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"Atraxa, Praetor's Voice: Speading The Word of Phyrexia."

"Atraxa, Praetor's Voice: Speading The Word of Phyrexia."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Sooner or later that is what I thought when I saw this card. And hopefully sooner Magic has to turn to the baddies that are in the plane of New Phyrexia and Atraxa, Praetor's Voice is crying out to be heard. It is no secret that the best Infect creatures are in these colors especially Black and Green and a whole lot of artifact creatures that also bear the mechanic. It is surprising that with the whole slew of abilities  Atraxa, Praetor's Voice does not have it as well but the Proliferate that she has is welcome. 

Aside from Infect that will be in this Commander deck I like that it has access to some card draw , control and creature removal both spot and mass . It's like Bant+Black! Since they don't have names for 4 colored commanders. I'd like to think that they have more character than being called Nephilims.

So Phyrexians rejoice it might not be as innovative mechanic wise in the Commander 2016 sense but it is a Commander that is closer to anything that Phyrexians would want. Filling a void with Atraxa, Praetor's Voice.

"Twice - TT - Not what you think it is"

"Twice - TT - Not what you think it is"
The Vole

Before I start the MV reaction I just want to state that I am a Filipino Miracle and will always be a Filipino Miracle. This is to show love to Nayeon and Twice for their never ending support for their Sunbae's Oh My Girl that they even promote them while they are promoting their own comeback.

For the second year in a row Twice has released a video just in time for halloween and I do hope that they keep on doing so because we all need a little cuteness and kpop during this period of costumed weirdos. Twice is probably one more reason why I love Halloween now.

Now on to the MV in comparison to last years Zombie filled MV this one has the girls dressing up as different characters. As my friend same some have been elevated to goddess levels here in terms of visuals like Tzuyu who was already pretty much in that stratosphere on her own. 

Two of my favorites Mina as a pirate and Momo as Tinkerbell. And Jeongyeon as a vertigo inducing but loveable Pinocchio girl.A great thing that Ol Gepetto did not chisel off a few parts then. Then there is Dahyun as a cute little sheep. Not only is she cute but funny as well.

The song pertains to the sad or tearing emoji but many pinoy reactors around the world probably have been sniggering the first time they heard of this song because TT sounds like the petname for somones male genitalia in tagalog.

Add to that the images of Jihyo eating ice cream as Elsa , Dahyun eating a carrot stick and that one smooth motion of Mina with her pirate gun and you have a visual that allures to that male genitalia even more.

It does not help that a part of the chorus goes: Just like TT...Ahhhh , Just like TT...Ahhh.

Alright now that I got that all out the who dance is adorable and you see a lot of bouncing around as Twice shuffles around. The choreography seems to center around the face a lot and it is quite great and addictive to watch. Many have probably been addicted to all the hand gestures that create the tearing emoticon by now. More than 12 million views as I last checked breaking BTS records. 

So to all Once. Congratulations on you All Kills and record breaking. 

"Ailee - Home - Just a little Bit"

"Ailee - Home - Just a little Bit"
The Vole

The moment I saw this one popping up on my youtube feed I just to click on it. It had Ailee and it had the ever busy Yoonmirae to do the rap parts on this track. 

It shows Ailee in various rooms of what looks like a very big house with a very great collection of rooms. From a room full or mirrors to a room full of statues which is later on revealed to be an illusion since it was all filmed outside some tent.

The track is great to listen to since it has a very sexy vibe to it all and the dance steps that Ailee shows are great. I only have one beef though. We all know that Ailee is a bit on the cute/petite side so why does everyone keep on hiring dancers that make her look like a dwarf even more? They can't great dancers who have the same height as her? I mean if you would look at the Insane MV you would see that the model she was with over towers her so much.

Oh well. Not my call. But all that matters is that Ailee is back and with Yoonmirae to boot. 

"Ants - Pretty MV reaction - Pretty indeed"

"Ants - Pretty MV reaction - Pretty indeed"
The Vole

Believe me when I say that Melody or XXMelody as she is known in Instagram is someone that you want to wake up to in the mornings. 

Her brown eyes in the opening shots of this video is enough to keep you glued until the end. Some people have reacted that this is the first time they saw westerners acting "well behaved" in a video. There must be a stereotype there somewhere but this is not that kind of blog. 

