Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #31 -Brewers Madness Lucid Period"

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #31  -Brewers Madness Lucid Period"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

For almost two weeks now I have been on a quest , a personal one to restore each of the EDH decks that I gutted in my desire to have competitive Modern decks for our Archenemy games. I took lands and creatures and planeswalkers to end up with 6 decks that give everyone headaches but at this cost. My once 20 EDH decks were reduced to a mere 4 Operational decks.

I promised myself that I would restore them when Phenax despite being gutted of his lands and Mana stones continued to win game after game proving that you could have a strong EDH deck even without the bling.

It takes a lot of brain power to figure all the interactions and availability of card pieces that you have. As well as the long arduous task of looking for them in what seems to me like an endless row of box and binders. From the dresser in the new house , from my car , from under the stairs and from my old room in the Ancestral house.

It involved lugging around 2 heavy bags of cards and sleeving them in my preferred "plastic ng yelo" decks day in and day out whenever I had no paper work or patients.

And in the end of my Brewer's madness I have ended with 32 operational decks.With 9 more decks in different states of completion. I look at the 8 fatpacks in my car and I feel a little proud. At least those 32 are now filled with playable decks that I can enjoy again.

And my promise is to never break them again. Looking forward to all the fine tuning and games. 

Now on to the Brewer's Madness Lucid Period. It won't last very long.

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