Monday, September 18, 2017

"Gishath , Suns Avatar: Naya Dinos Arise!"

"Gishath , Suns Avatar: Naya Dinos Arise!"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Nothing makes you feel like a little boy again than the sight of dino's and those dino's fighting each other. Magic seems to have captured this very special moment for a little boy and have printed dino cards that have a lot of big monster fans anticipating Ixalan's release.

The quite impressive Gishath Sun's Avatar is perfect as the Dinosaur Commander for all these big fatties.

So for Naya colors (R/G/W) and 5 colorless mana you can summon the mighty Gishath. A looming 7/6 Dino Avatar that has Trample , Vigilance and Haste.

For Naya who has green in it's colors ramping up has never been a problem and the direct impact that Gishath brings to the battlefield is palpable. It attacks immediately with haste  , it can trample combat damage even when blocked and it also has vigilance meaning it can play defense after it has taken a big chunk our of your opponents life totals.

And it's triggered ability is a Dino lovers dreams come true. You get to look at the top of you library for each point of combat damage that was dealt to a player. So a maximum of 7 and a minimum of 1 if your opponent has blockers but cannot totally stop Gishath.

So you get to look at cards and put any number of dinosaurs into play from among them and the rest of the cards on the bottom of your library in any order.

A Strionic Resonator let's you do this revealing and putting on the battlefield a second time too so think of the possibilities. 

The other fun thing is that you could control the order that your dino's could enter the battlefield.

You could have  Verdant Sun's Avatar come into play first and all the rest of the dino's that follow it will give you a ton of life if you are in the red from all the other players attacking you.

Have Rampaging Ferocidon come into play as well you could trigger enrage when another dino comes in on Rampaging Raptors for card draw or Bellowing Aegisaur to make your dino's even bigger with a +1/+1 counter on them when it gets enraged.Ranging Raptors gives you more lands. Sun-Crowned Hunters burns each opponent for 3 every time you poke it.

And maybe have Raging Swordtooth enter too when you have Enrage dino's already in play. He gets to ping everyone of his kin for 1 of course. 

Thundering Spineback can also come into play giving other Dino's +1/+1 in buffs as a dino lord here and now you have a massive army at your disposal with just one Gishath attack.

Burning Sun's Avatar can also come into play and trigger one last dino. At this point each of those dino's that have come before it could be your target.And those are a lot of great targets. Dino torture for the win!

You should be able to look at your opponents faces and see the blood draining from them as you plop a Dinosaur one by one , each bringing something to the table. Until they can foresee the carnage that will be upon them on the next turn.A Regisaur brings haste to all of your dino's and a 3/3 "raptor" as well. So I am sure opponents would not be looking forward to your next turn. Especially if they do not have cards like Rout or Aetherize in their hands.

Now all we need is a some sort of Dinosaur "Recruiter" so we can stack our own libraries in our favor and we are all set.None has been spoiled so far as of this writing but I am keeping my fingers crossed for one. Are you doing it too? Good. The more the better.

So are you excited for Naya Dino's? I know I am. 

"Axis of Mortality:AKA matutuyot din ang flower mo"

"Axis of Mortality:AKA matutuyot din ang flower mo"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

One of the things that people are on the look out for in a new set such as Ixalan is a card that can alter that state of current formats may it be in Standard , Modern or EDH.

Axis of Mortality is one of those cards that scream multiplayer magic right at you and you should not fail to listen to it's call least it be your opponent who plays the enchantment first.

For 6 mana , 2 Plains and 4 colorless you get a white enchantment that would affect the entire board regardless if you are playing 1v1 or multiplayer EDH.

"At the beginning of your upkeep you may have two players exchange life totals."

Let us have that all sink in for a moment. During your upkeep you literally decide the fates of everyone in your hands. 

This enchantment lets you exchange life totals. So let us say an opponent attacked and almost killed another opponent or you , reducing your or that other players life total to 1. In a cruel twist of fate you could target yourself and that aggressor exchanging life points. The aggressor could then find him or herself at the end of some really good game ending  moves from any opponent. A pestilence or spark spray never looked so deadly.

You could also try and save that other player for political reasons. Maybe that person is controlling/preventing every other player from attacking you or has important card drawing cards like Howling Mine or Dictate of Kruphix in play that directly benefits you. Whatever the reason you could save that player and reduce your least favorite players life to the lowest possible life on the entire battlefield.

