Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Twice - Knock , Knock MV reaction:So it was them."

"Twice - Knock , Knock MV reaction:So it was them."
The Vole

Twice has been blazing a path for girl groups as of late , going head to head with established kpop boy bands and winning against them. Big Bang and BTS included although these two groups still hold the lion's share of the industry and cannot be easily beaten. Case in point is the ongoing Streaming War on youtube that has fans on both sides calling for peace or war depending on what comments you are reading.

Twice seems to be taking all this in stride , getting a lot more thinner and prettier in this comeback MV that is directly linked to their TT MV. Scoring an All-kill with this song as well it follows the girls in what seems like a slumber party when there comes a couple of knocks on their doors.Those pillow scenes are savage and even if those are soft pillows you can see how some of the members are being hit so hard! 

One of the visitors is JYP who makes a very funny cameo in the MV , Some of the girls reaction to him is priceless. Of course there is a second knock when they slam the door on JYP's face and lo and behold there is no one there but a book illustrated with fantasy characters such as a mermaid , pinochio and chubby carrot eating rabbit that the girl seems to be enjoying. When they turn to the page where Elsa from Frozen is illustrated it suddenly snows outside and the girls frolic around and they get locked out of their own house.

Girls , word of advise taking in illustrated books that show up on your doorstep are a bad idea. Just watch the Babadook.Needless to say this book that they take in to their house also takes them in and transforms them into the characters they would be plying in the TT video.

The knock at the end of the video of TT is them trying to get in but it ends because they story book took them or in this case since it is at the end of TT it might have returned them?

The song Knock , knock has a catchy beat to it and speaks of a girl asking a guy to try and try until he has proven himself of her love or at least shown that he is not just another playboy or bad boy as Momo so pointed out. 

The girls are gorgeous here once again and the amount of hairstyles and costumes are tripled. Everyone except Tzuyu received the curling iron treatment and it has mixed results. A hit or miss. Like in Mina looking like a pretty drowned rat. Pretty but still looking like she was drowned rat. All the girls seems to have upped their visuals like the rap line. Nayeon just looks cute in anything.

As of this writing this MV has hit 17 million views on youtube as of Feb 22 and continually rising. Twice will remain the undisputed girl group of this generation but will Gfriend or possibly OMG join them in that upper rank soon? Only the latter half of the year will show. Fighting Twice. Go Once.

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