Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Ailee - Reminiscing MV reaction - Ad libbing the hell out of it"

"Ailee - Reminiscing MV reaction - Ad libbing the hell out of it"
The Vole

Through the years , I have been listening to Ailee on and off. Having been introduced to her brand of music by my wife I knew that she had a powerful and beautiful voice that would endure generations of kpop.

Everyone knows that she is the Queen of Kpop and has firmly established herself. I have been doing MV reactions for her songs as well but have liked only a few of them as of late. Insane for example. I have thought that she was losing her touch.

I have been listening to a lot of AOMG and Hoody stuff lately like By Your Side and Your Eyes so imagine my delight when I started hearing the first beats of this song. It sounded a bit stripped down and had the instrumentals ringing clear that laid out the foundation for the song. 

The evident bass driven song with the rhythmic quality that makes you want to clap in time to it was even elevated by the Queen's voice as she speaks about a remembered love while travelling through an almost empty park.

What makes this song particularly beautiful for me are Ailee's wonderful playful ad libs on the song. She scales the notes in such a way that is so pleasant to the ears.

The last scene of the MV where you see her perform in front of a gathered crown who I assume are loyal fans was such a treat to watch. Mostly for these fans who get to enjoy shooting with Ailee herself, Through the end of the MV you realize that you might be clapping your hands or snapping your fingers along with this song. A true masterpiece from Ailee.

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