Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Fate and the 8 Clinics"

"Fate and the 8 Clinics"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

It is quite amazing what one tends to read when you are in vacation mode. I read about 8 clinics that were shut down last March 2017 because they were being investigated in relation to  their connection to a couple who may or may have not been funding terrorists from our country.

I am familiar with these 8 clinics because we are all in the same industry. And I personally 2 Doctors from 2 of the clinics and I find it sad that a source of their income has been suspended at least for now. It is not easy being a doctor in our country and it may seem like there are countless opportunities but in truth there are only a few that help us make a living. 

I am thankful that I also did not push in my application to two of these same clinics and that I have been guided to be in the clinics that I am in now. I am glad to have been introduced to the proper people and how one clinic led me to the others like a door opening another door and another door until I found these great places to work.

I hope that these 8 clinics will be cleared soon or that Doctors I know there find clinic slots that are more stable. 

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