Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Loco Feat Dean - Too Much MV reaction: Gaze Fixing"

"Loco Feat Dean - Too Much MV reaction: Gaze Fixing"
The Vole

If at the beginning of this MV you instantly saw the naked woman who had dark blue glittery paint flowing down her back side then I have some great news for you. We both like the same things. Art. Oh and curvy naked woman bodies. Yup.

Loco , Gray and Dean has teamed up to bring you Too much and it is instantly likeable at the very beginning. There is something when you hear that "Gray" whisper at the start of a song , it just means that you are in for a great ride. Loco's rapping , Gray's track and Dean's smooth voice all ensure that you are in for wonderful RnB experience.

The song talks about being in the presence of something beautiful that it causes you to stir or in some cases be frozen in place unable to move but just watch the same beautiful thing which can be a little too much. In this case I am guessing it is a curvy woman who has her skirt a little bit pulled up.And sometimes probably dancing too.

There is a part of the song Loco asks the bartender to give him no more drinks or even the wind to not blow in his direction as he has been well stimulated enough and any other stimulus might push him over the edge. Whatever it is that might happen after that.

The song starts with that steady beat but incorporates guitars at the beginning , keyboard solos and even entire horn sections near the end of it all. There is a separate video where Gray shows all this.

Gaze fixing is a theme in MV as well so don't be surprised to be moved around a bit to the left and right and even revolving a bit as it follows the gaze of someone who really wants to look at something oh so badly. Enjoy.

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