Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Midweek Magic 2017 # 20 - Girls Night Out"

"Midweek Magic 2017 # 20 - Girls Night Out"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

One day as I was fixing card by color I happen to just plop done Black cards that I already had.And I just happened to look at cards that I have a set of and this deck emerged.

22 x Swamps

1 x Liliana , Heretical Healer 
1 x Sidisi , Undead Vizier
2 x Yahenni , Undying Partisan 
2 x Bontu , The Glorified
4 x Festering Mummy
4 x Vengeful Rebel
3 x Baleful Amit
4 x Bonepicker 

4 x Bloodsoaked Champion
1 x Tasigur , The Golden Fang
27 Creatures

1 x Liliana Vess
1 planeswalker

4 x Trial of Ambition
3 x Bontu's Monument  
2 x Sign in Blood
2 x Sever the bloodline
11 x Spells

Of course the girls I am referring to in the deck is Bontu , Liliana , Sidisi and Yahenni. It's just funny that they happen to be in the same pile altogether and I was able to finish the deck and sleeve it in less than half an hour.

I always liked Machine Gun decks where you can just mow down anything that appears on the battlefield while keeping creatures of your own. 

Trial of Ambition is a great creature removal especially for decks that have a low churn of critters. I might add a Cartouche here since I had a game where I was able to cast all 4 copies could not recycle them because I was too lazy to look for the Black Cartouche in the same pile.

I have two creatures here that act as creature removal as well in the form of Festering mummy that reminds me a lot of Festering Goblin. It always kills one toughness creatures for me especially when it is sacrificed to Bontu or Dies to Baleful Amit who puts a -1/1- counter on it. If the opposing creature is tougher let us say 3/3 then Vengeful Rebel can do the job and it's revolt ability is always triggered because there are so many ways for a creature to die in this deck. Sacrificing to Yahenni and Bontu is always an option with the former even offering to have a creature sacrificed instantly and at no cost. "Thank you for the snack Darling" you could almost hear Yahenni say.

So who benefits from all this death? Why Liliana , Heretic healer of course who can then ignite her spark and become a planeswalker. And then there is Bonepicker who costs a measly 1 black mana.

Bontu's Monument allows you to also play cards at a discount and also a little siphon of life from your opponents. -1 for them +1 for you. Not bad since all of you 3 mana crits now just cost 2 mana.

Bloodsoaker Champion works well with Bontu as he could die and just come back again and again for the god. Sidisi , well the black version of her is your tutor here and allows Bontu to attack as well when she exploits one of your creatures.

When you graveyard is full. Tasigur , Golden Banana Boy himself can also be cast on the cheap because of Delve. I was able to play this deck and the battle tricks alone was enough to keep me interested. It is not archenemy material but a great assault deck for modern. 

There might be a lot of pieces to improve but right now I am pretty satisfied in how it is performing.

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