Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Prime Speaker Vannifar: Birthing Pod Magic"

"Prime Speaker Vannifar: Birthing Pod Magic"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Prime Speaker Vannifar comes across as one of those weird card types. I mean Elf Ooze Wizard! Why not give her Changeling Status and be done with it as opposed to slapping in all of creatures types. I can understand how she can be a wizard who is also an elf and ooze but it seems pretty weird to me that she is an Elf and Ooze at the same time which makes her the first Elf to be actually be a ball in the Elf Ball.

Ok. Now that I have gotten out of my system Prime Speaker Vannifar is for all intents and purposes is the creature version of Birthing Pod but unlike the Artifact Prime Speaker Vannifar dies to removal. It's 2/4 frame may save it from the common burn spells but the common black removal will always do it in without proper protection.

Where do I see Prime Speaker Vannifar? Well in really powerful Simic EDH decks that are full of big creatures and lower mana costing creatures that are willing to die like Solemn Similacrum or Yavimaya Druid. And since we are talking about EDH most likely these decks will also have a Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots to give Prime Speaker Vannifar haste as well as protection. Making it almost certain that we can use her ability for that creature fetching effect that we want.

Now it is all up to you to abuse Prime Speaker Vannifar and you are also one step closer into getting that combo piece out. Now keep your fingers crossed that no one will attempt to assassinate her. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

"Midweek Magic 2018 #52:The Kenrith Twins"

"Midweek Magic 2018 #52:The Kenrith Twins"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I had been pondering on building a Kenrith Twins planeswalker deck for awhile now. Since I was lucky enough to open them in a Battlebond pack I have always wondered how they can dominate a battlefield.I thought that One of our playgroup mates , Adrian already had an existing one so I was curious as to what build he had made so I can probably build on it.

My chance to battle Adrian's Twins never came because he never actually built one yet and so having tired of waiting I built my own and was able to fight Janry with it. It was the ever deadly Yuriko Vs. The Kenrith Twins.

Almost always it would be the Blue Kenrith that you would like to cast since it shuts down creatures and their abilities by making them mere 0/3's with no abilities. Since the Yuriko deck relied on her for all those reveal and damage fun times. Kenrith officially shut that down and in the process also protects himself. 0/3's can do no harm unless you were fighting a Doran or Arcades deck which you can also shut down with Will Kenrith.

The Red Kenrith comes as a swift finisher to the creatures that her brother has made into 0/3 critters. Her first ability makes all of a target opponents creatures attack. Her 2nd ability deals 3 damage to all tapped creatures and since Will has probably shut down all of those pesky cards with abilities those would likely die.

And so it is with this annoying abilities that I find myself winning. Tito Will and Tita Rowan Kenrith. Take a bow.

"The Haunt of HighTower: Feeding on Magic."

"The Haunt of HighTower: Feeding on Magic."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

So there exists a vampire that haunts a certain tower on Ravnica. The horrors that it must have visited on those that lived in or surrounding the said tower must have passed on to one telling after another until it had become the stuff of Legends. 

Well until now. The new block coming into Ravnica allows us to revisit this ancient vampire who still haunts the High tower.
So it is a 6 mana creature with a 3/3 frame , It flies and it has lifelink.

So when it attacks , the defending player discards a card. Making it a higher costing Hypnotic Spectre. Then something interesting happens , whenever a card is put into an opponents grave yard from anywhere , our Vampire gets a +1/+1 counter. So by the time it hits someone on it's attack it now becomes bigger and you get a lot of advantages on your side.

1) You whittled away at an opponents hand.
2) You at least dealt 4 damage.
3) You also get to gain 4 life because of the lifelink.

All in all 3 things that go in your favor. But how do we abuse this guy for more bang for the buck.

Well one thing I can think off right off the bat is with Dimir colors you could actually cast Traumatize on yourself and make this guy , I don't know , huge. at least 30/30 by the time you get him out. 

This guy could also stand in for Consuming Aberration in Phenax decks as it will grow bigger and bigger whenever a card goes to an opponents graveyard.

One particularly nasty thing you could do it equip with a Darksteel Plate or Cast a spell that makes Indestructible and then cast a Board sweep. Creatures landing on the graveyard would feed it and it can just go and head and touch someone and then kill that someone.

Ah the possibilities when you have something that feeds on Magic and Death.


Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I have often seen that the price of peace
Is a pound of flesh from someone
It might be you who gives it all
or maybe just a clueless loved One

Yes there are plans and things to be gained
Sometimes at the cost of an arm and a leg
Or sometimes as simple as saying those little words
I am sorry as you begin to beg

So you ask if the price of peace is worth it
Do you readily give your dignity and pride
Or do you secretly plot and think
and with all your intentions plainly hide?

