackers could finish the job.

Forward to another week where Sai , Master Thopterist had amassed a vast number of Thopters which also had at least 2 or 3 +1/+1 counters on them thanks to Steel Overseer and Metallic Mimic. Yo Castillo who was may last standing opponent of the night as I have eliminated Tin Cordova and her Edric deck that did not seem to be going in the land department this game.

With the superior army about to swarm in Yo took in damage but decided to Sacrifice a lone Mogg Fanatic before kill himself before any more damage from my thopter army could be added up. It seems like a chain was forming but gladly it did not continue in the following weeks as there have been more decisive wins.

"Doc In , Doc Out: Mas Malinaw"

"Doc In , Doc Out: Mas Malinaw"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

"Doc nahihirapan po akong umubo" , a patient told me while he kept on coughing uncontrollably.

"Ang ibig niyo po bang sabihin nahihirapan kayo na ilabas yung gusto niyong ilabas at ubo kayo ng ubo?"


"Ayan mas malinaw."

"Team Virulence Mini Reunion Sealed Games"

"Team Virulence Mini Reunion Sealed Games"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

While I was arranging my schedule to play Sealed with my old Team  , my wife suggested that we just rent a room at our favorite Staycation place , The Crowne Plaza in Ortigas. So we rented a suite so that she could relax at one end and my friends and I could play at the big living area.

From the first pack I opened I already knew what guild I would be playing. I would be playing Boros all the way with the Sacred Foundry that I opened. It was my first Sacred Foundry and I was excited to put it to good use. It seemed that Mau , Mark and Nolan all had better pulls than me. A foil Overgrown Tomb for Mau , An Assasins trophy for Nolan , And multiple Dimir Legendary cards for Mark. 

On the other hand I received my 3rd Legion Warboss and decided to play with the good support cards for the white/red guild.

Game 1
The first match up was with my brother from another mother Mark Abude. As I expected Mark was playing with a Dimir Deck that had really good Mid game creatures. I had early land problems and would drop my first game.

However during the next two games Mentor and the Legion Warboss would shine through for the first win of the night.

Game 2 
It has been awhile since I was able to play Sealed with Nolan , probably the most focused and most technical among Team Virulence he went with Jeskai colors of Red , White and Blue.
His Mass removal spell of Citywide Bust being a topic of a joke.

I guess he was still getting used to Sealed while this was something that I enjoyed doing. Building decks from scratch on the spot.

It was Mentor that sweeped in all the way , overwhelming him with so much creatures even if he was able to pull off an early board wipe.

Game 3 
Mau has been a great friend and I almost felt sorry for trampling all over him with my Boros deck especially when I was able to take care of any creature that landed on his side of the battlefield.

And it was official. Boros all the way with a 3-0 win loss record. My 2nd straight Winning Sealed.

"Kuntento sa Sulok"

"Kuntento sa Sulok"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Ito na ang takda
Sa mga araw kung bilang na
Nakaupo sa isang sulok 
Pinagmamasdan ka

Sinasabi sa sarili
Ok na siguro ito 
marinig , malambing mong tawa
makita , mga ngiting mong tama

Parang kahit masakit
Umaayos ang mundo
Mawawala na din ako
Pero kasama ang alaala mo.

Di mo man ako nakakausap
Sa sulok ko na ito
Sapat na sa tulad ko
Sapat ng ang ganito.

UHG Bldg.O , Quezon City 10/13/18 2:00am

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

"Momoland - Baam Japanese Version MV reaction: Changing Scenes"

"Momoland - Baam Japanese Version MV reaction: Changing Scenes"
The Vole

If someone imagined  how good Nancy and Yeonwoo would look in Japanese style uniforms then get ready to be floored as they are decked in several for this MV.

Oh and Nancy even wears pigtails in once scene while wearing a sailor uniform. Talk about fan service right?

There is something to be said about this new MV though and that it has a lot more focus than the original MV. Whereas the original was a bit scattered around the world even receiving some issues about stereotypes and wrong outfits this new one just focuses on Japanese culture and the scenes that you might find there , the Sakura blossom watching , the takoyaki stand , students in uniform looking at their good looking sempai with added gender bender elements since Hyebin can be seen as that short haired good looking sempai as well as a short wearing sexy girl in the spa/ onsen scenes.

One scene even featured Sadako of the ring fame coming out of the movie the girls were watching running away with their popcorn. I am sure that with the reference the girls of Momoland will receive more love than criticism.

It was noticeable here that Yeonwoo took more of the screen time than Nancy and I found it odd. Or was it because the company was sharing a lot more of that screen time to the other members as well. JooE was being her playful self here and she plays the Sempai chasing girl on the bike. I don't know but even if this song is not as popular as Bboom Bboom I still like it since it establishes that Momoland sound. Something that I hope they can build on in the coming years.

Looking for more things from Momoland.