Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Sun-Crowned Hunters: Dino Torture for the Win Part 3."

"Sun-Crowned Hunters: Dino Torture for the Win Part 3."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Thank you for reading the last installment of Dino torture for the win. The last 2 articles we looked at spells and pingers but in this last when we finish the list with Lands , Artifacts and Enchantments that can also enrage our favorite dino for the win.

Permanent 1 ping:
Honden of Inifinite Rage  - For 3 mana  , you only need one copy of this Legendary enchantment and off pinging you go every upkeep. It works to keep small creatures off your back even if you don't have the dino already in play.

Land Pingers:

Keldon Megaliths - 1R Hellbent 1 damage
Lands bring the pain too , the Keldon Megaliths just want you to have an empty hand that's all.

Barbarian Ring - R , threshold 1 damage to crit or player. 

How about that , the Keldon Megaliths wants you to have an empty hand and the Barbarian Ring wants you to have those cards in your graveyard for threshold.

I am sure you can have a fun time meeting all these requirements. Burn away.

Artifacts of pain:

Fireforgers puzzleknot - This little common from Kaladesh has an ETB for the ping and 
a second one for 2R activation. 

Rod of Ruin - 4 mana and costing 3 , tap 1 damage. Old school caning is best.

Staff of Nin - 6 Mana and a draw a per upkeep. You tap for 1 damage to target creature or player. The dino won't love it but you'd love it when it gives you the win.

Viridian long bow - The only equipment in this list cost 1 mana and 3 to equip. With this equipped to the Sun-Crowned Hunters it can just keep shooting itself on the foot if you have no other creature to equip it to that is. 

That image of a dino shooting a bow at it's own foot. Let me leave you with that. I like that weird image too. 

Thank you for reading. Keep on prodding that dino. 

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