Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Bish - Orchestra MV reaction - The Revelation on the hill"

"Bish - Orchestra MV reaction - The Revelation on the hill"
The Vole

This is my first time writing about a Japanese Band so please be a little patient with me. Bish has two different meanings which I do not want to talk about and can be easily found online.They are a 6 piece idol group who is part of the current anti-idol movement that has been going on in Japan for awhile. If that confuses you then let me just say that it confused me at the beginning too.

Besides that what I want to talk about is the beautiful MV that they produced and what is translated into English as Orchestra.

The MV is not told in a linear manner and it would take you a little bit of watching to get the parts that they are not really showing you.

It starts with a single shot of a girl on top a hill.Hold on to that image for awhile.

It then proceeds to show the one girl looking at the girl who was on the hill who's anime features are so prominent that she seemed to have been cut out from one of those screens. She seemed to be apologizing for something.

This MV shows a moment where the two girls shared a kiss. An innocent , lovely kiss that seemed tender to its core which was caught by someone and one of the girls is dragged away. We can all assume that there was some punishment and that it was to expel one of them. 

There are parts of the MV you are shown scenes of the actual classroom and scenes where there are just 6 chairs arranged in an empty room with one of the band members acting a part.

One is used to convey sadness and remorse , One is shown to show longing and one that is most telling is the stack of high chairs where Cent Chihiro Chitti is shown to stare at with what seemed like contemplation and later shown to be ascending and standing on top of those same high stacked chairs. Standing on that hill , looking at the star in the sky as it appears as the song says in the beginning. I think the expelled girl took a leap as shown by the empty high stacked chairs at the very end of the MV.

Aina the Ends outstanding vocals convey such a lot in this song , high and clear and then almost hoarse at some parts that somehow work with the rock beats melding with the string orchestra that was brought in to support this awesome song. There are parts of melodic piano playing that makes you want to listen to the song despite the fierceness of the other instruments.

Bish might be considered controversial with their other videos and believe me this is one of the tamer ones. Please check out their other stand out tracks.

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