Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"3 things I have seen this week July 2017 #2 : "The Cheater , The Bully and the Prince."

"3 things I have seen this week July 2017 #2 : "The Cheater , The Bully and the Prince."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Despite my losses at the recent PR event I attended I was able to see three things that in a way define the people that play magic for me. 

1) I saw a cheater. I might let this one slip because he is relatively new or at least I knew him to be a new player. The play was that he cast a Mirage Mirror. Activated it to copy a Glory Bringer , attacked with said Glory Bringer and ended his turn in which he silently lowered his 2 card hand and untapped 2 lands. 2 lands which he should not have untapped. I don't know if he was desperate enough for a 1 pack win but I hope he does not think that this sort of thing will fly in the future with other players who are more observant.

2) I saw a bully. This guy talks the talk and walks the walk. Among the magic players I know he seems to be the one who represents tough love the most and he does so to make you a better player. I saw him bullying a new player once and you could see the fire in that new players eyes to be better , to come up with a win. He once told me that this was how he was taught magic. It might not have worked for me but different strokes for different folks.

3) I saw a Prince. Once he was a little boy but that boy has grown into someone who has been gaining a reputation as a winner and his skills has improved the last time I saw him. His deck building skills are something else. Opting for a deck that took advantage of battle tricks and the obvious advantages of the sealed pool he was given. I was not able to play against him as we did before but I was satisfied in knowing that he was still happy playing the game.

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