Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Brewer's Madness"

"Alam ko meron pa akong Fatal Push eh...."
"Brewer's Madness"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Ask yourself if you have at some point or are presently experiencing the following symptoms:

- Woken up at night and thought of a card piece that would fit perfectly in a deck you are making.

- Unable to sleep again because you are thinking of who among your friends or current card suppliers probably have the said piece.

- Has thought of running to the nearest NG or Comic Quest or Local Magic shop while out with family to check if they still have that land or spell that you are still missing.

- Has trouble not thinking straight of that incomplete deck.

- Has PM'ed , texted , emailed everyone you know that might have the cards that you need.

- Has said more than once that I don't need this card but bought it because you might need it later.

"Yes nakita ko rin!"
I have some good news and some bad news for you my friend. The good news is that you are as normal as any Magic player can get. The bad news is that you are in the grips of something that I would like to call Brewer's madness.

You are not alone in this affliction. As a Magic player we have had this more than once and it gets worse in the spoiler seasons. Worse I say because you can only imagine the cards and not hold them. Until you get copies in the Pre Release or a week after that you can only just imagine the interactions and combos. Think of the Modern Masters set or Commander sets that are coming out. 

Another bit of bad news is that Brewer's madness has no cure. On one hand believe me when I say that you don't ever want to be cured.

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