Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Aven's First Comic Strip

"Aven's First Comic Strip"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

If in the future my daughter Aven becomes a famous cartoonist the likes of Pol Medina or Manix Abrera then remember  that you  have been treated to her first comic strip in these very pages. Hehehehe.

While the drawings still leave a lot for improvement Aven has shown that she already has what it takes to write great dialogue and speak about things that bother her. I think if I was actually blessed to draw then I probably would have drawn the same thing when I was her age because it is true. School is literally trying to kill you. Or at least that's how I felt back then.

When I found this strip under the list of things she needed to do for the day I just had to say something about it. My one and only contributor has been quite busy at school. She has to read 40 books in her Lexile score and the deadline was supposedly today. She still had 2 books left and so I am left to write here on my own. I hope we get a lot more out of her this summer.

I hope she continues to draw as well. I don't think this is dark. Just an expression of the things that bother her. And this is why weekends are strictly for her and her mom. In case you were wondering here is that "Things to do list" that this comic was attached to. And for a 10 year old during that time it was quite a handful.

Aven still makes lists like this until today and I laugh when I find the lying around the house because she has all these little notes to herself.

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