Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Day6 - Congratulations MV Reaction:This guy and trains don't mix."

"Day6 - Congratulations MV Reaction:This guy and trains don't mix."
The Vole

While I was watching this particular MV from 2015 the first thing that came to my mind was. "Wow , this guy is so unlucky in trains."

After watching him as the baseball player who got his neck bitten by Sohee(Which is not really bad considering that she was a Wondergirl after all and how many male kpop fans would want her to bite into them even if she does turn into a flesh craving zombie?) in Train to Busan , I was able to watch this MV as I was scrolling to this JYP bands impressive single list.

Of course this guy proves how unlucky he is on trains when he has a chance encounter with an ex-girlfriend on what seems to be a very empty coach. It seems that the two are on a cool off period and he is waiting for her to come back to her. Only to see that he has a new guy in her life and seems very happy at that with all the smiles and skin brightening effects as he sees her. Call it awkward. Call it spine chilling. It will have an effect on you in the proper context.

This rock ballad becomes even more absurd as the band sarcastically exclaim Congratulations! You broke my heart in the chorus. You'd think that they guy would be happy saying congratulations  , you have moved on when the confetti starts falling all around them but nope. He hides his discomfort with a smile and the girl responds secretly with an awkward smile of her own as she pretends to laugh at whatever it is that her current boyfriend is prattling on about.

This MV might be a little discomfiting to watch if you have ever experienced it. I am not saying I experienced it myself but my imagination does tell me that this would suck big time. Being alone , seeing your ex whom you still have feelings for and then they get on the same empty coach as you do. Yup. This guy and trains really don't mix well.

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