Pretty strong stuff. I would probably just play the card to be able to say things like."O ayan tuyot na flower mo...ikaw fresh na ulit."

Yeah. That is my entire purpose for playing Axis of Mortality. Do you have any other reason for playing this enchantment? 

"3 things I have seen this week September 2017 #4:Books 2"

"3 things I have seen this week September 2017 #4:Books 2"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

My wife and talked about going to the book fair in MOA last Sunday(September 17 2017.) It would be the last day of the event and I was thinking of what treasures we might find in the bins of books. And in a not surprising Snorlax move , my wife requested that we just sleep in for the day. I said goodbye to the books I would own but I did enjoy sleeping again comfortably snuggled with my beloved pillows. So what did I see this week? Mostly from facebook and when I looked up when I was lying flat on my back.

1) A friends complaint.

So one of my best friends Ved actually went to the Bookfair and spent a total of 15 minutes there. He spent more time looking for parking at about an hour or so. It made me thankful that my Snorlax wife actually went all Snorlax on me.

2) A friends find.

Rowella another friend who got to hunt for books in the bookfair showed off her finds and they were awesome. It made me wish I could book hunt. Ah the joys of finding precious books that people might have overlooked or never thought to look for. Made me nostalgic about that time my pregnant wife and I rummaged through boxes of books in Booksale in SM Marilao.Time well spent.

3) My own trove.

I looked up today and I saw that I had a pile of unread books from the last time we actually bought tons of them. It made me happy because I still had these unread gems. Now if I can only find the time to squeeze them into. Sigh.

Yeah. I still see even when I am comfortably lying on my back.

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #34: Elementals Vs. Dragons"

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #34: Elementals Vs. Dragons"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

A game of magic can have both extremely satisfying and frustrating moments. Usually rolled into just one game. This happened last week but I just got around to writing it now because of my new schedules.New schedules!!!! Whew! 

(Oh and I was trying not so hard to not be sad because one of my friends is resigning and I wanted to play as many decks against him as possible before he goes.)

So sad thoughts aside I again found myself in a three way battle with Ram , Yo and Jus. They were running these decks , Mono Blue Control , Draconic Dominance and Pussies! More on the pussies on a future Midweek Magic.(on the next one actually).

I was using my old faithful Omnath , Locus of Rage and got the rare chance of controlling Ram for a change by destroying his 3 existing Islands. For some reason Yo and his normally efficient pussies was not developing a proper mana base. So it was Jus and those dragons I love to save the day. He was able to summon a Scion of the Ur Dragon and with an Utvara Hellkite and several dragons created massive damage and more dragons to hurt me on the next turn. I think it was 13 dragons in total.6 were going to play defense.

I was down to 18 life at this point but I would be saved by a Mwonvuli Tracker who enabled me to fetch a Liege of the Tangle and I was able to Swiftfoot boots it after playing it , it dealt damage and I was able to put  Awakening counters on all 14 of my existing lands. All of them were 8/8. I was able to attack Jus with them and even with the massive dragon army I was able to squeak in 4 8/8's that finished him. This was the satisfying part of the game for me. Finally able to win with the Liege of the Tangle , a foil one too which had been languishing in one of my boxes for 7 years because I had no one to play with. 

"My Liege!"

The frustrating part came a few turns after when Ram was able to drop his 4th Island in play and promptly Washed out all of my big creatures. Leaving me both creature less and Landless. Talk about a massive turn around. 

It was only a matter of time before Yo and his pussies got to churning metal and more cats to kill me. Oh well. What's another pussy kill after all. I am getting used to it by now. All those lethal scratches.

Friday, September 15, 2017

"3 things I have seen this week September 2017 #3 : Books"

"3 things I have seen this week September 2017 #3 : Books"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Books. A big part of who I am and will always be a part of my life. So I was surprised at the things that I saw this week and though disappointed I know that I will recover.

1) 4 books.

Asap Science is a youtube channel and they had a video on averages. They said that the average person reads at least 4 books a year. So I looked at the calendar. It was already September and I have not read a single book for the year! Wow. I never thought I was this below average with all the books that I have. It doesn't count if you don't read it I guess. Time to rectify that.

2) Unfinished tales.

One of the piles on our Loft holds my cards and my books. Recently my wife bought me a copy J.R.R Tolkiens unfinished tales and I found it lying there when I was in my brewers madness mode looking for cards. And so it is my quest to read this book. Finally.

