Thursday, April 27, 2017

"3 Things I have seen this Week #4: A Sock , A Car and A Ghost.

"3 Things I have seen this Week #4: A Sock , A Car and A Ghost.
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

The weeks seem to be getting weirder and weirder for me which I like? I guess.

So this weeks trifecta list goes like this.

#1 I saw a sock. 

A sock that my friend Ram brought me because he said that he found it in the meeting room that he was in. "I hope this is what I think this is."He began telling me. And I said , "Yes. Its a sock , a ladies thin sock that only covered the inside of her shoes. And right now a girl or a guy who is into those socks is walking with an incomplete pair."

#2 I saw a Car that was parked in front of a building...for 3 days.

So in one of the Call Centers I was working for a guard greeted me at the parking lot by asking where I was going and I said , "Doctor po ako diyan sa _______" 

"Ok po. Kotse niyo ba yan Doc? " pointing to the car that I just got off." (Sa akin malamang unless binuksan ko yung kotse at nagpahinga lang ako sa loob di ba?)

"Opo sa akin,(I just answered) Bakit po?"

"Ah kasi po yung isang kotse na yun eh 3 araw na dito." pointing to a car 4 parking slots away from me.


#3 I saw a Ghost.Again.This time on a friends FB page.

So my friend Ace never believed in ghosts or any paranormal things but the picture he took might be giving him some challenging thoughts at the moment.

While trying to snap a picture of the Eastwood Skyline he was able to see something that appeared directly behind him. A Ghost.

Fact is he didn't even see the picture right away because he took a 30 nap first. I wonder if the ghost hovered above him for awhile before leaving?

So yeah. A sock. A car. A Ghost. What have you seen this week?

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