Thursday, October 27, 2016

"The Kitchen and Cereals"

"The Kitchen and Cereals"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"Anyeong , V oppa." Jinyo tilted her head from where she was sitting at the Oh my Dolls dorm's kitchen . YuuA who  was uncharacteristically awake and eating a bowl of cereals was with her today.

And since YuuA knew that Jinyo could be trusted she sleepily rose and gave V a kiss on the cheeks as he approached and slumped back to her seat. "I really hate waking up early."

"This cooking show will be great for you guys." V said as he grabbed a spoonful of his girlfriends cereal. "On the plus side I get to be manager again since the others would be going to other shows."

"Wow the dragon himself will be guarding us!" Jinyo said and V was not sure if she was being sarcastic. She had not acted like that when they were together the previous night.

"I am not just guarding you.I also get to treat you out. It has to be out of my pocket of course. Mr. Kim is still as stingy as hell when it comes to feeding you guys. So please be merciful to me ok?" 

YuuA brightened at the prospect of more food than what she was eating right now. The diets have still been strict on her because she has been appearing on more shows than anyone else and even a few pounds really get noticed when she is onscreen.

"Chicken!" YuuA and Jinyo both exclaimed. 

"Or maybe we should bankrupt V with golgi?" YuuA said as she put a finger on her lower lip as she contemplated on eating more than their manager would allow.

"Yeah let's hurt him there unnie!" Jinyo chimed in. A hint of mischief showing her in wide anime like eyes. 

V groaned at the exchange but he doubted that both girls combined could even eat as much as he does. 

"Why are we the ones to do this again?" his girlfriend asked him as she finished another spoonful of the cereals.

"Because you two are the prettiest in Oh my dolls and ..." V began.

"Binmi would have an issue with that" Jinyo butted in mentioning the ever famous maknae who had fans that rivalled even that of Yuua's. 

"Let him finish. What was the other reason why we were chosen?" YuuA pressed on.

V backed away before answering. "Because you two are the worst at cooking but best at eating. It was a split second later that two bowls of half eaten cereals hit the wall where V would have been if he had not sped away.

"I'd wait for you girls in the car ok? You have 20 minutes." The dragon said safely away in the corridor and out of the kitchens.

"I hope you have some change of clothes V oppa I am going to pour something over your head later." his girlfriend said. 

Jinyo started laughing.V imagined YuuA's death glare and he found himself walking away faster. 

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