Melody is half Korean thus the western and Asian features that blend so well. This shows a day in the life of a couple in the states as this was shot in San Diego.I found it funny that I thought the dude who was sleeping was a girl with his tied up hair.That was all cleared up in a second when they share breakfast and such.

Ants has a very calming voice that soothes you into the song so that when the first beats hit you are already feeling a little bit mellow. Korean RnB has been coming up with such beautiful songs and this didn't even have anything sexy in it at all which is refreshing.Although if you have been watching a lot of kpop songs for awhile you'd have that weird feeling after seeing foreigners in one.

The MV ends with a shot of those gorgeous Brown eyes as well to remind you in case you forgot what made you stay to watch the MV in the first place.

"Bish - Orchestra MV reaction - The Revelation on the hill"

"Bish - Orchestra MV reaction - The Revelation on the hill"
The Vole

This is my first time writing about a Japanese Band so please be a little patient with me. Bish has two different meanings which I do not want to talk about and can be easily found online.They are a 6 piece idol group who is part of the current anti-idol movement that has been going on in Japan for awhile. If that confuses you then let me just say that it confused me at the beginning too.

Besides that what I want to talk about is the beautiful MV that they produced and what is translated into English as Orchestra.

The MV is not told in a linear manner and it would take you a little bit of watching to get the parts that they are not really showing you.

It starts with a single shot of a girl on top a hill.Hold on to that image for awhile.

It then proceeds to show the one girl looking at the girl who was on the hill who's anime features are so prominent that she seemed to have been cut out from one of those screens. She seemed to be apologizing for something.

This MV shows a moment where the two girls shared a kiss. An innocent , lovely kiss that seemed tender to its core which was caught by someone and one of the girls is dragged away. We can all assume that there was some punishment and that it was to expel one of them. 

There are parts of the MV you are shown scenes of the actual classroom and scenes where there are just 6 chairs arranged in an empty room with one of the band members acting a part.

One is used to convey sadness and remorse , One is shown to show longing and one that is most telling is the stack of high chairs where Cent Chihiro Chitti is shown to stare at with what seemed like contemplation and later shown to be ascending and standing on top of those same high stacked chairs. Standing on that hill , looking at the star in the sky as it appears as the song says in the beginning. I think the expelled girl took a leap as shown by the empty high stacked chairs at the very end of the MV.

Aina the Ends outstanding vocals convey such a lot in this song , high and clear and then almost hoarse at some parts that somehow work with the rock beats melding with the string orchestra that was brought in to support this awesome song. There are parts of melodic piano playing that makes you want to listen to the song despite the fierceness of the other instruments.

Bish might be considered controversial with their other videos and believe me this is one of the tamer ones. Please check out their other stand out tracks.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Such is the way"

"Such is the way"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

There are things that you never say
but always mean to.
And there are things that you do
that you wish that you have never done.

So let the words escape from your mouth
and let the others ears receive them
People decide for themselves what comes next
no matter how they feel like puppets

There are things that you never do
but mean to do anyway.
And if things get in the way
then fate does it for you.



Editors Note: I do not own any of the pictures show in this post.

"The Sadness of our Last"

"The Sadness of our Last"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

You stood like a chiseled statue
the tears almost falling like stones
Your pretty smile frozen like that
sending a chill to my bones

You say nothing but I know
you are standing there expecting a blow
And I stop myself from saying things
Things that you probably already know

But I must and you know I must
Say these things that you dont want to hear
You stand there like a frozen statue
Your hands covering your ears

But the words will drift anyway
beyond the flesh , to your heart
The conclusion of our ever after
The sadness of our last.



Editors Note: I do not own any of the pictures show in this post.

"Eternal Loop"

"Eternal Loop"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Your smiles are empty as you give them to me
A reflection of your soul underneath
A simple thing to just say and do
To end these things between me and you

But things are never simple
and when I try to make them so
You are as complicated 
as that day I met you

You make me feel like the smiles are not just that
and the touch you offer is always nothing short
It must be another one of your hazy illusions
but I am trapped here forever looping on you.



Editors Note: I do not own any of the pictures show in this post.


Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Let me breed out all that is human
And let you be a monster
Let the pain remind you
That you no longer belong to yourself
There is no day or night
Only my voice in this darkness
There is no hunger 
but the hunger that I give you
There is no anger
No want 
No desire
Other than to be a monster
Mine and mine alone

Hear that ringing in your ear?
Feel the thousand cuts?
Are your bones mending?
Are you purpled with bruises?

