Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Day6 - How Can I say MV reaction - Rocking on till the feeling is gone."

"Day6 - How Can I say MV reaction - Rocking on till the feeling is gone."
The Vole

The opening riffs of this song reminds you of some alternative band and it assaults your ears like but as it settles you seem start to feel it's effects on you. Like eating something spicy and then realizing that you like it. Day6 is literally a boy band as they play the instruments themselves. 

They continue with emotion stirring lyrics and awesome power ballads like this one. While the MV just features the whole band in some mono colored backgrounds it doesn't take away from the power of the song. I just really wish that JYP could have spent some more money on this group as for me they are the only current band in his care. 

This group is for  lack of a better comparison reminds me of the original version of Rivermaya(A Philippine Band) where they were handpicked and meshed into a band. While this song is a mix of infectious riffs and emotionally hitting lyrics I cannot help but observe that JYP is not pushing more of their brand of music. This is as close to alternative Kpop as one can get.

How can I say is about a person in a relationship who no longer feels the same about the other person but is forced to play along since the other person is still happy. Hence the song opens with a bit of self-loathing since this person cannot say what he really feels and that he feels nothing for the person who looks at him with so much love.

The chorus is really catchy and after awhile you might find yourself singing to it. I wish that Day6 would continue because as of the moment there is nothing like them out there in the Kpop industry.  

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