Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Magic 3 pack experiment: Kaladesh Edition"

"Magic 3 pack experiment: Kaladesh Edition"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I have a theory.(I always do). So my theory is that when I write about a particular card I usually get another one or just plainly get a copy of the said card.

I noticed this when I began writing about Garruk , Apex Predator and I got him in a PR pack, I wrote about Sorin , Solemn Visitor in Tarkir. I got 3 copies of that card. Jace in Shadows over Innistrad , I got 2. I also wrote about Thalia's lancers , Metallurgic summonings and Syndicate enforcer. Guess which cards I have a pair of now? 

So for tonight , before I open these 3 packs I decided that I would write about the Crucible of Worlds and make an appeal to the universe.

Dear Universe,

I would want to have a Masterpiece copy of Crucible of Worlds. My Azusa tiny leaders deck has been clamoring for one. Please listen to me and let me prove a theory to my dear readers. For the sake of humanity. Or maybe just for my sake. Thanks.

Sincerely yours,


Now.It is time to open my 3 packs who according to the cute Ate from NG Eton Centris is from a newly opened box(None of that let's mix these left overs from one box into this new box thing). I picked these from the right most corner where my brother got his Karn . Liberated and other big things when were were still opening packs. So here goes nothing.

You better be listening Universe!


So I am now done with opening my 3 random packs and it seemed that my experiment semi-worked. 

The first pack made my heart beat a little faster because I counted 9 common cards , meaning there would be a foil card.
So I got this.

Yeah! A foil Inspired Charge! How Very Inspiring. Ahuhuhu

And my rare card was a Bomat Courier , my third one. The first 2 I got in the bundle pack that my wife gave to me as a treat hahaha. I have not written about this card but now it seems like I have to or maybe not , I might get another one to make it a set.

The Second pack had something better which made this experiment a semi-success. I got a Combustible Gearhulk that I have written about twice. 

Here, http://flightofideasver2.blogspot.com/2016/09/combustible-gearhulkburn-now-burn-later.html , solely talking about it 
and here http://flightofideasver2.blogspot.com/2016/09/dead-eye-navigator-interviewchoosing.html , so you could see which Gearhulk Mr. Deadeye navigator loves playing with.

The last pack had a Panharmonicon which was on my Kaladesh wanted list. I haven't written about it but I got it anyway.

So in conclusion I felt like I have not gotten through to the universe yet and maybe it's ignoring me but it kind of listened to me with the Combustible Gearhulk. I broke even with the price of the rares and the prices of the packs.

My favorite part about this is that my conclusion leads me to believe that more research is needed. I have never been happier to be part of any research. Thanks for being part of this first ever Magic 3 pack experiment of mine and I plan to do another one maybe in Aether Revolt just for the heck of it.

So what Mythic card have you opened today? Do you think the universe will listen or will it ignore you like it always does? It is a bit moody. Thank you for reading and sharing.Keep on brewing.

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