Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"The Dragon Tries to Impress"

"The Dragon Tries to Impress"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

V stood at the back of the 4 girls he was assigned to watch. For this broadcast for their fans they were divided into 2 groups and each would compete at a shooting hoops game in this arcade. YuuA stood excitedly with Jinyo , Bee and Seunsee. 

The latter two were looking at V with grudging respect after the events in Myeongdong but they were acting really feminine as the camera filmed. 

The 4 of them drew lots to find out who would go first and it was Seunsee who kept shooting until she got 46 points. Jinyo handed the camera over to YuuA and she shot 36. Bee who was the most boyish in the group got 56 points and a nervous YuuA didn't even think that she could score higher than 20 points. In the end she only got 9 points.

V could not help but laugh at the score which made YuuA look at him with utter disdain.

"Kpop superstar. Let us see you shoot better then."

V just nodded. "Only if you turn off the camera."

Jinyo put down the camera but she angled it in such a way that it would still catch V in action. She plans on having a laugh at their bodyguard/drivers expense later.

V stood in front of the machine and cracked his knuckles. He slammed on the bright red button in the center and the balls all came falling down. He grabbed one , bent his elbow and flicked his wrist sending the ball into an arc that swished into the chain net. The 4 girls looked on as he repeated this motion adjusting for the weight of the balls in his hand and not missing a single shot which gave him a grand total of 465 points. The machine announced , "Top Player".

The 4 girls gaped at their bodyguard/driver. 

"How in the world did you do that?" YuuA said who came next to him. "Teach us. We need to do better than the other team."

"Teach Yuua the most V. She needs it!" Jinyo joked as she looked at the camera.

"You didn't turn it off did you?" V asked

"Yeah, it makes me think that you were just showing off for YuuA."

Bee and Seunsee looked at the tall man who suddenly lost his grin.

"I'm impressed. Now teach me!" YuuA said like a cat who just found a chew toy. She was pawing at V. "Teach me  , teach me."

"Ok" V said. She positioned the lead dancer in front of the hoop and grabbed a ball and placed it in her hand. "Bend your elbow like this" , V started and Jinyo continued filming. Later they would see how YuuA smiled so much when she reached a 100 points. And behind them V just giving a thumbs up.

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