Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Reddy - Oceanview MV reaction:The Real Ocean waving at you."

"Reddy - Oceanview MV reaction:The Real Ocean waving at you."
The Vole

While I was browsing through my youtube feed I was able to view a list of kpop songs that were labeled for 19 and up last 2015. Hey I don't know why it popped up. I was looking for wholesome kpop songs. I guess youtube thought otherwise.

Anywho...While the list did carry songs that were indeed too mature in content some of them in my opinion did not warrant such a label but I feel that that is for another post. I was able to hear this great song from Reddy called Oceanview. 

I have only heard the rapper Reddy this year and kind of enjoyed 생각해 , translated as Think. It was too much of a slow rap that was not good for the kind of long drives that I take everyday. 

Oceanview however was perfect for such drives but I cannot help but wonder if Reddy was promoting some Korean seaside resort somewhere with this infective song. I can picture going to some beach in somewhere in Batangas and just singing this song. 

Produced by Dizzy Alien , the same one that produced one of my favorites , Sik-K. One cannot help but find similarities in this song with another Sik-K song called Alcohol. Of course that video had way too many stars and twice the number of hotties.

"The view Reddy was referring to"

The MV revolves around a couple who have just stayed in a hotel with an Oceanview with Reddy declaring that admiration and his girl is like the Oceanview that he wants to stare at all day and you realize that he was not referring to the ocean outside the window but the curvy woman that he is with. As deep and mysterious as the ocean. shining like the ocean. Curves like the ocean. Yup. All the Oceanview crooning is about this one girl and who can resist it right? 

There is a shot here in 0:58 of the MV where the girl looks like local celebrity Nadine Lustre! Then again all the similarities end when you see this shot at 1:05 of the MV , a yellow thong back shot that probably netted this MV it's 19+ rating. That and probably the usage of the word bitch later on. I guess the Rose tattoo on the girls back didn't help either. I admired that Oceanview though.

"About the only time you would see her smile"

While this girl is cute and sexy , I cannot help how wooden her acting seems to be. I mean she gives out the sexy vibe but despite all the wondrous view you only see her smile a couple of times or show any other emotion at all which is sad because a little emotion would show that she is there not just for her Oceanview. 

I do love the wide open spaces , the cliffs and the sands on this MV that I can ignore the cute girls wooden acting. 

This song is still on replay on my playlist so it will help ease the long drives. 

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