Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"The Dragon and the 6th Talon"

"The Dragon and the 6th Talon"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

The island lay 50 miles off the coast of Busan and have been there for a long time. How it remained hidden from the world is a secret that involves Dragon Magic and some recent technological advances not to mention several laws that make it illegal to even be swimming near it.

The island had a total population of two people at the moment and a single house that had a walkway around it that allowed you views of the distant Japan and The City of Busan in South Korea. V looked on at the ocean and sighed as the wind blew the black windbreaker he was wearing making him feel cold although technically he could not feel it.

The door behind him opened and a younger male all clad in yellow appeared with a cup of what looked like dark steaming tea but V knew better. It was Dragon Beer. A cupful of which could make you forget things until next week. V looked at the yellow clad youngster and motioned for him to lower the tray and to come closer. "Noran , you know I don't drink and even if I did it would take a whole lot to get me to forget what is bothering me."

"So something is bothering you master otherwise you wouldn't choose my station as a hang out." Noran said as he lit a cigarette and let the wind take the smoke away from his master who also did not like the habit."Women troubles master?"

"More like creation problems V said as he closed his windbreaker."I think I failed."

"what makes you say that Master? All the plans over the years have been leading to this one moment.Black and Green have left us thinking that when you succeed the world will need either of their factions to survive."

"They all know what is coming when I do fail. And it seems that they are going to be right."

"Is it because one of the sacred orbs is housed in a maiden that could not fall?"

"Oh there is no maiden who could not fall. Only you know the rules. A maiden must freely give it up. Love is a component of this and if a maiden could not fall then we all know that there are two other orbs out there."

"Would there be enough time for the other two master? It seems that 65 years of searching for them had given us a rather empty cup."

"I know and well I am down to my last 99 days.And this maiden we found  , we found mainly by accident thanks to White."

Noran almost choked at the mention of White , the half insane Talon who almost killed him at one point. The main reason why he sought the isolation of this island in the first place." I wish you would not mention that monster master. My wounds still feel painful on the extremely cold nights here."

V looked at Noran and his pain revealed his true age , he might look like a fresh faced boy but he was a talon nonetheless. And it made him a whole lot older than most of the humans in existence. "What White did was unforgivable and I promise you that when I do find him that justice will be done."

"He has become good at covering his tracks master. Besides he is not the priority here and when I find him first he would be sorry for all the thing he has done to me."

V looked on at the violent sea and felt that his feelings were reflected there. "YuuA is not the one."

"Then there are 2 other out there master. I have been developing new algorithms to find them. We will find them before the 99 days are up."

"I admire your enthusiasm Noran but I feel really tired."

"A lot rides in this master and I believe that this is bigger than just one dragon or maiden or talon or scale. Isn't there another way to ascend?"

"There are several. All three involves me killing another one of my kind until I get the energy that I require. It is a big amount of energy after all."

"The Diamond Procedure , Fire Sleight and Tower Dominion."

"As expected of you Noran , Kayz has been willing to help me with the 2nd one but I love that woman so much to let her do that for me."

"I believe that Sinhee and Solhun are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other methods as well."

"You know very well that I could not do that too."

Noran looked at his master and could not help.
"Do you want humanity and dragonkind to die Master? Because failing in all the methods mean just that. You are the last Creation Dragon . the last descendant of the First. All of the talons know this and we are compelled to assist you in any way to make your goals a reality."

"I know that Noran but I feel tired.YuuA makes me feel tired. Searching in vain has not been is not one of my goals."

Noran took the cup of Dragonbeer from the table behind them."Then drink and rest master.We will continue to work. Forget all this for awhile and we will wake you when you are already needed."

V looked at the offered cup."No. I will be in the dessert. Continue your invaluable work here." The last creation dragon was illuminated with a blue light and with a little push flew into the air on the way north to China.

Noran drank a sip from the cup , coughed at the strong liquid and threw the rest toward the sea. His master sure was a complicated one.He was falling hard for this human but he knew that human loved another. His master most likely knew that and  with his experience he could guess that there would be some new mountains forming in China in the next few days.

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