Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"When We Become Stories"

"When We Become Stories"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

"In the end we all become stories."

I heard this in the Haunting of Hill house and I find myself nodding. I remember my parents who have now become a part of my memories and it still hurts. Sometimes I can't remember a story about them and then there are times that the memories just flood me and I have to sit down because I am physically overwhelmed.

I had wished that I was able to talk to them again but even as ghosts I do not see them. Are we done Mom and Dad I jokingly said? No more things to say? No more orders? I guess that it was done when they joined the maker but I sure hope that I would have been able to talk to them again.

My mom was full of stories and I did not expect her to become one of those stories. Nor did I expect my Dad to be one so early. They were decent and kind people. My Dad always knew his responsibilities but he never shirked from them. Growing up I have always seen him as our pillar. My mom was the light of our house. Making sure that we were guided and corrected and provided for as we grew up.

I take it a day at a time but there are certain days like these that does not make it easy at all. And I want to take comfort in one of my Mom or Dad's stories of the past but I know that there are things that you can never have anymore.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #44:The Lab Maniac Must Die."

"Midweek Magic 2018 #44:The Lab Maniac Must Die."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It was Thursday gaming with Yo , Cheska and Me. And with a lot of games already done for the night one particular game stood out for me. And it was when Cheska who was able to cast a Laboratory Maniac and then proceeded to cast an uncountered Demonic Consultation naming a card that was not in her deck which exiled all of her library out of existence.

She was poised to win on the next turn when she would draw a card from a non existent library and have her Laboratory Maniac dance a victory dance. Only Yo had something to say about it. Since Cheska already tapped all of her mana it was the perfect time to strike.

And what ruined her day was a well timed Murderous cut that killed the Lab Maniac and reversed her fortune all in one go.
Lesson learned always have a way to protect your win condition.

"Gravitic Punch - The final blow"

"Gravitic Punch - The final blow"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

One of the things that I looked at early on in the guilds of Ravnica packs I was opening was this card. It seemed very interesting to me because it pushes damage and can actually finish off a game with the right EDH deck.

And the deck that I thought of was my Xenagas deck that pushed damage and pushed it hard and fast. Now let us say that you have managed to attack with something extremely huge like a kicked Grunn , The Lonely King who attacks alone and is now a 40/40 trampling Ape warrior on the rampage! 

Of course you can only kill one opponent with this creature attacking. If you have 2 more opponents and 8 mana as well as another card at hand you could just dish out damage using Gravitic punch! 

Use Gravitic Punch Once to deal 40 damage to an opponent and Jumpstart for another 40 damage to another opponent. Works well on really pumped out Infect creatures too.

Now I will just leave this here and imagine all the other possibilities.

"Midweek Magic 2018 #43:Goblin.Slayer."

"Midweek Magic 2018 #43:Goblin.Slayer."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

It has been awhile since I pulled Krenko from the shelf where I kept him. I have often felt that Goblins were too good for 1 v 1 match ups because of their speed but are usually pretty much goners when it comes to multiplayers games. 

And since the bulk of my games consists of the multiplayer variety I have thought that Mono Red will instantly have a target on it's back. It is not like I can offer a political deal just by not attacking an opponent and then when I have eliminated a common  , stronger enemy then turn my Goblin Horde on that ally. 

However the recent amount of reprinted and new goblins in standard most notably the Legion Warboss and Goblin Trashmaster( both of which I have opened in packs) have forced me to reconsider. Goblin Chainwhirler will also see play here and I was excited again.

My first victim...opponent was Cheska who had her first goblin fight with Jus and his version. I had to introduce the OG goblin player of the group and that was me.

Cheska decided to play with Edric , a Simic deck that feature weenies that could attack , draw cards and have mutiple extra turns. I knew the play well but I was determined to have a goblin barrage stand in those plans. And Goblin Sharpshooter.
He mowed down a Llanower elf  and another 1/1 creature.

What ensued was for Ches to leave mana open to counter what she thought would be Krenko. I had other spells though and I voluntarily cast my Shared Animosity to draw a counter which worked like a charm. 3 counters later I was finally able to cast Krenko with Haste making a 18 Goblins and even a Pile Driver who swung in for 24 unblocked damage because Edric had nothing but blue creatures on the field.

Awowowowowowowowow. I guess the goblins have come to slay once again.

"3 things I have this week - Kpop Edition"

"3 things I have this week - Kpop Edition"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

With more and more Kpop groups coming out all the time it is hard to maintain attention toward one group or the other. Kpop groups have to come up with something amazing or even older acts need to show something that will make them relevant again. Here are three that I saw this week.

1) BoA - Woman

Here is one of those icons that manage to remain relevant even in a well saturated kpop market and this come back how the hell does she do it?

By walking on air...upside down. Yes. No effects. She just hangs upside down supported by 2 male dancers and just go on stepping forward. Many netizens have had their mind blown.

I was one of them.

2) Pink Fantasy -Iriwa

Damn. Too many Bunnies. While it is not new to have rabbits appear in MVs. All the girls in the MV are wearing cute rabbit hat gear complete with shorts that have puffy bunny tails.

The disturbing member for me here is the one that has her face covered the whole time. She wears a full Rabbit mask! Makes you wonder if she does not have the face that is good enough to be shown along with her other members. Or is this some sort of punishment?

It is like promoting as a mascot of your Girl group. Literally no one knows who you are under that mask. Sad. Sad and disturbing to have a rabbit faced girl member.

