Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Oh My Girl - Perfect Day April fools MV reaction:It is still All girls thankfully. "

"Oh My Girl - Perfect Day April fools MV reaction:It is still All girls thankfully. "
The Vole

It has become a tradition for Oh My Girl every time they come out on April to have a special April Fools day fan service where they dress up in their alternate persona's , Oh my boy. They sing their second strongest single(AKA as the song that people might have wanted to be the carrier single) and get to wow everyone with their dancing and singing skills.

This comeback for the album Coloring book they have teased Perfect day and dressed up in short shorts and what seemed like an airforce , long sleeved formal uniform. Their long legs leaving little doubt that they are Oh my girl despite what they are trying to convey that they are Oh my boy.

I am glad that WM has somewhat limited the exposure of Hyojung , YooA and Mimi in the opening sequence of the song. Perverted Miracles have had a field day during the showcase and teaser where the step requires both these front facing dancers to open their legs wide. The actual release of the song in Oh My Boy persona has this sequence a bit darkened and the choreo was thankfully changed when they first showed it on M countdown. No one wants to get banned or get an 18+ rating here after all.

This song is awesome and has really cute close ups of the girls as they do their things around chairs. Yes they do their cutie sexy things in tight shorts around steel chairs! Changing formations and stepping on them too. One particular step that got me worried was when YooA pulled two chairs together and danced on it. Waaaah!

While it doesn't seem as dangerous as the Brave Girls Choreo of Rollin(Those had them grinding while wearing high heels!) I still don't want anything to happen to these girls. They are already missing Jine and one more member might break them into sub units! 

Seunghee and Hyojung is on point here as always , Mimi still carries her weight as a vocalist and foregoes the rapper parts. Although there is a semi rap part here for her. YooA , Jiho , Binnie and Arin are stunning. I especially like Arin's part where she sings It's Magic. Many miracles are now making lovable meme's of Arin stating Ah Arin You are Magic. YooA and Jiho slays so much in their screen time here that you hold your breathe a little and realize that the song is done.

What does Perfect day say about the girls? They are slowly pushing their way into more daring territories while maintaining that innocent and fresh girl group image of theirs but you just feel that in the near future they might do a sexy concept. 

Many are saying that Perfect day should have been the carrier single for this comeback because of its anthemic chorus , tighter sounding Rock Guitar track that reminds you of an Avril Lavigne song with softer vocals. This was the same thing they said about One Step , Two Step but Coloring Book is more akin to Cupid so I love that song. 

All in all Perfect Day shows the girls growth and exploration of other things.And I am looking forward to the next April Day Fan service. 

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