Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"When the shadows believed they were stars."

"When the shadows believed they were stars."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

"You know somehow it strikes me that for someone who is as pretty as you , you don't seem to like being the center of attention in this group." V told Jinyo as they observed everyone in the practice room.

"Someone else could have it V oppa." Jinyo slapped his muscular arm as if to stop him from making more fun of her. At the same time she had stared at YuuA who was practicing her solo dances with the choreographer at the moment."You know what they say , once you are under the brightest star there is nothing left but shadows."

"I have to disagree with that.Sometimes other stars just need a chance to shine.I have it on good authority that if it were not for you then this group would not have even been thought of. And you have been here for 4 years right? Even starring in one of your Oppas most successful video?" V said looking straight into Jinyo and her wide anime like eyes.

"YuuA Unnie was right about you. You do tend to scare people with all the information that you have on us." Jinyo said while smiling and following YuuA's steps from this corner of the large practice hall.

"I don't think that you are scared at all." V observed. "You are still talking to me."

"Has it occurred to you that maybe I am just talking to you because I am curious as to what you would do with my YuuA unnie?" The girls eyes widened as if to scare V which only made him laugh.

"Are you trying to be some sort of pretty anime owl? If you are trying to scare me then it is not working at all."

"Should I try violence? I am good at that as well."

"You can try to use violence against me but you are better off with words." 

Jinyo flipped her long black hair towards him hitting his face. "Is that violent enough Mr. Dragon?"

V grinned even more. Jinyo was getting more comfortable around him and has been spending a lot of time learning Japanese with him. They have even watched a couple of animes together in the underground basement where he stays when they don't have an appearance to get to. But lately even if they are on the road the usually aloft Jinyo would ask him if he had the latest episode of an anime they liked and they would watch it together with a certain comfort toward each other. V did not mind and he guessed neither did she but when V would ask  other things Jinyo would always point to YuuA. V understood what was happening but he let it happen anyway. When Jinyo was ready to tell him her story then she would.

He looked at the graceful YuuA in the distance and also looked at the beautiful goddess like face of Jinyo who was matching paces with the lead dancer but still lacking a certain "presence" onstage. A drive to be better? A relaxed pace? Then it occured to him that Jinyo was not really here to steal the spotlight from YuuA. She was here to protect her when she can and there was also something else. A certain hesitation.

"So when did you first like YuuA?" V probed the other Visual of Oh my doll.

Jinyo turned red but quickly caught herself in the face of the sudden question. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Ok. Then tell me someone of the opposite sex that you have had a crush on in this past year."

"I don't have to answer your questions V oppa. You are making me feel uncomfortable."

"Ok then. But if ever you want to talk about anything you know where I am right?" V turned around and started to walk toward the exit of the practice hall.


V paused and turned around catching Jinyo's soft whisper despite the loud music playing on all sides. "Yes?"

"Do you have the latest episodes?" 


"Can we still watch them later?" Jinyo said eyeing him sheepishly. V knew an apology when it was being offered.

"Ok then. But only if you feel comfortable."

Jinyo came closer to V took a handful of her hair in both hands and whipped her hair like helicopter blades to hit his face again.

"Dragons don't feel pain...Usually. We can feel annoyed though."

"You can't feel annoyed at me. You love me." Jinyo said and she covered her mouth ashamed that she had let her thoughts come out like a little school girl who had no control over her own lips. 

"I might.Who knows right? You bring the snacks this time. I brought the last ones." V ran out of the room so fast that Jinyo did not even have time to react. 

"I am going to bring something really spicy. Let's see if you enjoy that."

V poked his head back into the Practice hall door. "Don't bring anything spicy or I am going to force feed that to you. Your diet will be ruined hahahah"

"Oh I hate you!" Jinyo said but seemed unconvinced as she smiled at the retreating V.

"No you don't" V shouted back after some distance.

"No I don't" Jinyo whispered." I want to be around you all the time."

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