It is because the human in you is weak
but the monster you will become is unique.
My special one
Arise and take your place.


"Leovold Emissary of Trest: Annoying you dearly"

"Leovold Emissary of Trest: Annoying you dearly"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

Leovold  , Emissary of Trest reminds me of a very slimy salesman that I once knew. The kind that offers you a hand so that you agree to a deal that usually proves that you got the bad end of the bargain in the long run. You also want to punch the said salesman when it comes down to it because of this unfairness and Leovold Emissary of Trest also oozes with the same kind of charm.

Probably the first Sultai or BUG commander in history Leovold Emissary of Trest proves to be an annoying hindrance to all of your opponents plans which is why a lot of people have experimented with him at the head of some new EDH decks. 

So when it comes down to it this guy limits the amount of cards that all of your opponents draw to one per turn. Basically the one that they draw on their draw phase. Consecrated Sphinx gives Leovold Emissary of Trest a dirty glare and he would not give a damn. No draws from Jace Beleren or Howling Mine or any other spell that let's you draw cards.
In the meantime whoever has control of Leovold Emissary of Trest still gets the unfair advantage of drawing as many cards as they could.

So what does this do? It turns the elf advisor into the target of some removal spells as soon as possible.The only thing is that even in death the emissary still gives you an advantage. You see when you or a permanent you control becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls , you may draw a card. Yup. So the more threats you put on the battlefield or even permanents that are equally magnetic to removal these gives you card advantage.

Leovold Emissary of Trest becomes a highly political piece when you start asking opponents to ping a big creature for 1 damage or to tap one of your creatures so that you could draw a card. The challenge is in convinving an opponent to become a friendly and allow you to do that. I can already see some of you nodding and saying challenge accepted. Just another layer to an otherwise already layered EDH game.

I don't know what kind of builds that BUG will have 

"Daretti , Ingenious Iconoclast :It's Copying time!"

"Daretti , Ingenious Iconoclast :It's Copying time!"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Why is is that when I see this goblin planeswalker I could only think about BlightSteel colossus? Maybe because with 4 Blight Colossus in play and attacking it might be an inevitable win condition on my part. But how do we get 4 of those into play with a Rites of Replication? Read on as we explore Daretti's planeswalker abilities.

It is bad that Daretti would not be available in standard because Kaladesh has some very nice artifacts that you want copied. The gearhulks for one are clearly great high value target and two of the most useful ones are even in Daretti's colors of Black and Red. If he is being used in a Spark wars or EDH deck those two gearhulks are an auto add in my book.

Daretti is even low costing enough that you could add him to a Rakdos colored Tiny leaders deck but more on that in the another blog post. For now let us just focus on the planeswalker himself.

So Daretti comes in with 3 loyalty counters on him. His first ability which is a plus one allows you to put a 1/1 Construct which has defender. Nothing too impressive except for that fact that this card is guarding the D so that he doesn't get killed on the next turn.

The second ability which is a minue 1 is more interesting for me. You remove a loyalty counter and sacrifice an artifactto destroy target artifact or creature. It's like throwing a stronger shrapnel blast at something. I imagine taking my watch(Which is an artiact) and throwing it at a Gearhulk and the gearhulk explodes. All because Daretti helped me.

To explore this further there are a lot of artifacts that do a lot of things when they die , on the top of my head there is the Workshop assistant that gets you an artifact from your graveyard to your hand. There are those that go to the graveyard and draw you a card  , another that let's you fetch a basic land. If you do not have an artifact in play Daretti's first ability lets you create one to be sacrifcied later.

It is the 3rd ability that is the most exciting. After removing 6 loyalty counters you could  target an artifact in the battlefield or in a graveyard. Any graveyard.Any one single artifact that it is in play. So if you don't have any good artifacts to copy you could always look at your neighbors and make 3 copies of your own. So if you have been threatened by an opponents BlightSteel Colossus why not return the favor by creating 3 copies and then threaten them with it as well. I expect a lot of EDH players will be wary of Daretti when he lands on the battlefield. Well not at the begining but loyalty counters pile on fast and when they do it's Copying time!

"The One Under her Shadow"

"The One Under her Shadow"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"You know somehow it strikes me that for someone who is as pretty as you , you don't seem to like being the center of attention in this group." V told Jinyo as they observed everyone in the practice room.

