Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Bish - Promise the Star MV reaction: Running toward your happy place"

"Bish - Promise the Star MV reaction: Running toward your happy place"
The Vole

Bish the 6 piece anti-idol group has come back with this MV of a school girl who seems to be at a loss as she walks against the masses of a crowded city.

The opening sequences show this girl as a bit sad and a bit lethargic as she moves about in the early morning streets of the city. People all moving around her but she is set apart establishing a theme of isolation and disconnection from this world.

Ms. School girl breaks into a run , as if she has had enough of this and at first looks like she is running toward something unseen. Running until she runs out of breathe.

There is a particular scene where she crosses paths with a group of other school girls , and assuming from the uniforms they come from the same school. They walk past as if as she wasn't there. Again establishing the theme of being disconnected from this world.

It is only later at the end of the MV that Ms. School girl smiles and that is when she reaches the helipad where the girls of Bish have been performing all this time.

Aina the End and Chihiro once again take the Lion's share of vocal parts in this song with Ayuni D in a close third which seems to be their established distribution. These girls actually have a very unique approach to their songs as they never really try to act cute but in this MV they all build on those unique looks , Ling Ling seems to have a David Bowie/Space make-up inspired look.

Their outfits which I initially thought were straight jackets were actually modified monk robes or something that you would see in some space anime minus the head gear. I kept on waiting for something weird to happen in this MV. No explosions.No one throwing things at them.No scenes of violence. Kisses between girls or Kisses between members. Nothing shocking at all except for the fact that I was shocked that there was really nothing to be shocked about. Bish has at least moved on past that phase and become more established in their place as Idols who are anti-idols who can churn out great catchy songs without resorting to shocking imagery.

Promise the star is a great addition to their increasing hits  , the rock guitars take a back seat to the sweeping piano/ keyboards and this sound permeates through the entire song making the leads sound like in their previous song Orchestra  , Strings are also employed in the song making it a bit like a cinematic theme. Listen to the last keys on this song as the School girls finally arrives at the helipad and at last smiles as she looked at the stars that were shining directly above her.

I knew I smiled.

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