Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Loona/Kim Lip - Eclipse MV reaction: Red Moon Rising"

"Loona/Kim Lip - Eclipse MV reaction: Red Moon Rising"
The Vole

This is the first time that I will be writing about Loona , what seems like a super group in the making that has been releasing their members one by one each with their own songs and respective subunits.

I chanced about Loona/Kim Lip's Eclipse and decided to listen to it. Over all Kim Lip has a different feel than the others that have come out before her.I wasn't exactly sure why but she gave off more of a sexy vibe than all the others. 

I am kind of overwhelmed with the visuals of Loona because they all seemed to be well selected at least in that department.I have no doubts about their singing and dancing as well but this is the first time that I have seen a sexier side to their release.  

The MV shows Kim Lip entering an abandoned or unfinished arena in a school girl outfit with a red skirt. Red shows up again and again in this MV as it progresses. After a little reading it seems that another sub unit will be formed with this particular member and 2 more who will be coming out in the next two months.

I am not sure if Loona already has a solid following but this MV in particular has reached 235K views. While this is a unique approach in a kpop industry that is just too crowded with so much talent. This makes them stand out but I am really curious as to how the finished product would be like because each girl revealed has been giving off a different feel. Hoowell. It would have to wait for a couple more months.

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