Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Ailee - Home - Just a little Bit"

"Ailee - Home - Just a little Bit"
The Vole

The moment I saw this one popping up on my youtube feed I just to click on it. It had Ailee and it had the ever busy Yoonmirae to do the rap parts on this track. 

It shows Ailee in various rooms of what looks like a very big house with a very great collection of rooms. From a room full or mirrors to a room full of statues which is later on revealed to be an illusion since it was all filmed outside some tent.

The track is great to listen to since it has a very sexy vibe to it all and the dance steps that Ailee shows are great. I only have one beef though. We all know that Ailee is a bit on the cute/petite side so why does everyone keep on hiring dancers that make her look like a dwarf even more? They can't great dancers who have the same height as her? I mean if you would look at the Insane MV you would see that the model she was with over towers her so much.

Oh well. Not my call. But all that matters is that Ailee is back and with Yoonmirae to boot. 

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