Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #32:Savage Beating Reflections"

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #32:Savage Beating Reflections"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

I have often felt that when I play with my playgroup that each game becomes an Archenemy game regardless of what magic format we actually play. 

We play modern. I become the archenemy.
We play Chaos Multiplayer EDH I still become the archenemy.

I ought to be flattered because I am always considered a threat but there are times when I actually just want to play and not be in the sidelines. Did I cultivate this fear? Did I become a magnet for pain for trying all those weird decks? I might have.

Ram who has been out of action for almost 2 weeks came back and overwhelmed me with Prossh. A dragon combo deck that attacked and damaged with creatures sacrificed to Ashnods Altar. My Kefnet deck almost killed Ram with 15 Commander damage but it was not to be.

Jus who has been the designated police force and oppressive player in Rams absence also gave me a massive beating...of the mind. After cursing me with Fraying Sanity , I knew what came next from his deck with 5 open mana...Traumatize. I had 71 cards in my deck and heck. 1 ended up with one card in my Library during my upkeep. I was running a Narset EDH deck and I attacked with an empty Library. It was a suicide run I know but man that was Traumatizing indeed.

Which leads me here. I think I will be in this archenemy loop even with a weak deck. Time to accept my role then. Good hunting to me next week.

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