"Someone else could have it V oppa." Jinyo slapped his muscular arm as if to stop him from making more fun of her. At the same time she had stared at YuuA who was practicing her solo dances with the choreographer at the moment."You know what they say , once you are under the brightest star there is nothing left but shadows."

"I have to disagree with that.Sometimes other stars just need to shine.I have it on good authority that if it were not for you then this group would not have even been thought of. And you have been here for 4 years right?" V said looking straight into Jinyo and her wide anime like eyes.

"YuuA Unnie was right about you. You do tend to scare people with all the information that you have on us." Jinyo said while smiling and following YuuA's steps from this corner of the large practice hall.

"I don't think that you are scared at all." V observed. "You are still talking to me after all."

"Has it occured to you that maybe I am just talking to you because I am curious as to what you would do with my YuuA unnie?" The girls eyes widened as if to scare V which only made him laugh.

"Are you trying to be some sort of pretty anime owl? If you are trying to scare me then it is not working at all."

"Should I try violence? I am good at that as well."

"You can try to use violence against me but you are better off with words. 

Jinyo flipped her long black hair towards him hitting his face. "Is that violent enough Mr. Dragon?"

V grinned even more. Jinyo was getting more comfortable around him and has been spending a lot of time learning Japanese with him. They have even watched a couple of animes together in the underground basement where he stays when they don't have an appearance to get to. But lately even if they are on the road the usually aloft Jinyo would ask him if he had the latest episode of an anime they liked and they would watch it together with a certain comfort toward each other. V did not mind and he guessed neither did she but when V would ask Jinyo about other things would always point to YuuA. V understood what was happening but he let it happen anyway. When Jinyo was ready to tell him her story then she would.

He looked at the graceful YuuA in the distance and also looked at the beautiful goddess like face of Jinyo who was matching paces with the lead dancer but still lacking a certain "presence" onstage. A drive to be better? A relaxed pace? Then it occured to him that Jinyo was not really here to steal the spotlight from YuuA. She was here to protect her when she can and there was also something else. A certain hesitation.

"So when did you first like YuuA?" V probed the other Visual of Oh my doll.

Jinyo turned red but quickly caught herself in the face of the sudden question. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Ok. Then tell me someone of the opposite sex that you have had a crush on in this past year."

"I don't have to answer your questions V oppa. You are making me feel uncomfortable."

"Ok then. But if ever you want to talk about anything you know where I am right?" V turned around and started to walk toward the exit of the practice hall.


V paused and turned around catching Jinyo's soft whisper despite the loud music playing on all sides. "Yes?"

"Do you have the latest episodes?" 


"Can we still watch them later?" Jinyo said eyeing him sheepishly. V knew an apology when it was being offered.

"Ok then. But only if you feel comfortable."

Jinyo came closer to V took a handful of her hair in both hands and whipped her hair to hit his face again.

"Dragons don't feel pain...Usually. We can feel annoyed though."

"You can't feel annoyed at me. You love me." Jinyo said and she covered her mouth ashamed that she had let her thoughts come out like a little school girl who had no control over her own lips. 

"I might.Who knows right? You bring the snacks this time. I brought the last ones." V ran out of the room so fast that Jinyo did not even have time to react. 

"I am going to bring something really spicy. Let's see if you enjoy that."

V poked his head into the Practice hall door. "Don't bring anything spicy or I am going to force feed that to you. Your diet will be ruined hahahah"

"Oh I hate you!" Jinyo said but seemed unconvinced as she smiled at the retreating V.

"No you don't"" V shouted back after some distance.

"No I don't" Jinyo whispered." I just want to be around you all the time."

"The difference of your laughter."

"The difference of your laughter."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

V woke to the knock on his door. He had learned long ago that being too comfortable in one place could get anyone killed so that he had conditioned himself to listen to such things. He checked his phone for the time and it was 6am. Way too early for murderous beings to be awake , he joked to himself.

The knock was a bit more tentative for someone who wanted to murder you too so he took his time to answer. Someone on the other side of the other continued to knock.

Opening the door in his boxers he acted surprised at who it was even though he had been tracking her for quite some time now with his dragon senses. Desolations used to stretch for miles and a master of that desolation learned to hear every step , every breathe and every sigh within it. It has been harder in cities where there are millions of people at any given time but one who has enough time can still learn the individual voices and steps.This one was silent and always had a step that was light but hurried.

