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"Oh My Girl - Coloring Book MV Reaction - Bringing Color to Spring"

"Oh My Girl - Coloring Book MV Reaction - Bringing Color to Spring"
The Vole

After 7 months Oh my girl is off to battle with their new single Coloring book and Miracles from all over who awaited their return for this stage can now collectively let out that inheld breathe of anticipation.

The song is fresh and sweet like the girls but the frenetic pace that has been set even with Hyojung's sweet voice at the beginning never lets up from the first drumbeat to the last.

I have been speculating for awhile with a couple of friends now that the lyrics would definitely contain lines like you colored my world or you colored me. And I was not disappointed at the chorus when they proclaimed just that. With ten fingers! Like an artist who is going all out in their craft to make a great painting the girl in the story is proclaiming that they have come alive with color.

The girls start out as chef/maids/angels in a kitchen in the sky where everything is in stark white. The whimsical vibe of this song starts as a lone egg falls from a bowl that was carried by YooA  , bursting into color and things blow up splattering paint on everyone who seem to be exploding in reactions of glee , surprise and delight.That shot of YooA near the window as that pot exploded is priceless and would have many YooA Miracles in a stupor for awhile.

Now that the girls are all colored up they begin to emerge from the kitchen in very individualistic clothes which is a departure from their usual uniforms and shared outfits. If there are comparisons to Red Velvet and the fashion on their Rookie MV then it is enevitable since this is the fashion trend that was set in this era of promotions. Liar Liar was set with a trendy , retro vibe feel of skater girls if you would remember which was the time everything in kpop went Retro. So consider this as Oh My Girl Ala Mode.

The girls are singing over an island and YooA is seen in the same bathtub that they used in A-ing , taking Jine's place like she did in the song when the later went on hiatus due to health issues. Miracles were treated to a hand written letter before the release of Coloring book and if there was ever a sign that the girls will always be 8 it is the pink whale/Dolphin that appears in the dance portion of the song. In Liar Liar  , Jine was the pink whale and she still is in this song. It was great  to have that little part included as Miracles wanted this to be a complete come back. I also believe theat the choreography of this song  alludes to a slot that was meant for Jine because of a weird wedge formation that has 4 girls standing in line while other are spread to the left of the stage. I believe this is an open spot for Jine when she comes back. You can see them go with this move even if it is off center. 

The girls updated their visuals but are pushing Jiho more in this era of promotions and with OMG boasting a lot of pretty and refreshing faces it is only fair to have Jiho have a fair share as there are more scenes of her here. The scene where she cuts the white cake at the end to reveal that it is a rainbow cake reveals what the girls were actually working on.

Seunghee's vocals are again topnotch and her cute rendering just carries the song along with Hyojungs sweetness. Mimi sings a lot more on this song as well which would have been awkward if it had a rap part in it. Mimi raps in a couple of the songs on the 5 song album though so Miracles need not worry about missing her main role in OMG. Arin's parts are few but still distinctly Arin and Binnie as well. That reaction when the egg exploded was just too cute.

A particular scene that I liked was in the girls individual shots where the others seem to be colors bursting behind the one being focused. The girls all had to jump on trampolines for different jump shots as the bursts of different spring colors!

I was worried for a bit that Oh My Girl might do a sexy concept prematurely but those were laid to rest when I saw this video that makes me think of a Crayola commercial. If Windy day was a shampoo commercial , this one is definitely a Crayola commercial or Baking Commercial for Spring. 

Over all the energy and sweetness of this bop song will make feel happy in all sorts of way. As a Miracle put it how can something 3:07 minutes long just make you smile all through out. Oh My girl can do that. 

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