Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Ants - Pretty MV reaction - Pretty indeed"

"Ants - Pretty MV reaction - Pretty indeed"
The Vole

Believe me when I say that Melody or XXMelody as she is known in Instagram is someone that you want to wake up to in the mornings. 

Her brown eyes in the opening shots of this video is enough to keep you glued until the end. Some people have reacted that this is the first time they saw westerners acting "well behaved" in a video. There must be a stereotype there somewhere but this is not that kind of blog. 

Melody is half Korean thus the western and Asian features that blend so well. This shows a day in the life of a couple in the states as this was shot in San Diego.I found it funny that I thought the dude who was sleeping was a girl with his tied up hair.That was all cleared up in a second when they share breakfast and such.

Ants has a very calming voice that soothes you into the song so that when the first beats hit you are already feeling a little bit mellow. Korean RnB has been coming up with such beautiful songs and this didn't even have anything sexy in it at all which is refreshing.Although if you have been watching a lot of kpop songs for awhile you'd have that weird feeling after seeing foreigners in one.

The MV ends with a shot of those gorgeous Brown eyes as well to remind you in case you forgot what made you stay to watch the MV in the first place.

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