"Don't act like you are surprised." Jinyo said as she walked past V and checked out the small room that he stayed at when he was not in the mood to be at the Water Palace. Her white sun dress covered up to her smooth thighs , the soft fabric swaying as she moved creating an illusion that looked like an angel gliding into being."So this is the place where you stay with YuuA unnie."

"Yes", V lied knowing that Jinyo could probably not know of all the other places that he has even if she tried. "So what brings you here at this early hour? I mean it is rare for you guys to have a long break and you make your way here , makes me a little bit suspicious of you. Has the Yuu clan finally decided to dispatch of me?"

This last statement was met by a very angry glance from Oh my girls main visual. A glance that was instantly replaced by a smile the moment that she realized that V was just baiting her with the comment.

"I just wanted to see the place for myself."Jinyo said as she walked from room to room , poking her head to the single room with a bed , the bathroom , the kitchen. "I like it. it's very cozy but isn't this a bit too small for you."

"I like it enough , I have everything within my arms reach. You probably won't believe me if I told you of the places I used to sleep in when cities weren't a thing."

"I don't doubt it." The tallest member of OMD went into the kitchen and rummaged through the various pots and pans and checked the fridge. V followed to see how her face brightened up at the well stocked kitchen with various spices that she never expected to find here."Wow. It seems like YuuA unnie has hit the jackpot here. You seem to cook for a party all the time."

"I have some people check on the place at regular intervals and just replace the things that needed replacing.I haven't cooked for YooA for awhile. Your schedules are madness in itself. Then again you should know that."

"I bet no one has cooked for you in awhile too. You seem like the type who would cook for the girls you date."

V didn't say anything.

"I am right. So get ready to fall in love with my cooking or at least get a little bit of indigestion." Her laughter filled the small kitchen as she took out a small red ribbon from her pocket to tie the long black hair that reached the small of her back. The effect made her already attractive features stand out more. Her eyes were smiling at V who knew that whatever he said would not deter this girls determination.

"So how can I help you out?" V said resigned as he looked around for a shirt to cover himself. He had absentmindedly brought his phone with him and laid it down in the middle of the table.

"You can just sit there and talk to me and please no covering up. I am tired of seeing you fully clothed at work." She laughed again and V could only sit down feeling somewhat helpless as she started the induction stove and checked something in the fridge. Even when she was not facing him , Jinyo was as attractive , her well toned legs , her well placed curves screamed at how female she was despite how boyish she could act at times.

"Are you checking out my butt V oppa?" Jiho said without turning to check the dragons reaction.She knew that at least in this he was as human as anyone else. "I hope you are."

V coughed and tapped the table."Having someone to cook for me is a bit different. It has been a hundred years or more I think."

Jiho worked fast at the broth she was making and almost spewed a bit of it with the dragons revealation. "Don't put so much pressure on me then. I have to make this one of the better tasting things you have eaten."

"No pressure."

"Don't say that you would like anything I would cook for you."

"I would love anything that Jinyo would cook for me."

"I told you not to say that." The girl took a handful of potato peelings and threw it at V who had nothing to defend himself with and was promptly hit on his face and chest by the well aimed throw. 

"You didn't dodge?"

"Dragons can only be annoyed..."

"...Not hurt. Yeah Yeah I remember you saying that to me in the early days when we met." 

Jinyo and V looked at each other and laughed remembering what that meeting was like when she still mistrusted his intentions about YuuA. 

The phone in the middle of the table began to vibrate.And it was the profile of YuuA's smiling face that filled the whole screen. Both of them looked at it at the same time and V slid his hand on the digital lock to talk. Jinyo turned to suddenly put ingredients and stir the stew she was making.

"Yeah." V said in a tone that was more relaxed than he actually felt.

"Did I wake you?" YuuA's pleasant voice was loud enough to hear in the quiet room. Even if the pot was boiling and Jiho moved about. "I am sorry that I woke up late again."

V smiled and knew by heart that his girlfriend tended to do that even on the most important days. "It is your break today after all so I was not expecting you to wake up."

"But I want to stay with you today." The girl on the other line said  , her tone dripping with sweetness. "I missed you."

V took a glance at Jinyo who he caught looking at him with an intense look. Jinyo smiled and continued to stir.

