Thursday, March 23, 2017

"What a Judge addiction teaches..."

"What a Judge addiction teaches..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Aven and her classmates sort of have a Judge Chewing gum addiction. It keeps them awake as the classes go on.They chew it socially when on breaks or on lunch. It has become a way for friends to share one and become closer. The consumption of the gum was so great that if Aven brought a whole bag or two not one will remain when she gets hope.  And all was fine and well until some of them decided to dispose of them by sticking it on the under side of desks and such. The teachers were not happy and banned it. 

Which leads to this funny story by Aven where in an act of defiance some of her classmates act as Judge Smugglers , bringing contraband candy in their bags into class risking a strike on their records when they get caught and then there were some who became the Judge Dealers who secretly passed on the banned chewing gum to others. Fueling the Chewing gum addiction that is well entrenched in their section and the other sections as well.

I don't know if I should be proud because Aven is learning to subvert rules and not just submit to whatever it is that is being offered or pushed on her. I can see a little rebellious streak in her because she always questions something if it does not seem right to her. Should I be concerned that this might lead to darker things in the future.I think that free thinking and free expression is one thing that we have always encouraged with her but for her to see something like this and for her classmates to do it at that age. Well Judge might be the root cause for some subversives in the future. After all take away a person freedom to do a thing and that person will find a way to do that same thing on the sly. This is why parents who are too controlling of their children end up dealing with problems that are a result of those strictness.

Aven knows that she can always talk to us though and hence this story.  Hanie and I even demonstrated some candy passing techniques because we were laughing at the whole thing. I don't know if that made it worse though but I guess this is why we are here to guide Aven

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