Friday, September 21, 2018

"Divine Visitation: Play Small , Get Big."

"Divine Visitation: Play Small , Get Big."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Nothing says play with tokens as much this particular permanent. For 2 White Mana and 3 colorless you get an enchantment that states "If one or more creature tokens would be created under your control , that many 4/4 White Angel Creature token with flying and Vigilance are created instead."

All your lowly 0/1 or 1/1 tokens become 4/4 Angels! Having recently played with Avenger of Zendikar and created 10 0/1 plant tokens because of the number of lands I had I could only imagine how create Divine Visitation would be in my Trostani EDH deck.

Selesnya , Boros , Azorius and Orzhov decks will all have access to this enchantment. Saprolings , Goblins , Soldiers , Vampire and Spirits all turning into the meatier 4/4 Angels!

On a Mono White Tokenator deck you have can have Elspeth , Sun's Champion create 3 4/4 angels instead of 3 1/1 soldiers per turn! 

In my head I pictured Trostani ganining me a ton of life as all the tokens I have coming in become 4/4. Imagine Trostani , Darien and Divine Visitation in play. Opponents would think twice before they attack you since you are going to gain more life than you lost.

Let us say they attack you still. Something lethal like 40 points of damage.Make sure to prevent at least one of those damage. So let us say you get clobbered down to 1 point of your life. Darien triggers. Creating 39 1/1 Soldier tokens but since Divine Visitation is here you instead create 4/4 Angels! And with Trostani watching you get a net total of...156 life points! Not bad right?

The Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond combo becomes even stronger with this enchantment in play. You can overkill all of your opponents in your EDH multiplayer game and then expect the hate in the next round.

There is a downside to this card though. To take advantage of it you need to be playing with smaller tokens such as those produced by Secure the Wastes. If you play with bigger tokens like those created by Advent of the Wurm or Rhona's last stand , those big crits become smaller. 

So I guess it is time to play small to get bigger.   

"Midweek Magic 2018 #36 Yuriko:Praying for Lands"

"Midweek Magic 2018 #36 Yuriko:Praying for Lands"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I have already faced two versions of Magic EDH's AV Idol of the year: Yuriko. One from my Team Virulence Mate Mark Abude and another version from my Eton Midweek Magic playgroup Janry Dimaano. 

With both version I had only one wish once I was able to block a creature and I knew Yuriko would be ninjutsued into play. I pray that what my opponent reveals on top of his library would be land.

I had won over mark this way. When it was with Janry I had won a game as well because I had seemed to elevate lands to the top of libraries at will. Pero sa totoo di ko sure kung magiging lupa nga. 

Of course it was a different matter when things like Scroll Rack or Sensei's Divining top begin showing up. Yuriko decks take advantage of cards like Brainstorm and Sage Owl into full effect. Sage of Epityr would work well here as well. Turn 1 set up and then ninjutsu Yuriko on turn two with your biggest spell on top of the library.

Yesterdays game with Janry also featured Thopters produced by Whirler Rogue turning into Ninjas courtesy of Arcane Adaptation. The Whirler Rogue went well with the Ninjutsu mechanic as it would be returned to your hand and you could recast it to produce another 2 1/1 Flying Thopters! 

During 1 turn 4 1/1 Flying Ninja Thopters rammed into me and the painful part was the Ninja trigger from Yuriko. Needless to say there was nothing on top of Janry's library that would not be able to kill me.

It was an awesome win. 

"Firemind's Research:More Research Needed."

"Firemind's Research:More Research Needed."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I must admit that I was intrigued at what the Firemind's research could do. For a mere Price of Izzet colored mana you an enchantment that has whenever you cast an Instant or Sorcery card you get to put a charge counter in Firemind's Research.

Pay 1 blue and colorless and remove 2 charge counters you get to draw a card. Hopefull a Sorcery or Instant that can replenish the counters you just used.

Also Pay 1 Red and colorless and remove 5 charge counters. Firemind's Research then deals 5 damage to any target. Creature , Planeswalker or Player! 

So the point of the deck is to fill Firemind's Research with enough counters to kill everyone.And how in the hell do I do that? Time to put my Niv Mizzet thinking cap on. Let us see what we can come up:

1) I thought of Omniscience and casting spells and drawing spells and filling up this enchantment with counters that I could just go ahead and remove 5 counters at a time , pay 1 colorless and 1 red mana and kill my opponents this way.

2) I thought of cards that could proliferate and there was Inexorable Tide that basically puts 2 counters on Firemind's Research each time to you cast a sorcery or Instant since there is one counter for that time you cast the spell and then the proliferate counter that follows from Inexorable tide.