"The house is a mess. I had some guests over last night. Why don't I pick you up and we could go drive to the park by the river and eat in that new mushroom shop?"

"Really? I'd want that. We can spend the whole the day together right?"

"De. I'd pick you up in an hour? Dragons need to take a shower too."

YuuA laughed at the other end of the line and it went on for awhile , her laughter filling the kitchen."An hour then Mr. Dragon."

V slid his hand to end the call and close his phone.

Jinyo slid a bowl of Jaegi in front of him. "Eat. I promise that it would only cause you a bit of indigestion."

V looked at Jinyo's jaegi , smoke still rising from the red mixture of meat and vegetables that he had learned to eat during his stay in Korea. Taking a spoonful he bit into the mix and felt the spiciness and well cooked parts. He smiled at the expectant face of the cook. 

"This is one of the better things that I have tasted in my nearly 1000 years in existence."

Jinyo clapped her hands together and bowed. "Jinyo delivers.Now get ready for your date. You know how she is when you are late." She smiled.


Jinyo stirred the bowl of Jeagi lazily with her spoon , bowing her head on top of it to feel the heat coming from it. V was saying something about how she can stay for as long as she wants before he opened the door to go. She managed to raise her head and smile another smile that she felt she needed to show. The door closed and Jinyo felt that the saltiness of her tears ruined the best thing that she had offered the dragon so far.

"The Kitchen and Cereals"

"The Kitchen and Cereals"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"Anyeong , V oppa." Jinyo tilted her head from where she was sitting at the Oh my Dolls dorm's kitchen . YuuA who  was uncharacteristically awake and eating a bowl of cereals was with her today.

And since YuuA knew that Jinyo could be trusted she sleepily rose and gave V a kiss on the cheeks as he approached and slumped back to her seat. "I really hate waking up early."

"This cooking show will be great for you guys." V said as he grabbed a spoonful of his girlfriends cereal. "On the plus side I get to be manager again since the others would be going to other shows."

"Wow the dragon himself will be guarding us!" Jinyo said and V was not sure if she was being sarcastic. She had not acted like that when they were together the previous night.

"I am not just guarding you.I also get to treat you out. It has to be out of my pocket of course. Mr. Kim is still as stingy as hell when it comes to feeding you guys. So please be merciful to me ok?" 

YuuA brightened at the prospect of more food than what she was eating right now. The diets have still been strict on her because she has been appearing on more shows than anyone else and even a few pounds really get noticed when she is onscreen.

"Chicken!" YuuA and Jinyo both exclaimed. 

"Or maybe we should bankrupt V with golgi?" YuuA said as she put a finger on her lower lip as she contemplated on eating more than their manager would allow.

"Yeah let's hurt him there unnie!" Jinyo chimed in. A hint of mischief showing her in wide anime like eyes. 

V groaned at the exchange but he doubted that both girls combined could even eat as much as he does. 

"Why are we the ones to do this again?" his girlfriend asked him as she finished another spoonful of the cereals.

"Because you two are the prettiest in Oh my dolls and ..." V began.

"Binmi would have an issue with that" Jinyo butted in mentioning the ever famous maknae who had fans that rivalled even that of Yuua's. 

"Let him finish. What was the other reason why we were chosen?" YuuA pressed on.

V backed away before answering. "Because you two are the worst at cooking but best at eating. It was a split second later that two bowls of half eaten cereals hit the wall where V would have been if he had not sped away.

"I'd wait for you girls in the car ok? You have 20 minutes." The dragon said safely away in the corridor and out of the kitchens.

"I hope you have some change of clothes V oppa I am going to pour something over your head later." his girlfriend said. 

Jinyo started laughing.V imagined YuuA's death glare and he found himself walking away faster. 

"Turning in the couch."

"Turning in the couch."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Jinyo lay on top of V's chest as they watched a movie that she had been dreading since he mentioned it. 

Zombies were pouring in at the station at Daegu and she wanted to scream for everyone to get out of the way and to run but instead she had laid their saying nothing because she was afraid that V would find her weak and afraid. When she saw it with YuuA she could freely express her emotions and the older Yuua was cowering with her but she had had a reputation that preceded her as being brave and she felt that right now that was one of the things that she had an advantage of her unnie when it comes to V.

V was commenting a lot during the movie because that was the mood that he was in and Jinyo was grateful since she had the obligation to just listen and not say anything. She wanted to so much to hold his hand and squeeze it till her fear went away but even greater fear was to be seen as week and so she clenched her fist at the scenes that scared her.

