Thursday, October 27, 2016

"The difference of your laughter."

"The difference of your laughter."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

V woke to the knock on his door. He had learned long ago that being too comfortable in one place could get anyone killed so that he had conditioned himself to listen to such things. He checked his phone for the time and it was 6am. Way too early for murderous beings to be awake , he joked to himself.

The knock was a bit more tentative for someone who wanted to murder you too so he took his time to answer. Someone on the other side of the other continued to knock.

Opening the door in his boxers he acted surprised at who it was even though he had been tracking her for quite some time now with his dragon senses. Desolations used to stretch for miles and a master of that desolation learned to hear every step , every breathe and every sigh within it. It has been harder in cities where there are millions of people at any given time but one who has enough time can still learn the individual voices and steps.This one was silent and always had a step that was light but hurried.

"Don't act like you are surprised." Jinyo said as she walked past V and checked out the small room that he stayed at when he was not in the mood to be at the Water Palace. Her white sun dress covered up to her smooth thighs , the soft fabric swaying as she moved creating an illusion that looked like an angel gliding into being."So this is the place where you stay with YuuA unnie."

"Yes", V lied knowing that Jinyo could probably not know of all the other places that he has even if she tried. "So what brings you here at this early hour? I mean it is rare for you guys to have a long break and you make your way here , makes me a little bit suspicious of you. Has the Yuu clan finally decided to dispatch of me?"

This last statement was met by a very angry glance from Oh my girls main visual. A glance that was instantly replaced by a smile the moment that she realized that V was just baiting her with the comment.

"I just wanted to see the place for myself."Jinyo said as she walked from room to room , poking her head to the single room with a bed , the bathroom , the kitchen. "I like it. it's very cozy but isn't this a bit too small for you."

"I like it enough , I have everything within my arms reach. You probably won't believe me if I told you of the places I used to sleep in when cities weren't a thing."

"I don't doubt it." The tallest member of OMD went into the kitchen and rummaged through the various pots and pans and checked the fridge. V followed to see how her face brightened up at the well stocked kitchen with various spices that she never expected to find here."Wow. It seems like YuuA unnie has hit the jackpot here. You seem to cook for a party all the time."

"I have some people check on the place at regular intervals and just replace the things that needed replacing.I haven't cooked for YooA for awhile. Your schedules are madness in itself. Then again you should know that."

"I bet no one has cooked for you in awhile too. You seem like the type who would cook for the girls you date."

V didn't say anything.

"I am right. So get ready to fall in love with my cooking or at least get a little bit of indigestion." Her laughter filled the small kitchen as she took out a small red ribbon from her pocket to tie the long black hair that reached the small of her back. The effect made her already attractive features stand out more. Her eyes were smiling at V who knew that whatever he said would not deter this girls determination.

"So how can I help you out?" V said resigned as he looked around for a shirt to cover himself. He had absentmindedly brought his phone with him and laid it down in the middle of the table.

"You can just sit there and talk to me and please no covering up. I am tired of seeing you fully clothed at work." She laughed again and V could only sit down feeling somewhat helpless as she started the induction stove and checked something in the fridge. Even when she was not facing him , Jinyo was as attractive , her well toned legs , her well placed curves screamed at how female she was despite how boyish she could act at times.

"Are you checking out my butt V oppa?" Jiho said without turning to check the dragons reaction.She knew that at least in this he was as human as anyone else. "I hope you are."

V coughed and tapped the table."Having someone to cook for me is a bit different. It has been a hundred years or more I think."

Jiho worked fast at the broth she was making and almost spewed a bit of it with the dragons revealation. "Don't put so much pressure on me then. I have to make this one of the better tasting things you have eaten."

"No pressure."

"Don't say that you would like anything I would cook for you."

"I would love anything that Jinyo would cook for me."

"I told you not to say that." The girl took a handful of potato peelings and threw it at V who had nothing to defend himself with and was promptly hit on his face and chest by the well aimed throw. 

"You didn't dodge?"

"Dragons can only be annoyed..."

"...Not hurt. Yeah Yeah I remember you saying that to me in the early days when we met." 

Jinyo and V looked at each other and laughed remembering what that meeting was like when she still mistrusted his intentions about YuuA. 

The phone in the middle of the table began to vibrate.And it was the profile of YuuA's smiling face that filled the whole screen. Both of them looked at it at the same time and V slid his hand on the digital lock to talk. Jinyo turned to suddenly put ingredients and stir the stew she was making.

"Yeah." V said in a tone that was more relaxed than he actually felt.

"Did I wake you?" YuuA's pleasant voice was loud enough to hear in the quiet room. Even if the pot was boiling and Jiho moved about. "I am sorry that I woke up late again."

V smiled and knew by heart that his girlfriend tended to do that even on the most important days. "It is your break today after all so I was not expecting you to wake up."

"But I want to stay with you today." The girl on the other line said  , her tone dripping with sweetness. "I missed you."

V took a glance at Jinyo who he caught looking at him with an intense look. Jinyo smiled and continued to stir.

"The house is a mess. I had some guests over last night. Why don't I pick you up and we could go drive to the park by the river and eat in that new mushroom shop?"

"Really? I'd want that. We can spend the whole the day together right?"

"De. I'd pick you up in an hour? Dragons need to take a shower too."

YuuA laughed at the other end of the line and it went on for awhile , her laughter filling the kitchen."An hour then Mr. Dragon."

V slid his hand to end the call and close his phone.

Jinyo slid a bowl of Jaegi in front of him. "Eat. I promise that it would only cause you a bit of indigestion."

V looked at Jinyo's jaegi , smoke still rising from the red mixture of meat and vegetables that he had learned to eat during his stay in Korea. Taking a spoonful he bit into the mix and felt the spiciness and well cooked parts. He smiled at the expectant face of the cook. 

"This is one of the better things that I have tasted in my nearly 1000 years in existence."

Jinyo clapped her hands together and bowed. "Jinyo delivers.Now get ready for your date. You know how she is when you are late." She smiled.


Jinyo stirred the bowl of Jeagi lazily with her spoon , bowing her head on top of it to feel the heat coming from it. V was saying something about how she can stay for as long as she wants before he opened the door to go. She managed to raise her head and smile another smile that she felt she needed to show. The door closed and Jinyo felt that the saltiness of her tears ruined the best thing that she had offered the dragon so far.

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