3)  GWSN - Puzzle Moon

Speaking of someone else standing out. One cannot help but notice Miya of rookie girl group GWSN. While she dances great one cannot help but think that there was a guy in a girl group. Apparently she spent her years in Japan as a member of a Boyband cover group. Which explains her natural appearance and how her company might have capitalized on it. The world does need another Amber.

Well there you go. Let's see what November will be like in the kpop scene. 

"Doc In , Doc Out: Nahihilo"

"Doc In , Doc Out: Nahihilo"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Patient: (Really Wide and Long Yawn)
Nurse: Ano po ang concern natin...
Patient: Nahihilo po ako...

Nahihilo o Inaantok...sa susunod hikab ka muna sa labas para believable pag nasa Clinic ka na.

"The Dragon in Waiting"

"The Dragon in Waiting"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Jinsun looked at the plants on the window sill and frowned almost imperceptibly. She had watered them , took out the weeds , looked for insects , made sure the soil was the best and yet here the plants were all wilted and dead. She scooped some of the brown soil in her hands and ended up with a couple of worms who were dead as well. They all began crumbling into dust with her touch. She sighed.

"You miss him don't you?" said Jiu who had entered the room without Jisun noticing , the wide mouthed maknae was now picking at the sandwiches that were left at the kitchen table by their manager.

"Miss who exactly?" Was the Sleepy eyed Jisuns question though her own talons know who she was missing the most. 

"Mr.Creation Dragon of course. Should we spell that out for you unnie?" Nagyoung butted in without being invited. Twirling her long hair and sniffing it as she sat at the nearby couch.

These two were almost always present in her life , they had no choice actually they were the best talons of the Decay Dragon. Most would not even suspect the sleepy eyed Jinsun as someone who possessed such power to cause death in real life or madness in one's dreams but she had them both. Jiu was the Murder Talon and Nagyoung the Nightmare Talon who visited those who displeased her. None lived to tell of their visits but the dragons who mattered knew.

"Of course I do not miss him. Why would I miss someone who hurt me so much?" Jisun was busy uprooting the plants and looking for the seeds she had kept in the cupboard. This was going to be her 100th try to plant.

"Admit it! You miss how he made all the beautiful flowers come to life in this place." Jiu was beginning to annoy her mistress. When V taught her to make talons she was excited that she would no longer be alone when he was not around. Much like Kayz had confided in her before. They were the only two dragons who could make talons like V and they reveled in that particular ability. It required tremendous amounts of energy to make them and to imbue in them elements of your person so not all Dragons could make them.

There was a time that nothing lived within miles of her. Anything that came within her radius would instantly die and so she was kept away from anyone else. It was a lonely existence but it was needed as Decay Dragons were necessary in maintaining balance and without the death that she brings there would be no energy circulating in the world. No one would ever ascend. All life will cease. 

Jiu was younger than Nagyong both in mind and heart and sometimes her simplicity irked Jisun but how can you be mad for a part of yourself that is always honest? Truth be told Jisun has been thinking of V lately. The Yuu Princess still has his heart but there was a time that all of that was hers.
There in his dreams or in the darkness of the cave when he would visit her. She remembered the soft kisses without saying a word and Jisun blushed a bit and the two of her talons were each of her sides to notice.

"The mistress is thinking inappropriate thoughts again." Nagyung said.

Jiu was nodding aggressively. "Yes she is. Look at those red cheeks."

"I am not. Now leave me alone with my plants."

"Hello V-nim , this is Nagyong. Yes , Jisun's Nagyung."

V would remember her. Jisun had patterned her appearance on YuuA's , albeit a prettier and younger version in Jisuns eyes.
Then again V was not attracted to what you looked like on the outside. There was always something else that she could not figure out. At one point it was her though and it puzzled her to no end.

It was weird how many of the dragons associated to V loved him in some way and put out their claims. Kayz only saw him as an embodiment of power and so someone who can equal her own fiery strength. Solhun of the Earth Dragons was touched by V. For the breed that are strong and emotionless as them , V made her feel and comes back when he calls. The elder Sinhee has been taking care of him since they were small. She only claims to be an older sister but she is actually the same age and weird enough stands overprotective of V.

Her claim? She is the embodiment of death and he is the last creation dragon. They complete the cycle. They complete each other. She is his actual balance.

But V has chosen the humans over them. The Yuu Princess , Their Sensor and the Maknae. She suspects that the orbs within them carry something more than what V thinks.  

"He wants to see you!" Nagyung declared

Jiu was still nodding fiercely. "Say yes mistress!"

Jisun could not help her smile but instead she said , "Tell him I am busy gardening."

"He said he knows you can't grow anything because you lack the skills to make things grow."

Jisun grabbed the phone from her talon.


"Really. I don't think you have the skills." Came V's voice from the other end of the phone. "I know what you are good at though. You seem to find the best ingredients. You want to help me find a couple of things?"

"Are you cooking for YuuA?"

"I was thinking that I can make something for you but only if you have the time to spare."

"I might."

"Good then. See you in front of the market? You know which one right?"

"The one with the ice cream stall?"

"Yes that one. See you in an hour?"


Jisun looked at her two talons who were grinning from ear to ear. The pleasure of their mistress was their own as well and they prepared clothes that V might like from their shared memory.

"He liked this better!" Jiu shouted. Showing off a dress that had a way too low neckline and a too short hemline.

"No! This one." Nagyung countered. "They are going out on a date not making babies!"

"Won't it lead to that though?" the maknae answered.

Both of the Death Talons looked at their mistress who pretended to be planting again.

Jisun was smiling. A date with V. It has been awhile.