She heard a sigh escaping from V's lips and she raised her head to look at him. "What's wrong?" The dragon took the remote and paused the movie.

"Jinyo. I know you are brave. This is a scary movie. You are a person who can be scared and still be brave. You know that right?" 

"So you noticed huh?" Jinyo sat upright and fixed her light blue dress before sitting straight and putting her hands on her knees like a child awaiting some sort of punishment.

"The way your body tensed and the way that you have been clenching your fist all this time? I don't even need my pattern detecting skills for that one"

"You caught me."

"All I am saying is that let us be scared together. Otherwise what is the point?"

"A dragon being scared of zombies? Isn't that a bit absurd?"

"While we cannot die the normal way and remain almost impervious to anything the persons that we care about do not share the same privilege. Humans like you could be lost to a bite for example and that is something that would really piss me off and therefore make me afraid if there was nothing I could do about it."

"I promise not to get bitten then."

Jinyo returned to her place on V's chest and when the zombies returned he bit him hard there which she knew did not hurt but surprised him. 

"Ahhhhh. I'm turning!" V jokingly said in a zombies growling voice. "I want Jinyo!"

The girl looked up and stared at him again. "You mean that?"


And the movie went on with two less viewers.

Friday, October 14, 2016

"Urine Sample: Feeling ko may misunderstanding"

"Urine Sample: Feeling ko may misunderstanding"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

So this was relayed to me by our duty nurse na itatago natin sa pangalang Fresh (Di tunay na pangalan).

A patient came in to the company clinic and opened her backpack and handed the nurse a collection bottle filled with her own urine.

Patient: Sabi po kasi ni doc bumalik daw ako pag may ihi na.
Nurse Fresh:Ah. Di po ba sabi ni doc eh bumalik kapag may results na yung sa ihi?
Patient: (Silence) Sorry po di ko po kasi alam. Ano na lang po gagawin ko dito?(Points at collection bottle).

Sayang di ko naabutan. Dami ko sana ideas na di ko din naman sasabihin so dito na lang.

...tikman po natin kung matamis para malaman natin kung prediabetic na kayo.
...iwan niyo na lang po kasi nagkocollect kami ng ganyan.
...itapon po natin sa gilid ng balcony sa mataas na floor tapos tingnan natin kung gaano karaming tao ang tatamaan.
...may ref po tayo dun sa likod.
...midstream catch po ba ito? ayaw nung mga collectors namin ng di midstream catch eh.

Buti na lang ang sabi ni Nurse Fresh na magcollect na lang ulit at dalhin sa malapit na lab at next time yung results na lang ang ibalik. Nagpapasalamat din si Nurse Fresh kasi nakamask siya at di nakikita ng patient ang ngiti niya sa ilalim ng mask na yun.

Ang sabi ko na lang eh magpasalamat tayo na di yan for AFB smear or Fecalysis. Imagine mo kung yung mga sample na yun ang dala niya. Needless to say the duty nurse is now very wary of patients coming in opening their knapsacks in front of her table.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Pauper Kings: Death Riders 2016"

"Pauper Kings: Death Riders 2016"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Vehicles are the new card types that were introduced in Kaladesh and like a total lab maniac I wanted to see what I could do with these new babies in standard pauper. This deck revolves around the flying Sky Skiff and the "Train to Busan" Renegade Freighter. I wanted to find the fastest artifacts that I could cast and artifact creatures that could attack by itself should the Sky Skiff of Renegade freighter have trouble getting out of my library.

These 2 vehicles need a crew of 1 and 2 respectively which  is no problem since this deck is packing a lot of weenies that are 2/2 and 2/1. The only exception would be the Nightmarket lookout who at 1/1 could only crew the Sky Skiff but this is included for it's particular ability, you see when you tap it either for attacking or crewing it deals each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life. Sure it seems like very minimal damage but if you have at least 2 of these in play then watch the damage rate go up. This deck is built to attack early but even if the battlefield is clogged and you can't attack Nightmarket lookout can combine with your vehicles , tapping at end of turn or in response to a removal so that you can still suck 1 life point away from your opponents.

