Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"BTS- Spring Day MV Reaction - Going Back to Omelas"

"BTS- Spring Day MV Reaction - Going Back to Omelas"
The Vole

I have to be honest I only know about this group because Oh my  girl cannot stop themselves from going wild when they hear Fire. Since they have come back and is currently involved in a streaming war with Twice I thought that I would give Spring day a look see.

It starts with one of the members putting his hands on the rail tracks and then his head on it which some would say is an act of suicide. Of course in my book this is just an over the top way of expressing longing as this particular member feels for the coming of the train and whoever is it that is on that train. 

There are very good imagery in this MV and well these are probably some of the prettiest kpop boys you would ever get to see. They have been on a roll since last year and I can start to understand why. 

The song starts with the line Bogo Sipda which translates to I miss you and by now have been on the lips of every BTS fan since this MV came out. So the tone is set for the songs themes of longing as the boys travel by train to an undisclosed place that only they know.

There is a loop where there are shots on the train that they are on and leading to an Inn called Omelas. This is in reference to an Ursula K. Leguin short story that describes a Utopian society that remains happy at the cost of one child's suffering. The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas refers to those who cannot tolerate this suffering despite their happiness and  eventually fade away from the city to a destination only they know. Much like the boys in this MV and yet it seems that in their longing they keep coming back to Omelas for that one person who got left behind.

Regardless if the MV alludes to the childhood or friend or lover that they want to go back to BTS invokes an emotional response via their slow melodies and catchy rhymes. At times painfully clear and at time forcefully driving away the same pain.There are times in the song that they want to speed things up so that the loneliness would end. That they could see that person.

The line in the song that says I will erase you but I can't really yet speaks of a painful memory but like all painful memories of loss humans have a tendency to nurse it until in naturally just goes. Holding on is painful but letting go is also painful so a status quo is met and the song just let's you hold on.

Regardless of where the boys think they are they all end up in Omelas one way or the other.And at the end of the tracks lies a tree where it seems they lost someone or want to commemorate someone. Like the child who suffered alone in Omelas or a loved one already departed.

This MV works on so many levels and I am not surprised at the 32 million views on youtube as of this writing. Congratulations BTS for breaking so many records this year again. And may it be so for the rest of the year.

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