Friday, March 23, 2018

"Noel - Our Last Day MV reaction:Saying and Staying"

"Noel - Our Last Day MV reaction:Saying and Staying"
The Vole

I don't usually listen to Sad Korean songs but I do sometimes when they are recommended by a friend. I don't know how Noel is but his voice is powerful and conveys so much emotion.

The MV starts off with a guy in a cafe watching a couple saying goodbye to each other and hugging. The girl notices him and they apologize at the public display of affection.

This gives you a sense that this song is about not being able to say goodbye properly. It is not really clear what happens to this guys partner in the MV. It seems that she died suddenly  , maybe in an accident at the railroad crossing that they are standing on and the same one where the guy actually goes to near the very end of the MV.

The MV switches from views of the past where the girl is the one who brings brightness to this grumpy person and to black and white shots of the present where the guy seems to be lonely and giving up on life. 

The song surges with the emotional rendition of the line "My only consolation for you who has departed..."

The guy thought about taking his own life but he remembered that he has to live so that he can keep the happy memories of them together. His role is to live and keep those memories within himself. And so he walks away.

With what he could not say , he could now do by staying.

"3 pet peeves that only SimCity Build it players will understand"

"3 pet peeves that only SimCity Build it players will understand"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

My wife introduced me to this wonderful game that actually replaced the other wonderful game that I was playing. SimCity build it reminded me of all the great times I had playing the first Sim City. Only this time I didn't really have to rent out computer space and can actually play the game while I am lounging in the comfort of my own home on my own phone.

As you progress in this resource management game you get to produce or look for materials that can be used to fuel the growth of your city. And here in lies that pet peeves that I have noticed that only Sim City Build it players can experience.

1) When you are looking for a rare item in the global trade HQ and you finally find it. You click on it and you are notified that your storage is already full! Yup the woes of accumulating stuff and not being able to unload it in a timely manner may mean that you would miss buying that particularly needed item.

2) When you don't need stuff they are the items that you usually appear on the global trade HQ. Ever notice a field of Spices? Or how about a screen filled to the brim with Steel or Wood? Yup , when you are looking for Flour or Glue expect the game to give you a lot of the things that you do not need.

3) When you see an item and it is still available. You click on it only to get a notification that Oops! It has already been sold! No one can really determine who clicked on what first but I guess there is a lucky someone out there in the world wide web who got that Watermelon you so badly needed.

There you have it 3 pet peeves that only SimCity Build it players will understand. Do you play this game? 

"Doc In , Doc Out:For Tonsillectomy na walang tonsils edition"

"Doc In , Doc Out:For Tonsillectomy na walang tonsils edition"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Dear Patient,

Pumunta ka sa clinic na walang boses. Tuloy tuloy ang consistent mong acting kahit na pinapagsalita kita ng tuloy tuloy. Alam kung di mo na ito first time sa ganitong gawain kasi pagpasok mo pa lang eh naendorse ka na sa akin.

Ok naman na sana. Puwede naman ako magbigay ng rest kaso bigla mong sinabi na for tonsillectomy ka na next week. So obligado akong silipin ang lalamunan mo at Lo and Behold! Di namamaga ang lalamunan mo. Di man lang namumula. So di ko maintindihan kung ano ang aalisin dun sa tonsillectomy mo?

Pre emptive strike ba ang ginusto mo?

Eh paano ngayon yan. Nahalata na natin ang acting job?
Back to floor na po tayo.

Di Masyadong Nagmamahal,

Doc June

"YuuA's Melody"

"YuuA's Melody"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

V listened  , mesmerized by her voice. There was no one at the stage this time of night. YuuA always chose to sneak in here while the others slept and would normally just listen to herself when she sang. She fussed about herself for a few minutes before resuming her singing. V had followed her here to protect her but mainly because he did not need to sleep like humans do.

"How can her voice be so full of pain and sweetness at the same time?  , he wondered. Her low tones floated in the air and planted themselves in V's ear and he could not help but close his eyes in response. There were a lot of wilting flowers left at the back of the stage and with V's happiness a lot of them began to glow and regained their vitality. Some of them began emitting beautiful smells as if they were just freshly cut except some of the have already been there for days and left untended to. V continued not noticed the blooms.

