Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Midweek Magic July 2017 #22 - When the Gods bolted In and my Rude awakening , again. "

"Midweek Magic July 2017 #22 - When the Gods bolted In and my Rude awakening , again. "
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I have often wondered what a Bant deck was like and with the abundance of planeswalkers and gods that I have that fit in those colors I was able to create such a deck. A God/Planeswalker deck that relied on Mass Removal to get things done.

My initial outing with it was a partial success. I was able to exile or bury under creatures my opponents control or outright destroy them. This is what you get when you draw 4 mass removal spells and could eventually cast them in the mid game.
I then began plopping gods like Thassa , Heliod , Ephara and Karametra. Along with permanents like Dromoka and Rashmi that was able to get their devotion count animate these indestructible enchantments and with the way cleared of any other creature I was able to attack for a victory. 

It was not to be during the actual archenemy matches where my hand was brutally reduced by back to back Inquisition of Kozileks from Ram and Duress and a Tide Hollow Sculler from Janry on the second turn. I realized the weakness of my deck. It had no way of returning cards from my graveyard and it had no direct way of destroying non-land permanents like planeswalkers. Yo had a wonderful time discarding my hand with Liliana Vess for example and even getting to Ultimate her. He didn't even know what to do with so many creatures. The same feeling I had when I was able to ultimate her as well.Planar Cleansing should do the trick next time but would it be in time for me?

I am stuck with this awakening. I will adjust and I hope it will be enough because I feel like I creature something different from our groups existing meta game of hard control and I hope to continue making these kinds of decks in the future. 

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