3) And then you have cards like Deepglow Skate , Gilder Bairn and Doubling Season that gives your permanent a lot of counters. The first two basically doubles it. While the last one nets you 2 counters on your permanent. Of course this means that you would have to go Temur in your EDH colors to be able to pull this off but hey it is time for some experimental deck tech! And if I can pull it off even once then I might be happy.

These 3 methods or plans might do the trick but a lot of research is still needed here. And I will be doing my own research in the matter. What do you think?  Any other ideas on how to abuse Firemind's Research?

"Doc In , Doc Out 2018: Ano po ang nawala?"

"Doc In , Doc Out 2018: Ano po ang nawala?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

After getting a BMI of 35 I had a serious talk with a patient

Me: Sir , babalik po tayo after 2 weeks ha. Start na natin ang ating diet and exercise and after that time reassess natin ang BMI niyo.

Patient: Opo Doc.

After 2 weeks:

After weighing the patient.

Me: Sir Parang 2 weeks lang po ang nawala sa inyo ah.

"Book Devourer:Something Unexpected"

"Book Devourer:Something Unexpected"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I always love spoiler seasons and one of the things that I am on the look out for is some weird addition to an existing deck that I already made.

I look for things that does not neccesarily make my EDH decks abusive but something that makes it a bit unexpected. Something that my opponents would look at and find weird but know the reason why I put it in this particular deck.

And the one particular EDH deck that I have is lead by The Locust God. Opponents usually expect a lot of drawing followed by a lot of Swarming and then a lot of dying.

Book Reader is slow enough and that I don't really need to attack right away buy this 6 Mana Trampling Beast at 4/5 is something that I am always on the look out for.

It would give my opponents enough something to focus their hate on and maybe buy me a little time when The Locust God himself is not rollling. Even without the Izzet God in play I see the value of drawing a lot of cards and filtering my deck to get more value cards. And there are a lot of value cards in an EDH deck.

Book Devourer. Let's Go!

"Our Story"

"Our Story"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I'd confess that I met you 
but you did not meet me.
It's kind of hard when you are singing and dancing
and I am on the other side of the screen.

In time I grew to love you
knew the sound of your voice
knew your body language
and even your future choice

I craved to see you
Even if you did anything
I wanted to hear you
even if you said nothing

And when I am lonely I would pretend
that you would ask me how my day was
Knowing that you were somewhere else
wrapped inside someone elses arms

Yes this went on and I could not stop
addicted to you ,wanting you
I kept on the sad man that I am
Until one day it really came

The story that I said was Ours
was the story that I created for me
You were never in it
even if I so badly want you to be.

UHG Bldg N , Quezon City. 09/11/2018 7:31am

"GWSN - Puzzle Moon MV Reaction: Figuring the Seals."

"GWSN - Puzzle Moon MV Reaction: Figuring the Seals."
The Vole

"We may seem trivial and insignificant but one of possesses a unique."

I honestly did not almost watch this MV because of this silly quote at the beginning.
A unique what? Or maybe they were asking but forgot the question mark at the end?

I am thankful that I got past the quote though and I got to the first beats of the song that instantly hooked me. The MV starts with the girls dancing in front of a wide screen that has a tree in the middle and symbols flashing at regular intervals.

The choreography of this features the much touted tutting. Finger movements that heighten the steps and they are really great to look at. The beat sounds like something F(x) would put in their songs and the similarity does not end there since this group also features an Amber type.

While girl groups like Twice and Momoland feature short haired girls they remain dressed in women's clothing. Miya however is dressed like a boy. Sadly I was not able to hear if she was as good as Amber(A personal favorite of mine) but at least she makes a great showing in the visual and dance department. The world needs another F(x) and GWSN just might be that group.

Back to the MV , my theory is that the girls are all trapped in this complex , sealed away by the big screen that serves as their background as they dance. They were probably put in there as a magical experiment and were promised that if they learn the power of the seals and weaken them that they can be sent free. This is why you will see that in every waking hour they keep on experimenting with hand gestures and researching these symbols even when they should be eating , taking a bath or even sleeping.

In the end they did figure out the correct patterns as they are able to move out of their "prison".

GWSN showcases a tall maknae , a strong rapper and really great vocalists. The choreography is a treat to watch in itself so check the practice video. This group reminds me of Oh My girl when they were debuting. Not because of the star symbols but because of their beautiful coordinated movements.

I am expecting greater things from them in the future. I wonder what they will come up next.