Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"The Scorpion God: Feeling the Sting."

"The Scorpion God: Feeling the Sting."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

So I opened my Hour of Devastation fat bundle and I was excited about all the EDH goodies that I was able to get and I am raring to upgrade some of my existing EDH decks with the new cards but one card in particular stood out for me. My lone mythic card of the whole bunch and that was the 3rd god whom I did not write about. The Scorpion God makes an appearance as if to mock me. "So you don't want to write about because my other brothers seemed cooler huh , so let me make an appearance and let's see how you deal with it."

So here I am finally writing about the 3rd god who in my opinion seems underwhelming when compared to the other too but I guess if I can write about the Meandering Tower shell then I can write about a 6/5 god with recursion.

So at 5 mana , 3 colorless and Rakdos colors of Red/Black The Scorpion God is something that thrives on the death of other creatures , especially weakened creatures. Those that have -1/-1 counters on them when they die for whatever reason.

So board wipe with a Garruk's wake for example and all 3 creatures on your opponents side of the board turns into card advantage for you. While there are a lot of draw spells in Black and Red this particular drawing capacity that circles around the god is something now. So the point here is to put a lot of -1/-1 counters on your creatures or your opponents.

The color that takes advantage of these -1/-1 counters with token production is Black and Green , producing Snakes with Hapatra and Scarabs with nest of scarabs. Creature advantage is great since you can swarm away when necessary. If you want to play with the Scarab God with these cards though then you will be entering Jund Color territory which is not at all bad , I just don't know the survival rate of Jund in current standard right now but in EDH this could be the key to possible good build.

When I was listening on the youtube channel The Aetherhub and Seiben was talking about the fight between Rhonas and The Scorpion God an idea came to me about how to put the latter's ability to great use. He himself could finish off creatures and I don't mean Just pinging them to death at 3 mana cost at a time with his ability.

You could attack with him and then use the ability to finish off really big creatures or maybe even to weaken a big blocker , someone who have 5 power or so that could kill The Scorpion god when they butt heads. When you pull this off not only have you killed an opposing creature but reap the benefits of a card draw as well.

No one in my playgroup has raved about using The Scorpion God yet and I just might surprise everyone by using him as a commander soon. A 6/5 that has the possibility of recursion is not that bad to have and if you use him as a commander you can opt to put him in your graveyard and he can come back to your hand at the end of your turn. Sounds great to have in a commander right? The other 2 gods have this two but those are different monsters on their own.

So what do you think about the Scorpion God? What combos do you think would he fit in?Keep on brewing.Time to upgrade.

"Midweek Magic July 2017 # 24: Foiled by a Scheme"

"Midweek Magic July 2017 # 24: Foiled by a Scheme"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

This whole month of July has been Bant struggles for me. Oddly enough Approach of the Second sun in my deck has provided me with one or two wins and this day I thought that it might provide me with a much needed win to boost my confidence in my improvised Bant deck.

So I was able to cast the 7 mana spell and as it again peeked through my Library and it seemed that I had enough time and life to win as the Archenemy in our game something weird happened. The Scheme that was supposed to help me turned out to be my downfall.

I drew the scheme A Reckoning Approaches that lets me look at the top 6 cards of my library. Normally I would be happy because it would let me put a massive creature from these 6 cards that I looked at and then put the rest of the cards at the bottom of my library in any order.

Today was different as the 6th card in my deck was my Approach of the Second Sun that I was hoping would let me snatch away the win.And to add insult to injury among the 6 cards that I looked at none of them were creatures. So I basically drew a dud scheme and buried my win condition all in one turn.Both me and my opponents blew out air through our mouths. Theirs of relief. Mine of absolute frustration.

It also didn't help that A Reckoning Approaches showed a Second Sun resolved in it's art. I guess the reckoning that approached was meant for me as I lost this game. 

"Saying Yes"

"Saying Yes"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

"I'm the one who needs your love. Just me and you ,Let's have a rendezvous." V sang as he showered.

"Is that Sik-K sunbaenims Rendezvous?" the sweet voice asked , a bit muffled by the wooden door. When the showering V did not answer YuuA poked her head to see him completely naked and pretended to cover her eyes but still have enough gaps between her fingers to admire him.

"Hmmmm?" V said.

"I was asking about the song you were singing , is that the one by Sik-K sunbaenim?"

"Yeah. I heard it the other day and could not get it out of my head. It kept reminding me of us." V said as he washed the last soap suds on his body. 

"I think the girl in the MV is his girlfriend , She is 2 years younger than me but I envy her body proportions" YuuA said handing V a towel while still covering her eyes with her other hand.

"Of course you are aware that there are about a hundred other girls who envy your body proportions more." The Dragon said , toweling himself , not minding how the dancer was looking at him.

It amazed V that YuuA was still not aware of how people feel about her. Having fans that were both vocal online and in person didn't assure her of her status as one of the most famous idols that ever came out in the decade of Kpop.

