Thursday, April 27, 2017

"3 Things I have seen this week #1 : Tummy pats , Blown Tires and Dejected Idols"

"3 Things I have seen this week #1 : Tummy pats , Blown Tires and Dejected Idols"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

As part of Arya Stark's training to be a Faceless Man in the City of Braavos she had to learn 3 different things in one day and share them with The Kindly Looking man in the house of Black and White.

I have took it upon myself to also learn 3 things every day that I did not know but I feel like if I write one of these things every day then it would take up other topics that I want to talk about so I would rather write something about the 3 things that I have seen this week and to start things off there is my first three.

1) I have seen a man pat the tummy of a kid on an elevator and mockingly say taba mo ngayon.

The man seemed to be to fit for his own good if you ask me and the kid looked like he was less than ten. The kid also did not look like he was overweight but he did have that small belly that kids tend to have. So I am not really sure why the guy was doing this to a kid who just seems like he has a bigger belly. Maybe it is a form of payback? I may never know as the guy and the small kid went down the elevator before I could ask.

2) On my way to work one day I saw a car with it's left wheel clean blown off and all I can say is that this guy is going to have a really interesting morning dealing with police and paying for the cost of the tire that blew off.

3) And for the 3rd thing I saw this week. I saw the dejected look of a Kpop Idol as she watched another group celebrate their win on a music show. Goes to show how hard it is to have your work put out there and receive less than the attention that you believe you should be having. My heart goes out to this idol for that dejected look that she gave knowing that the other group celebrating also had a hard time as their popularity has waned down after a couple of comebacks.

So there. 3 things that I saw this week. I will try to write things that are unique to me and maybe you can also try to write something that is unique to you as a form of mental exercise. Who knows there might be things that you see that could lead to some great insight or idea that you might have not seen before. All in all thanks for reading and have a great week.

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