Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Pauper Kings: Death Riders 2016"

"Pauper Kings: Death Riders 2016"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Vehicles are the new card types that were introduced in Kaladesh and like a total lab maniac I wanted to see what I could do with these new babies in standard pauper. This deck revolves around the flying Sky Skiff and the "Train to Busan" Renegade Freighter. I wanted to find the fastest artifacts that I could cast and artifact creatures that could attack by itself should the Sky Skiff of Renegade freighter have trouble getting out of my library.

These 2 vehicles need a crew of 1 and 2 respectively which  is no problem since this deck is packing a lot of weenies that are 2/2 and 2/1. The only exception would be the Nightmarket lookout who at 1/1 could only crew the Sky Skiff but this is included for it's particular ability, you see when you tap it either for attacking or crewing it deals each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life. Sure it seems like very minimal damage but if you have at least 2 of these in play then watch the damage rate go up. This deck is built to attack early but even if the battlefield is clogged and you can't attack Nightmarket lookout can combine with your vehicles , tapping at end of turn or in response to a removal so that you can still suck 1 life point away from your opponents.

Dhund Operative could also pile on the damage as it becomes a 3/2 creature that has deathtouch when you have an artifact in play and believe me there is no shortage of that here. This creature would serve as deterrent for the bigger creatures your opponents control from attacking. Who would want to trade a big 4/4 for something like this right? 

18 x Swamps
18 lands

4 x Dhund Operative
4 x Nightmarket lookout 
4 x Eager Construct 
4 x Field Creeper 
4 x Bonded Construct 
20 Creatures

4 x Renegade Freighter
4 x Sky Skiff
4 x Explosive Apparatus
4 x Dead Weight
2 x Tidy Conclusion
4 x Murderous Compulsion
22 Other spells

Since this is a monoblack deck we have a whole package of removal. It is not as efficient as I want but this was what I could find in the common slots as of this time. Dead Weight is reprinted and let's you take care of other 2/2 creatures of even weaken other bigger creatures. 

Murderous Compulsion seems like a really weak removal but you could always trade a weak creature to block first and then take care of the creature that attacked you.

Tidy Conclusion is great as an Instant removal and for gaining life should you ever find yourself in a pinch in the end game.

And the artifact that is a very versatile one in Standard Pauper because it could kill things that may be helping your opponents accelerate mana or just remove one more blocker that could spell the difference between the lethal damage in a mass or could deal the lethal damage itself to an opposing player when you have reduced their life total to 2. Watch it go boom. Enjoy the aftermath,

So you have several things going for you here. You could attack with your Vehicles , ping with Nightmarket lookout or just mass attack when you have creature superiority with the aid of your removal spells.

So that is all for today. Take the Deathriders for a spin and keep on brewing.


Editors Note:
Thank you Garry Ambee for pointing out the single artifact that made this modern. And now it is back to Standard Pauper. Thanks for always reading.

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