Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Coloring Book"

"Coloring Book"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I'd like to say that you colored me
Since I was unusually grey
Now there is red when I am mad
Yellow when you stare and I cower.
Blue when time passes and you are not around.
Green when desire over takes my thoughts.

I'd like to ask if there is a color for obsession
or a one for a little insanity
It might still be Red for feeling this way.
For this never fading feeling all day.

It might still be blue for the deep sadness
It might be black. It might be white.
but at least for now Grey is no longer in stock.

And the shadows that are me
are somewhat more sinister than I can foresee.
Yet Whiter it is
To the edge of the lines the colors will be.

TM Kalaw , 03/25/2017

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