Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Midweek Magic 2017 #16: One Last Dance"

"Midweek Magic 2017 #16: One Last Dance"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Playing magic has allowed me to meet a lot of diverse people who at the very least connect with me about Magic. However there are times that other interests of mine intersect with theirs too and I find myself a happy man when this happens. 

Our lone female player , Cheska runs a Quest for Ula's Temple / Seafoods deck when we play archenemy and during turns we got to talking about Kpop. While I have a bias for certain female groups I listen to one or two boy groups from time to time. So Cheska asked if I liked Big Bang and I said yes because they really produce quality content.  So she began playing a couple of Big Bang songs and when "Last Dance" came on I told Ram that this was the song where many Big Bang fans break out into tears and Cheska turned Red because in her words "Kuhang kuha ko raw" the way Big Bang fans cried and wished that all 5 members would enlist at the same time. Ram , Yo and I laughed so hard. 

This night was a very amusing night as we traded jokes and played another round of Archenemy where the villain gets to win most of the time because of those God schemes that get enacted. It also turned out to be a bittersweet one as Cheska would be transitioning from the company pretty soon and this series of games was also our Last Dance with her. This Ajusshi will miss playing with you but it was great that we have memories of this night of Magic and Kpop. 

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