3) National Bookstore...where some people don't know books.

It was a sad day when my daughter and I went hunting for Lemony Snickett's Series of Unfortunate Events at a National bookstore branch at an SM that rhymes with Borth Pedsa. 

The customer service was so busy talking to someone on the phone that I had to wait for her to finish and when she got to talk to me I told her the name of the book and she said that that did not have the bundle of books and she pointed to the shelves behind her. Ito lang po yung bundles namin.

I said na kahit na di bundle kasi we can buy it per piece if needed. She didn't even look at the computer that was in front of her before she gave me this info. So I asked her to do so although I did not trust her to give me any useful info since I was there there previous week looking for a Manix Abrera comic book and they said they didn't have any in stock and when I went looking for it they had a ton of them near the exit. 

Long story short the CS pointed me to another lady who wanted to know what kind of book Lemony Snickett's Series of Unfortunate Events. I would understand if it was one of those rare books that you need to dust off somewhere but this was a fairly known books series and it even had a movie. 

So I was passed on to someone in charge of Young Adult and Childrens books who was also unable to locate the said series. It was at this point that I said that I would rather buy my daughter some other book and will be bringing my money to somewhere where they know their books or at least know how to properly locate it on a computer.

Oddly enough when there was still a Branch at the Annex of SM Borth Pedsa all you had to do was name a book and the lady there would gladly point to you where exactly it was and I found that amazing. Given the place was smaller than the bigger main branch but still you have to know where a book is especially if it isn't some arcane book.


"Doc In , Doc Out September 2017#4 : Dennis"

"Doc In , Doc Out September 2017#4 : Dennis"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

When people ask for medicine in the clinic they are usually asked to sign in a couple of things on the dispense sheet. One of which is their chief complaint. Normally you read things like Abdominal pain and headache but this one lady wrote something that was new.

Chief complaint(CC): Dennis

Hmmmm. Maybe she was having a bad headache but she would rather write Dennis in there because he was actually the one causing her the headache? Dennis the Menace indeed.

We would need to ask her about that the next time she comes in and writes the same thing.

Monday, September 11, 2017

"Raindrop (no, not the song lyric)"

"Raindrop (no, not the song lyric)"
Alessandria Venice R. De leon

Drip drop. The first drop of water resonated on the balcony's handles. I disregarded it, thinking that it was just the aircon. I continued having dinner and watching Netflix with my mom. She turns and says to me, "Anak, if this keeps up, baka walang pasok bukas!" with a glint of excitement in her eyes. She's excited because she'll get to hug and kiss me the whooole day. And order me around, but let's put that aside shall we? A faint sense of hope occupied my thoughts. Maybe school will be cancelled. It's a fifty-fifty for me most of the time. I'll be happy because I don't have to wake up early and take a freezing shower but at the same time, I'll be sad because I don't get to see my best friend. But then again, I will have more time to prepare my report, prepare for that contest I joined, and do everything I need to do! It's a joy, school being cancelled, to most children. I can't see why however. A day of school is what it is. The sooner you get through this day and then that day the sooner you'll get to the weekend! That's what I like to think anyway. Sometimes, with all the hustle and bustle of our lives, we don't realize that our crazy and often stressful Monday has just morphed into our exciting and often freeing Friday in the blink of an eye! Sometimes I feel like I'm being whisked all about throughout the week. 

Tip tap. I'm snapped out of my flight of ideas and back into the real world. I realize I haven't been eating my food or watching the movie. I also realize that a single drop of rain water has turned into three, no, ten, no, fifteen! Wait a minute, it's raining! And quite hard I may add. Our aircon is ambushed with incoming raindrops. Poor aircon, you never got a rest and now you're being assaulted by rain drops. And that's when the reason I'm writing this and not sleeping came. NO CLASSES FOR CALOOCAN. Mom scrolled nonchalantly on her phone. My eyes lit up like Christmas lights hanging on a balcony! NO SCHOOL! Oh I jumped for joy! But I was quickly brought down. I had to make sure, being the anxious and nervous worrywart that I am. I once remembered this one instance that I had not went to school, believing that there were no classes only to go to school the next day to find out that they all had a full day of class without me! Ever since that incident I always had to check twice. And believe me, a missed day of school cost me. But it was true this time, and that's why I'm here, typing, editing, thinking, and not sleeping! 

What a great weather to sleep in. I think I will!