Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Modern Masters 3: Paranoia Sets In"

"Modern Masters 3: Paranoia Sets In"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

The paranoid in me is rearing it's ugly head again and as more and more of Modern Masters are spoiled something is gnawing at me in the inside. Yes this set is shaping up into a great one and the reprints are much needed and asked for for a long time now. People are having a difficult time staying salty and as card upon card is revealed you could see the smiles spreading on a lot of Magic players faces as if it was Christmas in March.

I however feel like something is amiss. Something must be up. Is Wizards of the coast distracting everyone with this very very very delicious Modern Master release? Enemy Fetches  , Damnation , even Liliana of the Veil! I simply cannot believe my own eyes that this set just keeps on giving goody upon goody and WoTC will eventually not ask something in return. 

Whatever that thing is at the moment we will eventually meet it some time down the road. People are not thinking about it but I will always have it at the back of my mind. Has WoTC finally caved in to the MTG Communities demands or is something else about to happen? The reason I write this is that I believe that there is something but like an unseen Geist I can't seem to know what it is. Like a sudden chill upon realizing it. 

Hooowell. Cest La Vie. Play whenever you can. Play as hard as you can. And hopefully it would not be the last.

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