Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Her Messages for the Dragon"

"Her Messages for the Dragon"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

V pressed the app to retrieve his voice messages but he did not even know why he bothered. He only knew that it would be full of messages from her.

The machine read off the message in what it hoped was it's friendliest robotic tone:

Message 1:

"Why are you not answering your phone? I am worried about you. Please call me." 

Her voice sounded a bit frantic like she really cared. The answering machine droned on.

Message 2

"V if you don't answer your phone I will go there and drag you out until you talk to me."

V blew air out of his mouth and thought. "Goodluck with that , you don't even know where I am."

Message 3

"V I know I was wrong but please give a me a chance to explain all that has happened. We can't let it end like this."

It was a mistake opening these messages but V was in the habit of hurting himself with his bad choices. Hearing her voice was painful and it seemed like someone was pulling all the muscles in his chest apart. Her voice didn't even sound like Summer.

Message 4

"Please talk to me. I feel so alone right now. I am going to wait for you until midnight at the dormitory rooftop. Please show up. If you have even a little bit of feeling for me please show up."

Typical YuuA , V thought to himself. Demanding but not demanding and making the choice about him and not about her. If you don't go you are the one who made the decision not to go. She was the one waiting. She was also the one that hurt him so much that he has trouble focusing on what to do. A part of him wants to go and a part of him wants to rage.

Message 5

"I know by now that this is pretty useless and that you are beyond my reach at this point. Please know that I still love you and maybe we can start again. Like that date we had in the  Dragon vault. Oh V , I am so sorry to have done this to you. Please come back." YuuA began sobbing on the phone. "Please , please , please call me be back. Please , please , please , see me."

V gritted his teeth and the anger from inside him welled up again. She was using the one thing she knew always worked on him. Her freaking tears. Her needs. Her wants. The old him was struggling with his new reality. He had to say to himself that things were going to be much better without her. Of course it meant that he will not ascend and he will turn to dust a week from now but that would be much better than staying in a situation that would make him crumble into nothingness now.
There was something in that decision. A sense of clarity that he did not know he could have and the words of those who cared for him came flooding back into his mind.

"Humans are bad news.I find it best not to meddle in their affairs as much as possible."

"You really don't have challenges my son.Everything is easy for you that you don't really lift a finger to be better."

"Why would this one human female care what happens to our kind? She is human. We are dragons. We have always been at war."

"You seem to have a fatal misunderstanding of the role Creation Dragons serve.With or without ascension you still serve our kind."

"Master , Do not be stupid as to fall for this person. Ruin follows the foolish."

V looked at the ceiling and muttered to himself."I guess I have to take advise from all of you. And all of you make sense. So the logical thing to do is for me do to the one decision that does not make sense to anyone of you."

V put on a shirt and jacket. Got his keys from the nightstand. If she was waiting. He would not make her wait long.

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