Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Loco Feat Hoody - Da Da Da MV reaction : If we meet again in that circle.

Loco Feat Hoody - Da Da Da MV reaction : If we meet again in that circle.
The Vole

This song talks about someone who realized what he has lost and if given a 2nd chance would now be able to give his all to this said Love. Hence. Da Da Da. All All All.

The MV starts out with a falling old Mercedes Benz into the ocean and the warped sound reminds one of being underwater. Probably because the speaker in the song is currently drowning in his feelings. His realizations of his actions. The feelings of loss and those of asking for a 2nd chance.

Taking a page out of The Lakehouse the visuals of the MV show 2 contrasting rooms of  Stark White and the other with somber tones of Light blue , brown and black. The girl in the colored room is in all white and Loco is wearing the same brown and black tone of the other room showing that each once belonged to fit with each other.

There is a scene with a radio where both are trying to reach out to each other but for some reason are unable to communicate.
The theme of passing time is rampant in the song and in the visuals. "Loco asks if I rip the calendar will I be able to see you again?" As if ripping that page will make things faster right?

I was excited at seeing that Hoody will be part of if this 2nd MV and wow.Hoody's voice is at once beautiful and haunting in this song as she adds that time has passed for the two lovers but even if they are distant as the hands on a clock they would still circle and meet one day. 
This is the hope and promise of Loco as well in the song. Time keeps us moving forward to each other and if we circle back I am ready to give you everything. Beautiful. 

I am glad that AOMG is coming out full force in support for Loco in this comeback and I believe how things should be. I wish Loco more success. 

Loco - Movie Shoot MV Reaction: Life , One Frame at a time.

Loco - Movie Shoot MV Reaction: Life , One Frame at a time.
The Vole

And here I was thinking that I won't be able to write anything and then comes Loco with his new item Bleached and 4 separate MV's. It seems like it is a Loco kind of month for me as I get to enjoy AOMG and all of the artists that are involved in this new album.

The first MV that was released was Movie Shoot which features singer DPR Live and the song starts out as slow as possible but just because it is slow doesn't mean that wont be trapped into it's rhythm patterns. 

The MV starts with Loco wandering into a movie set with scenes of a lone light source to emphasize the dark start and then it all bursts into gold which is reminscent of a Great Gatsby part scene complete with Gold Confetti's and wine and chandeliers.

What is interesting is that there are scene where you see the effects that are used to shoot the scene so that you are in parts seeing spectacular scenes and backdrops but also seeing that the scenes are not always what they seem. Like Loco riding the bicycle and you see that the speed scenes are just a moving screen behind him.

"My life is like a movie shoot" Loco starts to sing and you cannot help but get into the steady rhythm of the song and DPR Live is no push over either in his parts.

I guess if I can take away from Loco says is that his life is like a movie shoot but when you see it you always just notice the finish product and now the hard work and effort that one has to do to do to get those wonderful scenes or achieve those shots.

As he also raps I am high , every day I am high it is easy to misunderstand idols. He says don't misunderstand no bad life 
dont misunderstand drug life
dont misunderstand no thug life
Just watch.

The last part of the MV shows the goofy side that you know is lurking underneath all that bravado of Loco and you see that human side that doesn't really get anything perfect but gets the job done.

And as part of the song the lights fade out on Loco or at least until the next MV rolls in.