Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"On Quakes and Fear mongering"

"On Quakes and Fear mongering"
VF De leon Jr. MD

These latest earthquakes have been really scary but is something that should not come as a shock to all of us since we are part of the Pacific Rim of fire where earthquakes are a constant. 

To add to this heightened sense of fear some people have even posted that the Big One might be coming. That these earthquakes in Batangas could trigger the other fault lines that can be found here in Luzon. 

It bothers me to no end that some of these people are professionals who are in the throes of fear and in spreading their own fears others would have their own well fed. If Mr. or Ms. So and So actually is scared why shouldn't we be too right? 

First if you do a google search this warning of the big one was published last Feb 2017 and there was no mention of the big one occurring. Current news also warns of the big one but it is one of concern for preparations. No one is predicting that it would happen right about now. There is no set date. Only that people should be ready for it.

They see the numbers of 100,000 and millions in property damage but this things have not yet happened. Please be responsible in your social media accounts because people who look up to you are more likely to believe what you say about the Big One. We are not geologists. We do not work at Phivolcs. Our names are not Renato Solidum. Let us keep our calm and in doing so calm other people around us too. You are never far away from a person that you can influence with your words or belief and so let us not be the fear mongerers of our time.

Kalma lang. May Oras pa.

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