Thursday, April 27, 2017

"3 Things I have seen this Week #3:Chicken!"

"3 Things I have seen this Week #3:Chicken!"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

This week seems like it was Chicken week. Oh wait. Every week is Chicken week but I did see some new things about Chicken and so here is my list.

#1 This week I have seen and eaten the McDonalds Buffalo style Chicken.

So it was basically their normal Chicken in what looked like Buffalo styled sauce that looked like the same sauce used for some Sweet and Sour fish which kind of messed up my experience with it since my mind kept expecting that I was eating fish but I was eating chicken instead.

#2 I have seen the ad for the new KFC Sisig Chicken.

I am a fan of Chicken Sisig but the one from KFC seems like it is just a bunch of fun shots covered in 4 thin lines of Sisig sauce. I have not tried it yet and if my McDonald's chicken is an indicator I might not have learned my lesson yet.

#I saw the Korean Chicken store from across the Tokyo Bubble Teahouse we were eating in at T.Morato.

My wife and I planned to go and cross the street to have an order to take home. We never got to it because we were full of Poutine Fries  , Crunchy Maki Rolls , Truffle Soup and Cheese Covered Teriyaki. Hopefully next week.

Whooo. A week full of Chicken. Have you had chicken this week too?

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