If there was anything that he would want to learn to recreate , it was this exact moment where YuuA sang IU's Through the night.

YuuA was more known for her precise and powerful dancing and was hailed as one of the best in her generation of Idols. Because of it most people forget of the sweet voice that she has always possessed. V realized the full effect that it was having on him. He remembered when White , his 3rd Talon ,  first saw that MV in Manila and listened to the same voice that saved his life in Busan all those years. YuuA , he whispered back then as he did not in this darkness of the backstage.

He was calming down once more. The urges to fight and to devour and to kill all waning as he listened. He smiled that his search has finally come to a close. He realized though that he could no longer Harvest the orb within her. It would be too much to know that her death would be by his hands. He might live but what kind of life would that be without her?
Suddenly YuuA stopped singing and V had to open his eyes.

"How long were you listening?" She asked him using the mic in her hand."You do know that I haven't perfected this song right? IU sunbaenim sounds like an angel compared to me. It is embarrassing for you to even hear it at this stage."

"Could you just please continue? I was having such a great time hearing you." V said still hiding back stage. 

YuuA moved closer to where he was hiding in the shadows and pulled him to the light of the stage where she asked him to sit nearby. 

"I will sing but only if I see what my voice does to you."

V nodded knowing that YuuA knew exactly what her voice did to him.

He closed his eyes and listened as she sang the first notes of the melody and his mind drifted once more.

"Watching Fireflies"

"Watching Fireflies"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I stand still here near the window
staring at the glowing fireflies
And it seems that they reach out to me
there through the glass where they float.

Is that your whispers there? 
the one that you to say those things to me
Or maybe my ears play tricks on me
because of this longing in my heart

And like memories that refuse to fade
I stand here thinking of those times
Where you said that you were mine
And I knew that you were

But looking now at the fireflies that glow
they seem dimmer in this world without you
And I sigh because again I find myself
thinking of the days and nights
All through out this night.  

UHG QC , March 3 , 2017. 4:47am

"Bag of Crisps , Salted Egg Potato Chips: A mixed bag"

"Bag of Crisps , Salted Egg Potato Chips: A mixed bag"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD 

I have always loved going to the Sunday Market in Eton Centris because I come across stuff that I don't normally see every day. I came across this snack on our way home after breakfast and decided to see what it was about. 

My wife Hanie and Daughter Aven joined in my test tasting and I must agree with what they both said. The potato chips were crisp and delicious but then again you would expect that. For lack of a better comparison we used Tamago Chips as our gold standard because that brand of Salted Egg Potato chips still rules our tastes buds.

Bag of Crisps employs powdered flavoring that seemed unevenly distributed and thus makes you feel that you are eating different chips. Sometimes you experience that full extent of the powder and sometimes you mainly taste something too salty or too buttery. While those last two tastes are not bad it is also not something that you want to experience while eating an expensive bag of Salted Egg Potato Chips. 

In contrast Tamago Chips employs oily Salted Egg that covers each chip ensuring the same experience of taste from the first bite to the last. 

It seems that lately my wife has been right , every time I start testing some new chip it always falls short. Then again I won't give up tasting new things. Even if sometimes my taste buds seems to want to give up on me.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #9 :Cranking Up Krenko"

"Midweek Magic 2018 #9 :Cranking Up Krenko"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I have always loved playing with Goblins and my first decks in MTG was all about them. While the standard 60 deck proved that they were strong as a tribe I was a bit hesitant to play a Mono Red EDH deck featuring them at first but then again I played against my friend Mark Abude and he showed me that with a cranked up Krenko it was possible to win with them.

It has been months since I played my Krenko deck so I pulled it out for tonights game against Jus and his Kumena led Simic Merfolk EDH deck.

It was a massacre when Krenko comes out with Haste and stat boosters like Goblin King or Goblin Warchief. At one point there were too many tokens of 2 power each that Jus had to concede and move on to the next game.

It felt great being able to churn out Goblin tokens by the dozens. It felt even greater attacking with those very same tokens. Fantastic!