Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Twice - TT - Not what you think it is"

"Twice - TT - Not what you think it is"
The Vole

Before I start the MV reaction I just want to state that I am a Filipino Miracle and will always be a Filipino Miracle. This is to show love to Nayeon and Twice for their never ending support for their Sunbae's Oh My Girl that they even promote them while they are promoting their own comeback.

For the second year in a row Twice has released a video just in time for halloween and I do hope that they keep on doing so because we all need a little cuteness and kpop during this period of costumed weirdos. Twice is probably one more reason why I love Halloween now.

Now on to the MV in comparison to last years Zombie filled MV this one has the girls dressing up as different characters. As my friend same some have been elevated to goddess levels here in terms of visuals like Tzuyu who was already pretty much in that stratosphere on her own. 

Two of my favorites Mina as a pirate and Momo as Tinkerbell. And Jeongyeon as a vertigo inducing but loveable Pinocchio girl.A great thing that Ol Gepetto did not chisel off a few parts then. Then there is Dahyun as a cute little sheep. Not only is she cute but funny as well.

The song pertains to the sad or tearing emoji but many pinoy reactors around the world probably have been sniggering the first time they heard of this song because TT sounds like the petname for somones male genitalia in tagalog.

Add to that the images of Jihyo eating ice cream as Elsa , Dahyun eating a carrot stick and that one smooth motion of Mina with her pirate gun and you have a visual that allures to that male genitalia even more.

It does not help that a part of the chorus goes: Just like TT...Ahhhh , Just like TT...Ahhh.

Alright now that I got that all out the who dance is adorable and you see a lot of bouncing around as Twice shuffles around. The choreography seems to center around the face a lot and it is quite great and addictive to watch. Many have probably been addicted to all the hand gestures that create the tearing emoticon by now. More than 12 million views as I last checked breaking BTS records. 

So to all Once. Congratulations on you All Kills and record breaking. 

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