The keys to those answers lies with you
And your hand when you want them to
Strangle the side where you need it die
And loosen where you want life to flow.

Optum Building N , Quezon City. December 25 2018. 2:33am

"Doc In , Doc Out November 2018 Espesyal letter to patients: Ate Scratch Edition"

"Doc In , Doc Out November 2018 Espesyal letter to patients: Ate Scratch Edition"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Dear Ate Scratch,

"Give me some scratch!" Ayan nahahalata na kung gaano ako katanda. Magpapasko na pero ang style mo eh bulok pa din. Pumunta ka sa akin , "Doc nabibingi ako sa kaliwang tenga" . "Masakit siya kapag may pumapasok na sound." "4 na ara na siya."

Kaya ayun pinakinggan kita ng maigi. At tiningnan kita ng maigi. Nakakarinig ka ng maayos. Walang problema ang loob ng tenga mo. Di masakit kapag pinipisil o hinihila....nung una. Nung medyo nakatunog ka na medyo nahahalata na kita biglang kunyari nagkaroon ng pain pero malayo sa dapat kung saan yung sakit.

Isa lang ang nakita ko na problema mo...kinamot at ginasgas mo ng kusa ang kaliwang tenga mo. Kahit na narealize mo na natunugan na kita ito pa ang pagalit mo na sinabi sa akin " Puwede bang magrest ng 1 hour?"

At siyempre kalma naman ako nagsabi ng..."Hindi. Pero may ibibigay ako para sa kirot. Inumin mo. At sa susunod wag mong kalmutin ang sarili mo. Kasi lahat na ng tao sa floor kakalmutin ang sarili nila sa tenga at hihingi ng rest. "

Audition fail ka Ate Scratch. Thank you Next.

Di natuwa ,

Doc June

"My Shifting Christmas Shifts."

"My Shifting Christmas Shifts."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Ever since I was an intern I seem to have been born with the misfortune of getting the Christmas and New Year duties of almost each year. I had a suspicion that some of my early group mates were counting the duties heading into December so that I would get those sucky schedules.

It was sad and it sucked to be handling the Christmas and New year toxicity in the hospital. I never dreamt of doing that for the rest of my life so I opted not to work in the hospital and I pursued a Company setting that gave me a better environment to work in if not always the best pay.

And this year here I am again being in Christmas duty. This time I think that there was no way that I could actually avoid this. I had schedules except for the Sunday! At least I would not be suspicious of any group mates since I was the one who actually chose my schedule. Do I think that it still sucks? Not really. I get paid double and I get to go home to my family in the morning on a night that they actually just go to sleep anyway. So win-win all around for me. I get peace and quiet and get paid for it and I don't have to miss my family unlike my past Christmas duties.

I guess I just count myself blessed that I can choose. I can be where I want to be. I am free.

"3 things I have seen this week - The Winners MAMA 2018"
The Vole

I have seen things this week and it has bothered me. And it made me happy and made me sad as well. This years MAMA has been such a mixed bag for me. I was expecting a lot of things and a lot of them have been there for awhile. There are a few surprises though and those same things is what is causing me to write this.

1) BTS tearful speech

I have no doubt in my mind that BTS deserved their award. Their fame and headliner status the world over has guaranteed this as much. The Revelation that they considered disband however is something that I had to take with a grain of salt. I don't think that anyone in their right mind would give up the apex of their prime to be out of the spotlight just like that. The Koreans really know how to pull heart strings and with BTS coming back stronger next year I think that this is just a tug on those same heart strings to support them. I have no doubt that it has worked.

2) A Sudden Twice appeared.

When Twice appeared in Hong kong many were caught unaware. They were expected to be somewhere else. They were expected to be doing something else and yet here they were. They took awards for merely coming. Granted that people voted for them but they took a lot of flak for winning things that many people thought they should have probably given to others. While the band itself should not be the one to be totally blamed since it was their management who decided this.It was still an award. It was still exposure. The girls deserved it. It just pained me that some groups without the level of Twice's popularity did not win.

3) Gracious Queens. Oh My Girl

Oh my girl made an impression in their first MAMA appearance since they debuted 3 years ago. I could only imagine how their expectations were crushed when they found that TWICE was attending. OMG was invited and was expected to win the Best Female Group performance for their Jan 2018 song Secret Garden. They probably did not know that they would not be winning that award that day. It did not show on their Red Carpet appearances nor in their Collab Stage with WSJN. They simply performed and was their awesome selves. I think it just sank in when they were in the crowd with all the other groups and their name was never called. They were seated near TWICE and BTS and Sunmi. And their names were never called.

I still think that they won out in the end with their exposure and their grace as they sat through the awards show. And not a single comment about this issue from WM or Oh My girl themselves. Classy.