Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Brave Girls - Rollin MV reaction - Truly Brave

Brave Girls - Rollin MV reaction - Truly Brave
The Vole

Last year I heard the rumor that the Brave girls will be coming back but minus 2 members. I lamented the loss of their rapper Hyeran due to health reasons cited by her company , Brave entertainment but I was still curious as how Brave girls would sound and look in their comeback.

While it is a struggle to find identity as a group after so many members have come and gone , the only holdover now from the original Bravegirls is the Main Vocalist Minyoung , these girls are still that , Brave.

For their comeback they have continued as sexy girlfriend types and in the MV have tight fitting long sleeved tops with short skirts on. It seems that they are now banking more and more on the petite and beautiful Yujeung as the MV features more and more of her. It is a very sexy dance track featuring the alluring vocals of Minyoung and the moves of these girls are something else as well.

The line distribution is a lot better and I would not really mind if Minyoung and Yujeung share most of the singing. I do miss Hyeran and her rapping but this song went on with a bridge that was nicely done by Yuna that covered for that fact and this maybe the future of their song structures from now on.

The MV has a lot of sexy images of the girls as well as some effects on the ladies eyes that hint that the Black/Red Moon hanging over them is having some effect on them. I am not sure if they are being sexy vampires or werewolves at this point but the moon is affecting them and well they are affecting me. Hahahaha

The Choreography of this MV features a lot of stool work and by that I mean that they spend around 90% of the dances around or on top of the stool. While many kpop groups have done this in the past I cannot help but be concerned with the way they were grinding sexily on top of the chairs.I imagined that the mounting and dismounting on the chair on the chorus of the song meant that at some point someone will balance themselves and have a hard time going on and off them making the entire dance disjointed. Normal choreography's are already prone to accidents with the addition of tired and sleepy performers. This chair dance is just an accident waiting to happen. 

And as I watched this fancam of their taped appearance on the  Arirang Channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chb1dO1V2DY - if you want to watch it yourself.)

At 2:13 of this video Minyoung almost falls off her chair proving how dangerous this dance really was. It's either Brave Entertainment changes this or they would watch this as part of a kpop mistakes compilation pretty soon. Oh and probably lose another girl in the process , if that girl would turn out to be Minyoung or Yujeong you could kiss your promotional time good bye.

All in all I must say that this is a Brave thing that they are doing and despite the loss of the 2 members the Brave girls are still the sexy powerful dancers and singers that I have come to know. Now let's try and not lose more people ok?

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