Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Team Angus:Twilight Zone Moment

Team Angus: Twilight Zone Moment
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

( Insert creepy song intro here)....While on the way home from our recent Team R&R from Punta Fuego , Nasugbu , Batangas , we made a wrong turn somewhere in Tagaytay and followed a police car to the very end of a dark closed off road , another dark alternate road to the left appeared. We initially argued if we should take that road. Since the police car was there we went and asked directions , we asked if we can take the dark road to the left , the policeman in the car said (and this is verbatim) : "Ang daan na yan ay papunta sa isang liblib na lugar kung saan wala kayong patutunguhan..." they then proceeded to point to a Church 15 minutes back where we came from like all Guardian angels should , as we sped off the car eventually disappeared , I believed that those Policemen were there to help us in our time of need and we appreciate them...we then noticed that all of our messages only got in or got sent out when we were near the Church they pointed us to! There was no signal in that dark area! imagine if the car broke down or we ran out of gas in that place! Thank you God for those men or as we believe Angels disguised as Policemen...