"You flatter me. I don't know why you still do."

"Merely stating facts." V said wrapping the towel and motioning for the girl to move out of the door. "Now please stop pretending that you don't see me through that hand and let me through so I can get some clothes on me."

YuuA turned a bit red but did as she was asked. 

"V , I wanted to ask a favor from you." The girl asked shyly. Far from the confidence that seemed to exude from every pore of her body during performances. "I was hoping that you would say Yes."

"Yes." V said as he tried picking clothes from the closet. 

"You don't even know what it is I am asking. I might ask for your kidneys." YuuA had followed him into their room and sat on the bed still looking at him.

"Ask then. But the answer is still yes."

YuuA ran toward him and hugged him just as he was unwrapping the towel from his waist. V looked as her.

"So you really are asking for my kidneys aren't you? Please don't ask for both of them though. I need at least one to live so I can be around you and you could ask me more favors in the future."

YuuA only hugged him tighter."Of course I won't ask for your kidneys. I want you to be around me." She sniffed.

V could hear it in her voice , she was about to cry again. After all that she went through he vowed not to make her cry but she said that sometimes when she cried it wasn't because she was sad. Most of the time she cried because he made her happy.

"I was about to ask you something silly but I guess if you already said Yes , I could ask you anything in the future and you would still give it to me right?"

"Of course. I might look human right now but I can grant you that wish. Dragons Honor."

YuuA said nothing. Smiled to herself and continued to hold on to V. And the Dragon held her back because he knew this was another one of those days.Days that she just needed to be held.

"To Be"

"To Be"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I exist
Without your permission
Without your knowing

I am me
I am plenty 
I am free

But I want to exist
Where you are
And I want to be 
where you know me

I want it to be you
To have things that are plenty
To be ourselves with each other
Because knowing you is to be free.

MVR, TM Kalaw 07/15/2017

"Doc In , Doc Out July 2017 #2: Palayain ang Dugo!!!"

"Doc In , Doc Out July 2017 #2: Palayain ang Dugo!!!"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Patient(talking to reception): Andito po ako kasi nahuli po yung dugo ko kahapon?

Me(to myself): "So papinyansahan niyo  po ba yung nahuli niyong dugo?""

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"A Not So Silly Question."

"A Not So Silly Question."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

"Do you ever get jealous of anyone?" YuuA said as she began taking off her make up and the rest of her clothes to slip into something less fitting than the tight white pants and shirt she was wearing.

"I can't remember." V said , his voice seemed like a low growl and yet pleasant at the same time. As only a dragon could probably sound in human form.She did not know that many who could change like him much less know of any dragon who was like him , the Last Creation Dragon. 

"Really? I jumped on Ukwon and wrapped my legs around him and you are telling me you didn't feel anything? Any guy would feel jealous." The girl sat on the bed as she struggled to remove the rest of the pants on her left leg. She was referring to the dance show that she just competed in a few hours ago that V had watched from Day One practice until the last taping.

"I'm not a regular guy. I felt that it was sexy but the dance called for it right? I trust the choreographer. Don't you?"

"Yes I do and it turned out well but I am asking you again you didn't feel even slightly jealous?" YuuA stopped struggling out of her clothes and narrowed her eyes at the man she had been seeing for several months now.

"I think that jealousy is a waste of my time. I mean when we are together alone we do more things than that don't we?"

"I know." YuuA pursed her lips as if she wanted to hear him say something.

"So why should I be jealous then?"

"Because I want you to be possessive of me." She said this softly without looking at him as if she was ashamed with the words that came out of her mouth. She was startled at the speed that he sat as her side. 

"I already am."

"You have a funny way of showing it."

"So you want me to give in to my dragon urges and gobble up everyone that ever comes near you?" V said raising an eyebrow.

"You feel that way?" YuuA asked while not able to keep a certain tone of pleasure in her voice.

"All the time but then again if I eat everyone who ever comes near you you would have less fans and friends and Seoul would be less populated. You really don't want that right?" V poked a finger in his right ear and scratched a bit. An annoying habit that YuuA let pass just for now.

"Of course I don't want that. Are you serious?"

"I told you. I am."

YuuA did not know if he should find the dragons feelings annoying or sweet but then she reconsidered, he was a little bit of both and she found that she did not mind at all. As long as he stayed by her side. And probably not eat anyone. 

"3 things I have seen this week July 2017 #3: The Absurd , The Kind and the Confused."

"3 things I have seen this week July 2017 #3: The Absurd , The Kind and the Confused."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

1) The Absurdity of the LTFRB that deprives commuters of a convenient service because they are in it for themselves rather than for the benefits of the people they claim to serve. 

2) The Kindness in the heart of someone who has always been misunderstood but proves that she does have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of others. I am proud of you my dear wife.

3) The Confusion of a dog on the road who was so intent on trying to get something to eat that it ran toward the middle of the road and then back pedalled so as not to be hit by my car. I stopped in time for it. Lucky Confused dog.