Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Turning in the couch."

"Turning in the couch."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Jinyo lay on top of V's chest as they watched a movie that she had been dreading since he mentioned it. 

Zombies were pouring in at the station at Daegu and she wanted to scream for everyone to get out of the way and to run but instead she had laid their saying nothing because she was afraid that V would find her weak and afraid. When she saw it with YuuA she could freely express her emotions and the older Yuua was cowering with her but she had had a reputation that preceded her as being brave and she felt that right now that was one of the things that she had an advantage of her unnie when it comes to V.

V was commenting a lot during the movie because that was the mood that he was in and Jinyo was grateful since she had the obligation to just listen and not say anything. She wanted to so much to hold his hand and squeeze it till her fear went away but even greater fear was to be seen as week and so she clenched her fist at the scenes that scared her.

She heard a sigh escaping from V's lips and she raised her head to look at him. "What's wrong?" The dragon took the remote and paused the movie.

"Jinyo. I know you are brave. This is a scary movie. You are a person who can be scared and still be brave. You know that right?" 

"So you noticed huh?" Jinyo sat upright and fixed her light blue dress before sitting straight and putting her hands on her knees like a child awaiting some sort of punishment.

"The way your body tensed and the way that you have been clenching your fist all this time? I don't even need my pattern detecting skills for that one"

"You caught me."

"All I am saying is that let us be scared together. Otherwise what is the point?"

"A dragon being scared of zombies? Isn't that a bit absurd?"

"While we cannot die the normal way and remain almost impervious to anything the persons that we care about do not share the same privilege. Humans like you could be lost to a bite for example and that is something that would really piss me off and therefore make me afraid if there was nothing I could do about it."

"I promise not to get bitten then."

Jinyo returned to her place on V's chest and when the zombies returned he bit him hard there which she knew did not hurt but surprised him. 

"Ahhhhh. I'm turning!" V jokingly said in a zombies growling voice. "I want Jinyo!"

The girl looked up and stared at him again. "You mean that?"


And the movie went on with two less viewers.

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