Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Why I am going to GP Manila 2017:To War with my Brothers."

"Why I am going to GP Manila 2017:To War with my Brothers."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

"Ang mahal ng Registration fee!"
"Wala pa akong deck."
"Gusto ko side events lang."
"Mang smack lang ako dun."
"Ang Pangit. Progenitus yung GP card."

These are some of the things that I hear when Magic players talk about the upcoming Grand Prix Manila 2017. Yes it has become a tad more expensive than the last GP that I went to.
Yes Progenitus pales in comparison to Umezawa's Jitte , Goblin Guide or Griselbrand. 

And the more that you think about it the more that some might not go to this years GP and I have to be honest there was a time that I also did not want to go. 4k is still not something that you find just lying around. And the mental and physical experience of participating in a GP can be overwhelming too.

But I have banished all these thoughts from my mind because I will still be going and the reason is simple. It has always been a family affair.

My first GP was with my cousin Pong and my brother Aj. Pong even graciously treated me to the entrance. Even exchanged GP shirts with me. Something that I will always remember about him.

My 2nd GP was just me and Aj and it was another brother bonding moment.We were smarter , better prepared. Still did not make it to the 2nd day but had a lot of other stories to tell after wards.

This years GP despite already freezing my schedule and doing the necessary "Paalam sa Tunay na Commander" I wanted to back out but something changed. My Brother is still attending and I don't want him to be alone there. It was my brother from another mother Mark Abude that clinched it. I go to the GP once again. It will be his first time and my wife has a soft spot for him persuaded me with these simple words, "Di mo sasamahan si Mark?"

And just like that the tradition of GP's being family affairs will continue. I look forward to the time that Aven, my only daughter would be playing with me there. For now I will be with my brothers , going off to battles and adventures that await for us in the tables.With our shields or on it. We battle.

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