Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"The Hour was Upon Us: Hour of Devastation PR event @PlayGround Hobby Cafe"

"The Hour was Upon Us: Hour of Devastation PR event @PlayGround Hobby Cafe"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

The hour was upon us and in the posh inside's of the PlayGround Hobby Cafe every player attending the Hour of Devastation Pre release event was eagerly waiting for their kits and a chance to rip into what they believe to be the cards that they have been waiting for either to add to existing EDH or Standard decks or just simply for their own personal collections. 

But first was Lunch and Playground really had some really great meals included in the PR price so that everyone who paid for it was sure to be full while building their sealed decks.The Teriyaki Bowl was particularly great and I might just drop by just for that. Hahahaha

I was happy to see Archie and Alvin and see how the place has improved since I was back there (circa Dragons of Tarkir PR) and with the exception of that time that my wife was in the hospital and I dropped by when Roniel and I bumped into each other at the Greenwich below the shop. 

I got to see some familiar faces from my playing days back in SM North like Ed Tanyag , Jap and Aki who have not seen in awhile.Jorrell Ang was there and I was unexpectedly pleased to get my Coursers of Kruphix early since we were set to meet Tuesday. Mark was still bullying everyone consistently so that was a comfort knowing how everyone is still up on their toes around his aggression. Hahahahah.

I also got to meet a lot of new players and I might probably want to boast of my only win in the 4 round event but this time I'd like to focus on how I lost on the first 3 rounds. I decided to run with this deck and yeah it felt natural to fall back to my normal colors of the Golgari persuasion.

Round 1

This match turned out to be a fight between Razaketh and The Scarab God. My opponent simply had more removal than I do , the 2nd game saw him eliminate Razaketh and The Scarab God Eternalized him. Having a 4/4 Razaketh and a 5/5 Scarab God was all it took for the loss. 

Round 2 

Kefnet's monument. I was surprised to see the monument probably because my opponent and I were running similar colors of Black and Green until I realized horribly what it was about to do. Yes it would probably great in a mono blue deck with creatures but it's ability made sure that this would make it's way into creature decks regardless of color. Every creature that lands on the battlefield on your opponents side would tap a creature you control. So even with the big creatures in my deck they won't be able to much if they are all on their backs. 

I saw the sign on this one way early and had no way of getting the single Manglehorn that was probably fuming inside my deck.

Oh and The Scarab God was also in this deck which just made it a whole lot worse for me over all.

Round 3 

This round I felt like I was making the necessary adjustments as I realized that I can splash in blue with some of the mana fixers that I had on the deck. Alas. Of all the things , I had come face to face with a Glory Bringer which brought me to glory really fast. Really Really fast.

The Scarab God Bested the Plague Lord twice!
Round 4 

My only win occured because my opponent had a massive land flood and was not able to draw his Mass Removals. 

I was also able to deal enough damage before he could cast his Approach of the 2nd sun. It was a mere 4 cards away from the top his deck too so I squeaked clear with Razaketh and Rampaging Hippo. It seemed more like a luck win more than anything else. Hahahahha

All in all it was a great haul with 2 Ramunhap Excavators(1 PR foil and 1 normal) the aforementioned Razaketh and Rhona's Last stand. At least according to my calculations those cards already paid for the PR cost itself plus all the other loots I got. After missing the Aether Revolt and Amonkhet PR's I was sure not miss this one. I am looking forward to the Ixilan PR and seeing more of everyone. 

For now it is time to brew and update decks. Keep on playing everyone.

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