Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Daretti , Ingenious Iconoclast :It's Copying time!"

"Daretti , Ingenious Iconoclast :It's Copying time!"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Why is is that when I see this goblin planeswalker I could only think about BlightSteel colossus? Maybe because with 4 Blight Colossus in play and attacking it might be an inevitable win condition on my part. But how do we get 4 of those into play with a Rites of Replication? Read on as we explore Daretti's planeswalker abilities.

It is bad that Daretti would not be available in standard because Kaladesh has some very nice artifacts that you want copied. The gearhulks for one are clearly great high value target and two of the most useful ones are even in Daretti's colors of Black and Red. If he is being used in a Spark wars or EDH deck those two gearhulks are an auto add in my book.

Daretti is even low costing enough that you could add him to a Rakdos colored Tiny leaders deck but more on that in the another blog post. For now let us just focus on the planeswalker himself.

So Daretti comes in with 3 loyalty counters on him. His first ability which is a plus one allows you to put a 1/1 Construct which has defender. Nothing too impressive except for that fact that this card is guarding the D so that he doesn't get killed on the next turn.

The second ability which is a minue 1 is more interesting for me. You remove a loyalty counter and sacrifice an artifactto destroy target artifact or creature. It's like throwing a stronger shrapnel blast at something. I imagine taking my watch(Which is an artiact) and throwing it at a Gearhulk and the gearhulk explodes. All because Daretti helped me.

To explore this further there are a lot of artifacts that do a lot of things when they die , on the top of my head there is the Workshop assistant that gets you an artifact from your graveyard to your hand. There are those that go to the graveyard and draw you a card  , another that let's you fetch a basic land. If you do not have an artifact in play Daretti's first ability lets you create one to be sacrifcied later.

It is the 3rd ability that is the most exciting. After removing 6 loyalty counters you could  target an artifact in the battlefield or in a graveyard. Any graveyard.Any one single artifact that it is in play. So if you don't have any good artifacts to copy you could always look at your neighbors and make 3 copies of your own. So if you have been threatened by an opponents BlightSteel Colossus why not return the favor by creating 3 copies and then threaten them with it as well. I expect a lot of EDH players will be wary of Daretti when he lands on the battlefield. Well not at the begining but loyalty counters pile on fast and when they do it's Copying time!

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