Dhund Operative could also pile on the damage as it becomes a 3/2 creature that has deathtouch when you have an artifact in play and believe me there is no shortage of that here. This creature would serve as deterrent for the bigger creatures your opponents control from attacking. Who would want to trade a big 4/4 for something like this right? 

18 x Swamps
18 lands

4 x Dhund Operative
4 x Nightmarket lookout 
4 x Eager Construct 
4 x Field Creeper 
4 x Bonded Construct 
20 Creatures

4 x Renegade Freighter
4 x Sky Skiff
4 x Explosive Apparatus
4 x Dead Weight
2 x Tidy Conclusion
4 x Murderous Compulsion
22 Other spells

Since this is a monoblack deck we have a whole package of removal. It is not as efficient as I want but this was what I could find in the common slots as of this time. Dead Weight is reprinted and let's you take care of other 2/2 creatures of even weaken other bigger creatures. 

Murderous Compulsion seems like a really weak removal but you could always trade a weak creature to block first and then take care of the creature that attacked you.

Tidy Conclusion is great as an Instant removal and for gaining life should you ever find yourself in a pinch in the end game.

And the artifact that is a very versatile one in Standard Pauper because it could kill things that may be helping your opponents accelerate mana or just remove one more blocker that could spell the difference between the lethal damage in a mass or could deal the lethal damage itself to an opposing player when you have reduced their life total to 2. Watch it go boom. Enjoy the aftermath,

So you have several things going for you here. You could attack with your Vehicles , ping with Nightmarket lookout or just mass attack when you have creature superiority with the aid of your removal spells.

So that is all for today. Take the Deathriders for a spin and keep on brewing.


Editors Note:
Thank you Garry Ambee for pointing out the single artifact that made this modern. And now it is back to Standard Pauper. Thanks for always reading.

"Magic 3 pack experiment: Kaladesh Edition"

"Magic 3 pack experiment: Kaladesh Edition"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I have a theory.(I always do). So my theory is that when I write about a particular card I usually get another one or just plainly get a copy of the said card.

I noticed this when I began writing about Garruk , Apex Predator and I got him in a PR pack, I wrote about Sorin , Solemn Visitor in Tarkir. I got 3 copies of that card. Jace in Shadows over Innistrad , I got 2. I also wrote about Thalia's lancers , Metallurgic summonings and Syndicate enforcer. Guess which cards I have a pair of now? 

So for tonight , before I open these 3 packs I decided that I would write about the Crucible of Worlds and make an appeal to the universe.

Dear Universe,

I would want to have a Masterpiece copy of Crucible of Worlds. My Azusa tiny leaders deck has been clamoring for one. Please listen to me and let me prove a theory to my dear readers. For the sake of humanity. Or maybe just for my sake. Thanks.

Sincerely yours,


Now.It is time to open my 3 packs who according to the cute Ate from NG Eton Centris is from a newly opened box(None of that let's mix these left overs from one box into this new box thing). I picked these from the right most corner where my brother got his Karn . Liberated and other big things when were were still opening packs. So here goes nothing.

You better be listening Universe!


So I am now done with opening my 3 random packs and it seemed that my experiment semi-worked. 

The first pack made my heart beat a little faster because I counted 9 common cards , meaning there would be a foil card.
So I got this.

Yeah! A foil Inspired Charge! How Very Inspiring. Ahuhuhu

And my rare card was a Bomat Courier , my third one. The first 2 I got in the bundle pack that my wife gave to me as a treat hahaha. I have not written about this card but now it seems like I have to or maybe not , I might get another one to make it a set.

The Second pack had something better which made this experiment a semi-success. I got a Combustible Gearhulk that I have written about twice. 

Here, , solely talking about it 
and here , so you could see which Gearhulk Mr. Deadeye navigator loves playing with.

The last pack had a Panharmonicon which was on my Kaladesh wanted list. I haven't written about it but I got it anyway.

So in conclusion I felt like I have not gotten through to the universe yet and maybe it's ignoring me but it kind of listened to me with the Combustible Gearhulk. I broke even with the price of the rares and the prices of the packs.

My favorite part about this is that my conclusion leads me to believe that more research is needed. I have never been happier to be part of any research. Thanks for being part of this first ever Magic 3 pack experiment of mine and I plan to do another one maybe in Aether Revolt just for the heck of it.

So what Mythic card have you opened today? Do you think the universe will listen or will it ignore you like it always does? It is a bit moody. Thank you for reading and sharing.Keep on brewing.